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Best General Tao Chicken In Montreal

Crispy, sweet, and delicious delights.

Guys, is there anything on this earth quite like general tao (general tso?) chicken?

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It's moist, crisp, flavourful, and all-in-all, just incredibly awesome. Thankfully, Montreal has a bunch of awesome places to cop this seriously tasty dish, and here are just a selet few that stand out.

1. La Maison VIP

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1077 Rue Clark

Probably synonymous with awesome general tao in Montreal, La Maison VIP is well worth a visit to anyone who is legit in love with general tao chicken.

2. Kam Shing

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4771 Avenue Van Horne

This Cote-Des-Neiges eatery is one amazing place to get some awesome Chinese food, including their chunky, crispy, tasty general tao chicken.


3. Chez Chili

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1050B rue Clark

Situated right near Chinatown, Chez Chili is super affordable, and is known for serving up some seriously tasty general tao chicken.


4. Cuisine AuntDai

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5557 Côte-des-Neiges

This Côte-des-Neiges restaurant is literally the best thing to happen to general tao lovers, ever. Their plates are huge, their general tao is tasty, chunky, moist, and straight-up delicious, and all-in-all, this place is awesome.


5. Restaurant Soy

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5258 Boul St-Laurent

Restaurant Soy is known for their general tao, which should be incredibly telling, because their whole menu is full of pretty much the most delicious Asian food in the city, TBH.


6. Mr. Ma

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1 Place Ville Marie

A more upscale restaurant situated in Place Ville-Marie, Mr. Ma is sure to hit the spot whenever you're craving some expertly done, incredibly delicious general tao.


8. Papillon Bleu

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200 Rue Saint-Jacques

If you're a fan of chunky, thick, moist and tender chicken, then do I have some good news for you. This Plateau spot has all of that and more in their general tao dish.

8. Wok Cafe

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1845 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Students might know this place as one of the tastiest, most affordable lunch options around - and honestly, that reputation is well-earned. Their general tao is served up in abundance, and always crispy, hot, and just so delicious.


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