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Best Montreal Hot Cider And Mulled Wine

Stay warm and get drunk at the same time.
Best Montreal Hot Cider And Mulled Wine

Hot chocolate is pretty good if you want to warm up in the winter, but nothing beats hot apple cider and mulled wine (called "vin chaud" in french, this drink is essentially hot spiced wine). Not only does the hot liquid it warm your insides, but the alcoholic beverages provide the numb, warming effect throughout your body. These drinks can be hard to find in the city so we did the heavy lifting for you and discovered some places you can buy this quintessential winter drink around Montreal.

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Marché de Noël & des Traditions de Longueuil

This Marché de Noël, with its roughly sixty quant cabins will make you think you've been transported to old-time Alsace. The annual event is held right across the river from the Old Port in Parc St. Mark in Longueuil. There you'll be able to sip on delicious mulled wine while you do Christmas shopping and take in the cute holiday atmosphere.

Cabane à Sucre at Place Jacques Cartier

The Merry Montreal Festival is going on in Old Port from December 14 to January 5 2014 with a cabane à sucre (sugar shack in english) smack in the middle of Place Jacques Cartier. The cabane à sucre will serve hot maple cider in addition to taffy on snow, hot maple chocolate, maple ice wine, and maple cotton candy. All of those sound amazing so you best hit it up!

Chez Suzette

Old Port is beautiful under the snow and a great place to do holiday shopping but walking around the cobblestone streets can get cold in the winter. Located on St. Paul street in the Old Port, Chez Suzette is a great place to warm up in. This traditional crêperie has has tasty mulled wine for only $7.25 so take a break to down a delicious snack and warm drink.

Vin chaud at Igloofest

The two essentials at Igloofest are staying warm and staying drunk. The vin chaud that has been served at past Igloofest concerts takes care of both. So make sure to go to one of the many bars at the concert in between jumping up and down in your multicolored parka to wonky dub step music and grab a cup of mulled wine. Get it live and hot starting Jan 16th 2014.

Hot Apple Cider at Else's

This little cafe/bar is tucked away in the Plateau on the corner of rue de Bullion and rue Roy. It's very easy to miss but you'll for sure want to try it out. Under dim lights and in an intimate atmosphere you can order fantastic hot apple cider to warm you up on a cold Montreal evening. The only annoying thing is that Else's doesn't have a full-on liquor license so you have to order food with your drinks. But that's fine, their food is delicious too!

Did we miss your favorite spot to grab a cup of mulled wine or hot apple cider? Let us know in the comments below.

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