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Best Ice Cream In Montreal

Refreshing, sweet treats.
Best Ice Cream In Montreal

In my book, ice cream is pretty much the perfect dessert. 

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I don't know if it's the versatility, the sweetness, the fact that it's basically the perfect remedy to a sweltering hot summer day... but whatever it is, friends, ice cream is life.

Montreal has tons and tons of shops to get some seriously delicious ice cream, but a select few truly stand out of the bunch!


via @lily.caz

1517 Rue Fleury E

Situated in Ahuntsic, this Fleury Street staple can do absolutely no wrong when it comes to their frozen desserts. Pretty much everything is homemade, and anything you get there - from their delicious soft-serve, dunked in thick Belgian chocolate, to their mindblowing gelato - will surely impress you!


Kem CoBa

via @victoriatherrien

60 Avenue Fairmount O

Honestly, how freaking awesome is this Mile End ice cream shop? Not only does it serve up pretty much the tastiest artisanal gelato you could ever consume, but their soft-serve ice cream is like a dream come true. Best part? Their unique soft-serve ice cream changes weekly, so you'll never get bored of the flavours!


Ca Lem

via @_xotralala

6926 Sherbrooke St W

If you want to get your mind blown wide open by some amazing ice cream, look no further than this NDG ice cream shop. Featuring some of the tastiest soft serve you'll ever try, plus unique flavours (like coconut ash and pumpkin spice!) and deliciously awesome hard ice cream, Ca Lem is the perfect spot for any and every ice cream lover!


Dalla Rose  

via @arianelvl

4609 Rue Notre-Dame O

This St. Henri ice cream shop is honestly bae. Not only do they offer seriously high quality ice cream, with some hard-to-find flavours like corn (seriously so good!), coco matcha, and peanut, but they also make the most irresistable ice cream sandwiches you'll ever taste. Picture some seriously good gelato pressed between two slabs of fresh, homemade cookies... actually, don't picture it. You can't imagine how amazing it is. Just get there and try one, TBH.


Meu Meu

via @lesroger

4458 St Denis St

This Plateau cremerie is seriously dedicated to the art of ice cream, friends. Not only are the staff super informative about their frozen treats, but they've also got a huge variety of different types of iced desserts to choose from. Soft-serve, frozen custard, and hard ice cream are just a selection of the delicious treats at Meu Meu!


Hoche Glace

via @virginielandry

2225 Avenue Bennett

Any spot that serves vegan ice cream is a winner in my book, but this Hochelaga spot happens to specialize in it. They've got vegan soft-serve, vegan hard ice cream, vegan chocolate (for dunking!), vegan sorbet, and more - plus, the vast majority of their non-vegan treats can be made vegan. Sounds delicious? You know it does!



via @hakunamasqta

3880 St Laurent Blvd

Located in the Plateau, right on the Main, there is nothing on this earth like a delicious cone from Ripple's. Their ice cream is all homemade and high-quality, and their flavours are a good mixture of traditional (rum and raisin for life, guys) and more unique. No matter what you get, though, you're certain to enjoy it a whole bunch!


Wild Willy's

via @wild_willys

20 Cartier Ave

This West Island ice cream emporium is well-loved by everyone, and for one very good reason: it is straight up amazing. They've got some super fun ice cream flavours, and they do up more traditional frozen treats (like their banana splits) up so, so right!


Les Givres

via @steeph_3

2730 Rue Masson

This popular Rosemont spot is one seriously solid place to go to satisfy that delicious ice cream craving. They have all kinds of awesome homemade frozen treats, and although everything is amazing, their sorbets in particular are among the best in the city.


La Diperie

via @r3na85

68 Pins Ave E | Multiple locations

At this stage in the ice cream game, chances are very high you know all about Montreal's La Diperie. Delicious ice cream dunked in tons (and tons!) of different types of chocolate, then sprinkled with basically any topping you can think up, this Plateau-based ice cream shop is so popular that they now have about 9 locations in the Greater Montreal area.


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