Best Korean BBQ Restaurants In Montreal

A fun and unique way to enjoy a meal with your friends.
Best Korean BBQ Restaurants In Montreal

Guys, sometimes, straight up, you just want to have some delicious, cook-it-yourself Korean BBQ.

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I mean, what's not to love? You get moist, tender, and tasty meats, and you get to cook them yourself. Winning, TBH. In Montreal, we're super lucky to have a bunch of Korean BBQ restaurants, but there are a select few that stand out among the rest.

1. Mon Ami

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6521 Avenue Somerled

If you ask anyone what their favourite Korean BBQ restaurant is, chances are very high they might just say Mon Ami. This NDG Korean restaurant serves up fresh and tasty food, ready to be cooked to perfection by you. For extra good vibes, try their Korean (without the BBQ) restaurant, Mon Ami, very close to this location.


2. Kalbi

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1017 Boul St-Laurent

Situated right in Chinatown, Kalbi is pretty much reinventing the whole Korean BBQ scene. Not only does it offer up some really delicious dishes and drinks (and sushi!), but it's also an incredibly fun and vibrant place, perfect for any sort of meal.


3. Chez Hwang

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5545 Chemin Upper Lachine

Not just a Korean BBQ spot (although their ready to be 'cued food is seriously great), Chez Hwang offers up some incredibly tasty already cooked meals, as well. Like their fried chicken, for example, which is legit to die for.


4. Shabu Shabu

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6180 Rue Saint-Jacques

Located in Montreal's Sud-Ouest, Shabu Shabu is straight-up awesome. Not only is the food here on point, but the vibe is unbeatable - super fun, so that it's perfect for a chill night out, but also incredibly welcoming and warm.


5. Kagopa

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6400 Rue Saint-Jacques

If you're looking for somewhere to enjoy some seriously fresh dishes, and barbecue yourself one incredibly delicious meal, then look no furthr: Le Sud-Ouest's Kagopa is here to save your entire meal/day/year/life.

6. 5000 Ans

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3441 Rue Saint-Denis

Alright, if you're looking for a huge selection, you got it. 5000 Ans (Cinq Mille Ans) has tons and tons of awesome dishes to choose from, including one incredibly on point BBQ section on their menu which includes things like stir fried chicken, octopus and vegetables, cooked right at your table.


7. Sota

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1825 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Honestly, Sota is one of my all-time faves. This spot hasn't maybe been around for as long as some of the others, but trust, it's amazing. They've got all the staples that a good Korean BBQ should have, including some incredibly tasty all you can eat sushi, to boot.


8. Seoul Chako

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1824 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest

This spot has probably become synonymous with "awesome Korean BBQ spots in Montreal", and there's one very good reason for this. Straight up, it's awesome. Featuring a fun atmosphere, delicious food, and quick, super friendly service, you definitely won't regret making Seoul Chako your next meal spot.


9. Tianxia

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2065 Rue Bishop

A modest Korean barbecue restaurant near Concordia University, Tianxia is legit the perfect spot to get all of your Korean BBQ kicks. Not only is their food fresh and tasty, but the service is awesome, and the spot is cozy and welcoming. Protip: get lots and lots of kimchi; it's amazing over here.


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