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Best Korean "Bibimbap" Restaurants In Montreal You And Your Friends Need To Try ASAP

Comfort food you gotta consume.
Best Korean "Bibimbap" Restaurants In Montreal You And Your Friends Need To Try ASAP

If you're reading this article, you're probably already a fan of Korean food and you know what Bibimbap is. But some of you haven't tried Korean before and you're just adventurous eaters looking for something new to try out. Well I'll help you out and tell you you've got to try Korean Bibimbap.

Bibimbap is a dish with a rice base topped with sauteed veggies, at least 5 different ones, beef or other types of meat, chilli paste, and a fried egg usually. It's classic Korean comfort food and is so simple but delicious that once you try it you won't be able to just have it once.

Here's a list of some of Montreal's best Korean restaurants that serve amazing Bibimbap that you have to try!

1. GaNaDaRa

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1862 Maisonneuve Blvd W

If you love Korean food, chances are you already know this place. It makes some crazy good Bibimbap, Kimbap, and my personal favourite, Chicken Katsu! Of course, they have so many amazing dishes it will be hard for you to choose from, but don't worry you won't be disappointed in anything you choose. This place can get pretty busy though, so if you want to avoid a line try a weeknight!

2. Kantapia

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364 Rue Sherbrooke O

Another Bibimbap classic is Montreal, Kantapia is definitely one of my favourite Korean spots. The interior is a cute and quaintly decorated which gives it a nice homey feeling. The bibimbap is actually delicious here, as well as their katsu and kimchi! It doesn't usually have a big lineup so don't worry about that at this place. It's also open for a quick bite during lunch.

3. Chez Bong

Oui à ça. ✌️ #PassionBimbimbap #PassionKimchi

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1021 Boul St-Laurent

This unassuming little restaurant located in the heart of Montreal's Chinatown is so much more than you could imagine. It doesn't look like much from the outside but it sure is delicious on the inside. Try their classic Bibimbap, stir fry pork and kimchi or their seafood pancake! This one is a must for all Korean food lovers.

4. Atti

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2077 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa

Located right near McGill University, this is definitely a student favourite. Not only can you try beef or chicken Bibimbap you can also try seafood or vegetarian! They also have some amazing soups and Korean beer. So bring some of your closest Korean food loving friends and enjoy a nice night out with some great food! They also have an Atti Express restaurant attached where you can get this amazing food to go for lunch or a quick dinner on a busy night.

5. Omma

Bibimbap ?

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177 Rue Bernard O

This adorable Korean restaurant is located in the Mile End and has some seriously delicious food. They have a pretty big menu so it might be a little overwhelming to choose but you definitely won't be disappointed with their classic Bibimbap. Their prices are all very reasonable so you won't be breaking the bank with this spot either. During the summer they have an adorable terrasse set up, so try to make it out there before the weather cools down!

6. Hwang Kum


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5908 Rue Sherbrooke O

An amazingly authentic Korean restaurant, Hwang Kum is known for it's delicious food. Some of the best dishes are their pork bulgogi, sizzling seafood pancakes, and their spicy Korean stew. Be careful though, some of the customers at this place have said that the hours posted online are incorrect and they close earlier than expected. So if you're planning on going here call ahead to confirm their opening hours! Otherwise, enjoy a Korean experience like no other!

7. Be Bap

Un restaurant coréen ''emportez votre vin'' que je conseille vivement! So delicious ???

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1429 Rue Amherst

This is definitely the restaurant you want to come to for a celebration. It's a bring your own wine spot and they make some seriously delicious desserts like their black sesame creme brulée, green tea ice cream, or green tea shortcake! They also have the option to build your own Bibimbap, so you get to choose which delicious toppings you want on yours. However, this restaurant is currently closed temporarily, but I'm sure they will be reopening soon!

8. Koreana

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1723 Rue Saint-Denis

This place is a Korean food jackpot! You can get their classic Bibimbap or they also offer the classic Korean BBQ. They also offer some amazing soups and kimchi pancakes that are so delicious they'll keep you coming back for more. You definitely won't be disappointed with those spot!

9. Haru Hana

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912 Boul de Maisonneuve E

Haru Hana makes some seriously unique and delicious authentic Korean dishes. You have to try their shrimp sliders, they're a fan favourite and are seriously to die for! They also make salmon teriyaki, classic Bibimbap, and spicy ramen soups and stews! And for dessert? Try their Green Tea Bingsu, a shaved ice dessert!

10. Shabu Shabu

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6180 Rue Saint-Jacques

Located in Montreal's NDG and not too far from Concordia's Loyola campus, this spot is everything you've been looking for. They have the option of their amazing Korean BBQ or you can order a few classic dishes like their Bibimbap or the seafood pancakes! So amazing you'll be going back for more every week!

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