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Best Latkes In Montreal

Comfort food at its finest.
Best Latkes In Montreal

I don't remember when the first time I tried a latke was - all I remember was that it was totally one of the most magical moments of my life.

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There's just something about these tasty fried potato pancakes that get me every single time, and since then, I'm constantly on the lookout for yummy latkes. I've managed to find a solid number of spots that serve delicious potato latkes in Montreal, but a select few really stand out for me.

1. Hof Kelsten

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4524 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

True, Hof is known for its above and beyond amazing bread, next level lattes, and straight-up game changing weekend brunches. But if you've ever tried the super flavourful, thin, tasty latkes here, then you know exactly what the real game-stealing meal is here.


2. Arthurs

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4621 Rue Notre-Dame O

This St. Henri spot hasn't been around for a super long time, but that doesn't matter; it's still been making a giant splash in Montreal's dining scene, and for good reason. Their food is out of this world, and their latkes - served fresh, crispy, and with a tasty dollop of sour cream - are no exception.


3. Beautys

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93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

A Montreal institution at this point, Beautys is known for their "Beautys Special": a Montreal bagel with lox. Granted, their famous brunch dish is incredibly delicious... but their latkes? Yeah, they're on a level of their own.


4. Snowdon Deli

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5265 Boulevard Décarie

If you haven't had smoked meat from Snowdon Deli, then you haven't lived, TBH. Actually, scratch that, if you haven't been to this Cote-Des-Neiges institution and haven't tried their latkes, then you haven't lived. Bonus points for their out of this world latke eggs Benny, which takes the classic eggs Benedict dish to a whole 'nother level.


5. Chenoy's

A photo posted by The West-Island of Montreal (@whatsupwestisland) on

3616 Boul Saint-Jean

This classic deli, located in Montreal's West Island, just might be what dreams are made of. Not only do they have pretty much the most delicious cheesecakes and smoked meat sandwiches around (and a huge variety of yummy food to choose from, too boot), but their latkes are out of this world, too.


6. Main Deli Steakhouse

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3864 Boul St-Laurent

You might know this St. Laurent restaurant for its stellar smoked meat sandwiches and steaks, but the next time you get yourself to Montreal's Main, make sure to get a hefty amount of latkes. These potato pancakes are super flavourful and cooked to perfection, making for a latke experience you won't soon forget.


7. Deli 365

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365 Rue Bernard O

This place is like a paradise for people who love good food. They've legit got everything - salmon, steak, even a French toast chicken schnitzel sandwich. While all of their food is amazing, their latkes? Yeah. Out of this world. The only downside is that this is a takeout only spot, but honestly, anything is worth the amazing food.


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