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Best Mac n' Cheese In Montreal

The ultimate comfort food.
Best Mac n' Cheese In Montreal

If you love cheese and you love pasta, chances are Mac n' Cheese is one of your all time favourite dishes. At least it is for me. I love Mac n' Cheese because it really is the ultimate comfort food. I don't think there's anything in the entire world that a big bowl of ooey gooey Mac n' Cheese can't fix.

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If you agree with me on this one, then you're going to love this list. Montreal is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Each year tons of Montreal restaurants are ranked in the top and for good reason. The chefs in this city continue to push the envelope and make seriously amazing dishes. 

These restaurants are no exception because they make some of the most insane mac n' cheese dishes you'll ever taste! 

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1. Macbar et Fromage 

via @mindful.fresh

1345 Ontario St E

Macbar is the hottest spot in Montreal for crazy Mac n' Cheese dishes. You can get anything from fried mac n' cheese balls, to mac n' cheese grilled cheeses, to giant bowls of classic mac n' cheese with their own unique twist on each one!

2. Rubs BBQ Americain 

via @tastemontreal

17 Rue Prince Arthur E

This spot makes some insane dishes with Mac n' Cheese. You can try a burger with fried mac n' cheese as buns (!!!), a dish filled with the cheesiest mac you've ever eaten, and they're other specialties include all kinds of BBQ!

3. Dirty Dogs

via @charlotte_horan

3685 Saint Laurent Boulevard

Dirty Dogs makes some insane dishes and tons of them include creamy, cheesy Mac n' Cheese. You can get their classic dirty dog slathered in mac n' cheese, tons of different kinds of poutine dishes are topped with mac n' cheese!

4. Burger Royal 

via @getwizrd

3820 St Laurent Blvd

If you've ever wanted a juicy burger slathered in creamy mac n' cheese, then this is the place to go in Montreal. Burger Royal makes some of the most unique burgers and they're all so good, but the mac n' cheese burger definitely blows all the others out of the water, because, well it's mac n' cheese.

5. Dinette Triple Crown 

via @shutupandeatmtl

6704 Clark St

This amazing restaurant is located right across Little Italy Park making it the perfect spot to grab a humongous tin of mac n' cheese and spend your afternoon feasting in the summer sun! They also make some unreal fried chicken and other dishes to go with your cheesy main dish!

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1. Vallier Bistro

via @valliermtl

425 McGill St

This spot isn't exactly in Old Montreal, but it's close enough and definitely deserves a spot on this list somewhere. This quaint French restaurant has some amazing classic dishes with a creative twist and their Mac n' Cheese is no different. It's super creamy and delicious and all Mac n' Cheese lovers must try it ASAP!

2. L'Auberge Saint Gabriel 

via @tastemontreal

426 St Gabriel St

This cool spot has an awesome outdoor terasse and and is the place to be for parties and events. It's an upscale restaurant but it still makes some classic rustic dishes like their amazing mac n' cheese. It's got baked bread crumbs on top and a creamy sauce on the inside making it the ultimate comfort food.

3. Robin Square 

via @max_laffame

520 St Laurent Blvd

This spot makes the most rich and creamy mac n' cheese you'll ever eat in your life. Their cream sauce is infused with roasted garlic, smothered with truffle oil and it's topped with pulled ham! Get over here quick and try it out for yourself.

4. Jardin Nelson

via @ldcarlone

407 Place Jacques-Cartier

You've got to try the Lobster Mac n' Cheese at Jardin Nelson at least once in your life. If you're a seafood lover then this dish is perfect for you. Each bite has a piece of buttery lobster and cream pasta!

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1. Deville Dinerbar 

via @kaitlinfearless

1425 Stanley St

This cool spot in downtown Montreal is a chic bar with awesome cocktails and an upscale diner all in one! They make some unreal salads, burgers and of course their mac n' cheese is insane!

2. Burger Bar

via @cs_management

1465 Crescent St

This burger spot in downtown Montreal makes some insane burgers. They have a huge menu with tons of different options including their unreal mac n' cheese dish! You can get your mac n' cheese topped with bacon or just a simple plain dish. Whatever floats your boat!

3. Le Warehouse 

via @toutpardeux

1446 Crescent St

Warehouse is the place to go if you love mac n' cheese and you love all things cheap. All the food at where house is $4.95 making your meal incredibly cheap, not to mention their food is delicious. I would definitely recommend ordering the mac n' cheese here!

4. Les Enfants Terrible 

via @daaahkness

1 Place Ville Marie

This restaurant is at the top of Montreal's tallest building, Place Ville Marie. You can enjoy a savoury, creamy dish of mac n' cheese overlooking the entire cityscape of Montreal! What could be better than that?

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1. L'Gros Luxe 

via @lgrosluxe

2472 Notre-Dame St W

This restaurant sells high quality food for super cheap prices. One of the best dishes on the menu is their creamy mac n' cheese. They make a new 'mac n' cheese of the moment' every single week where the come up with cool new variations of this cheesy dish!

2. El Gordo

via @tastemontreal

2518 Notre-Dame St W

If you haven't experience the Mac n' Cheese burrito from El Gordo yet, then you're seriously missing out. This Mexican Taqueria is the spot to be for authentic Mexican food and even mac n' cheese lovers can enjoy this place too!

3. Burgundy Lion

via @tastefully_yours

2496 Notre-Dame St W

This awesome sports pub is something everyone should check out if they love Saint Henri. Their food is unreal and one of the best dishes is their classic mac n' cheese with tons of bacon bits in every single savoury bite!

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