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Best Millefeuilles In Montreal

Flaky and flavourful dessert delights.
Best Millefeuilles In Montreal

When you think of the perfect dessert, what do you think of? Is it crispy? Is it creamy? Are there a thousand of them?

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If you said yes to any or all of these questions, chances are you're thinking about a millefeuille. And thankfully, Montreal is legit full of awesome spots to cop a super tasy, flaky millefeuille.


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756 Rue Saint Roch

This Greek bakery, situated in Montreal's Parc-Extension, is the home of some of the tastiest treats you can possibly consume. Their millefeuilles in particular are, like everything else in this bakery, straight-up delicious.


Duc De Lorraine

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5002 Côte-des-Neiges Rd

Maybe the most famous spot in Montreal for millefeuilles, this Cote-Des-Neiges mainstay has tons of pastries, desserts, and food items to nosh on. While their millefeuille is a clear standout, don't let that stop you from gorging on their other desserts, too!


Fous Desserts

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809 Laurier Ave E

Creamy, crispy, and oh-so tasty, the millfeuilles at this Plateau dessert shop are what literal sweet dreams are made of.



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4317 Ontario St E

This super classy bakery is home to some seriously delectable treats, including some of the tastiest macarons you'll ever have. Their super creamy, dreamy millefeuilles, though? A clear standour.



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5091 Lanaudiere St

Honestly, friends, prepare to be blown away by the millefeuilles here. The millefeuille pastry itself is super crispy and tasty, and combined with the ultra creamy and decadent filling, you've got a winning combination.


Mr. Pinchot

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4354 Brebeuf St

A cozy bakery in the Plateau, this spot has some of the straight-up tastiest millefeuilles in the whole city.


L'Artisan Sans Gluten

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7700 St Hubert St

If gluten and dairy is not for you, then I've got some awesome news: you can still enjoy all of your absolute favourite pastries, all thanks to this bakery specializing in gluten and dairy free desserts.


Maison Christian Faure

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355 Place Royale

At this stage in the game, I think it's fair to call this Old Montreal mainstay a dessert powerhouse. They have pretty much some of the tastiest sweets in the whole city, and trust, you're going to want to get your hands on one of their millefeuilles.


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