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Best Mojitos In Montreal's Plateau

Everyone's favourite summer drink.
Best Mojitos In Montreal's Plateau

When it comes to grabbing a drink in the summertime, mojitos are one of the first things that come to mind. Originating in Cuba, these rum-based highball cocktails are always refreshing, full of citrus and mint flavours.

With an abundance of bars and restaurants in the Plateau, trying to find a mojito really isn't all that hard. So, to make sure you're getting the best ones possible, we've compiled a list of places that you can go to get a truly delicious mojito.

1. Distillerie

2047 Mont Royal E

Known for their colourful and delicious mason jar drinks, Distillerie also makes a mean mojito. Make sure you order the large mason jar size, or else you're just going to find yourself ordering seconds. And don't let the line outside discourage you, the mojitos are totally worth it.


2. Barraca

1134 Mont Royal E

With a huge list of rums to choose from, this rum and tapas bar lets you have your mojito made just how you like it. They're always super minty and refreshing, and if you start to get hungry you should order some of their truly tasty tapas.


Photo Cred - Dulcedo

3. Blizzarts

3956 Saint Laurent

Having awesome music isn't the only thing that Blizzarts is good at. The bartenders here also know how to make a killer mojito. Sip on a few of these tasty cocktails while you build up enough liquid courage to get yourself on the dance floor.


4. 3 Amigos

1621 Saint Denis

While 3 Amigos, being a Mexican restaurant, is mostly known for their margaritas and daiquiris, they also serve up an extremely delicious and refreshing mojito. Grab some chips and guac and you'll be in for a sensational time.


5. Baldwin's Barmacie

115 Laurier O

Being the trendy and classy lounge that it is, Baldwin's Barmacie makes their mojito with champagne instead of club soda, giving it a unique flavour that you're sure to love. But for the traditionalists out there, don't fret because they will make you a classic mojito.


6. La Sala Rossa

4848 Saint Laurent

Host to some of the best entertainment in Montreal, La Sala Rossa has a mojito that is so good it's sure to lift your entire experience up to a whole other level. But be warned, these things are so tasty and easy to drink that you may find yourself consuming a few more than you intended.


7. L'Gros Luxe Plateau

3807 Saint Andre

Operating as a cafe during the day, L'Gros Luxe transforms into a bar at night, serving up a wide variety of drinks and Canadian fare. Among the many great options on the menu, the mojito is a standout. It's consistently fresh and full of citrus and mint flavours - definitely a must try.


Photo Cred - Yulorama

8. Le Lab

1351 Rachel E

The thought put into the mixology at Le Lab is one of the biggest draws of going to this bar. The drinks are always unique and of professional quality, mojitos included. You're pretty much guaranteed to always be given a mojito that you're going to absolutely love.


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