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Best Montreal 24-Hour Restaurants

You are always hungrier after midnight anyways.
Best Montreal 24-Hour Restaurants

Okay, picture this. You're fresh off an all-nighter. You're tired. You're hungry. But it's like, 3 A.M. and there can't possibly be anything open at this time, right? Wrong, my friends. So, so wrong. Lucky for you, Montreal is home to tons of delicious restaurants - some of which are actually opened 24/7. Don't believe me? Well, read on for the Best Montreal 24-Hour Restaurants In 2015

1. Paulo et Suzanne

5501 Gouin Ouest

My love for Paulo et Suzanne knows no bounds. But trust me. It deserves all the love. Not only does Paulo et Suzanne carry on point poutines, breakfasts, and other diner food, but they're open 24/7. For all your drunchie needs.


2. Cafe Milano's

5188 Rue Jarry Est

The quintessential cafe in Montreal's East End is also the perfect place to go when you're craving a 4 AM sub. And trust me, after trying their subs once, you'll wake up in the wee hours of the morning craving them. Bonus points for having some of the most on point coffee, too.


3. Moe's Casse-Croute Du Coin (Sadly Moe's has closed yet we keep them on the list for the great memories)

1455 Rue Lambert Closse

Your typical late night greasy spoon with great prices, great portions, and lots of variety. Seriously, there's nothing like Moe's to hit the spot on a late night diner dive.


Photo cred - Joe's Panini 24Hrs

4. Joe's Panini

1404 Rue Drummond

Pressed paninis? Mac 'n cheese? Pastel del nata? Am I tempting you yet? Well, don't worry. You can very easily get all of this and more at Joe's Panini, usually for super fair prices and at whatever time you want. Seriously. 1 PM, 4 AM, 10 PM, it's all good, friends. It's all good.


5. Miami Deli

3090 Rue Sherbrooke E

I have a theory that everyone comes here after a night out to indulge in some delicious breakfast foods. And honestly, that's for a very good reason. Miami gives off a fun-in-the-sun feel, so you can enjoy some awesome food with an awesome atmosphere. Win win, my friends.


6. Hawgs Deli

6795 Rue Jarry E

What do you want to eat? Pizza? Poutine? French toast? A combination of all three? Well, at Hawgs, you can pretty much have whatever you're in the mood for. Which is pretty awesome, especially considering how unpredictable late-night (early morning?) food runs can be.


7. La Banquise

994 Rue Rachel E

If you've never tasted a La Banquise poutine, stop what you're doing and go now. Right now. Seriously. Any place where you can have poutine whenever you want is pretty magical. But a place that serves over 20 different types of poutine, too? That's beautiful, friends. Just beautiful.


8. Jarry Smoked Meat

6549 Rue Jarry E

Specializing in smoked meat and smoked meat accessories (ignore that last part, I'm still bitter that they canceled King of the Hill), Jarry Smoked Meat is probably the most legit place to indulge in some on-point smoked meat. Try their smoked meat poutine. Groundbreaking.

9. Alto Restaurant

3462 Parc Ave.

Located on Park Avenue, Alto serves up an on-point pizza while probably managing to snag the status of an institution. Sidenote: Alto actually isn't open 24/7, but until 4 AM. Which is still pretty good if you're looking for somewhere to cure those drunchies.


Photo cred - Gloria Cabada-Leman

10. Al Taib

2125 Rue Guy

A favourite of university students, and for good reason. Al Taib serves up delicious Middle-Eastern food, and for a really good price, too.


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