Best Montreal All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurants

Because one roll is never enough.
Best Montreal All You Can Eat Sushi Restaurants

When it comes to eating sushi, moderation is not a word that should ever be used.That's why all you can eat sushi places are one of the greatest inventions on earth. While Montreal may not necessarily be known for its sushi scene, we still have plenty of solid places to get your fill of this Japanese specialty.

Read on below for the best all you can eat sushi restaurants in Montreal:

1. Hasu Sushi & Wok

2762 Saint-Charles

Hasu Sushi & Wok is a welcoming restaurant in a big open space, with great decor. The sashimi is always fresh, and the nigiri is a definite necessity when ordering. They also have tons of wok dishes for an added Chinese infusion. You can take your pick of things like shrimp tempura and beef teriyaki - both of which are awesome. Oh and it's half price for ladies on Thursdays, which I think is a pretty great deal.


2. Sushi Plus

1248 Beaumont

While the service at Sushi Plus is what you'd typically expect from an all you can eat joint, the food more than makes up for it. Make sure you order a kamikaze roll, they're awesome, and finish your meal off with some delicious red bean ice cream. Lunch here is $15.99, and dinner is $23.99.


Photo Cred - Sandra McHake

3. Fuki Sushi Bar

808 Cure-Labelle

A small, hole in the wall type place, the food at Fuki Sushi Bar packs a powerful punch. Everything is fresh, tasty, and prepared right in front of you. Their Vietnamese-style fresh crab rolls with peanut butter sauce are a definite must try. What's even better is that it's reasonably priced - lunch here is $13.95 and dinner is $19.95.


4. Sushi Crescent

1437 Crescent

From what I can gather, Sushi Crescent seems to have a polarizing effect - you either love it or you hate it. For me, Crescent is always my go to when I want to go out for sushi with friends. They have a huge selection and the spicy salmon rolls are really good. It's almost always busy, so you have to be ready to wait a bit before you can dive into your sushi mountain. They also give you a printout of your order so that you can tick it off as the food arrives to make sure you're not missing anything, which is great.


5. Odaki Sushi

1386 Saint Catherine O

The awesome conveyor belt alone will keep you coming back to Odaki Sushi. This modern sushi restaurant has an awesome dragon eye roll with spicy mayo and the salt and pepper shrimp are so, so delicious. For something a little different, order the Beauty roll - it's wrapped in sliced cucumber and is super fresh and crisp.


6. Sushi Palace

8 Place De Commerce + 1803 Poirier + 825 Saint Laurent O

There's always a lineup at Sushi Palace for dinner, especially on the weekends, so make sure you go early. They have all kinds of fresh sashimi, and they make a solid tempura. The menu also includes different Szechwan and Thai food options, so you can add a bit of variety to your meal.


7. Sushi Sainte Catherine

1801 Saint Catherine O

Owned and operated by the same people as Sushi Crescent, Sushi Sainte Catherine is an excellent option for AYCE if you find yourself downtown with a hankering for a California roll. They also have lots of cooked options for those that aren't into the raw aspect.


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