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Best Montreal Bacon

There ain't no fakin' when you love the bacon.
Best Montreal Bacon

Photo cred- Tina Wong

We all love bacon. Kevin Bacon, Mavis Beacon, Deacon Jones, and Clay Aiken -- they all love bacon. Vegetarians and vegans love bacon. Even Neil Armstrong and Buzz Lightyear love bacon, and they've been to the moon(s). Here's some of Montreal's best butcher shops and places to find bacon of all varieties: smoked, double-smoked, back bacon, etc. Some of these butcher shops may only have bacon at certain times, other times they'll be able to cut you something thin, fresh, and plump to fry up. Like the man said to the pig, that'll do.

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This local Mercer-Hochelaga butcher keeps the neighborhood greased and ready to go with quality meats of all kinds, including thick cut juicy bacon.

Boucherie Atlantique

This boucherie is owned and operated by a German couple who import great products from Europe. There's wonderful fresh baked bread, sausages, and other meats like bacon. The cheese selection is also first rate. Homesick Europeans pining for Kalle's Kaviar, Milka chocolate, or salty liquorice, can sate their nostalgia at affordable prices.

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Porc Meuilleur

Located in the Jean-Talon Market Porc Meuilleur has great regular thick cut bacon and a variety of smoked bacon. Additionally, they also have great cuts of pork and other meats.

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Photo cred- Erik Rasmussen

Chez Vito

This Mile-End butcher shop is a family run proprietor of everything nice: steaks (some pre-marinated), roasts, pork chops and shoulders, lamp chops, organic chickens, sausages, and more.

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La Queue de Cochon

La Queue de Cochon gets a bacon BAFTA for their house-smoked bacon, salmon, plus fresh and dried sausage.

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Fromagerie Atwater

134 Ave. Atwater

This Atwater cheese shop is packing some heat -- of the bacon variety. In the back rooms of this shop there's a deli counter with great meats of all kinds: pancetta, bacon, etc.

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Photo cred - William J. Walter

William J. Walter

William J. Walter is a Montreal institution for a reason -- sausages. But there's more! Swiss cheese infused sausages, delicious sandwiches and sausage-dogs made to order, local microbrews, and primo cuts of bacon -- what else could you ask for from a neighborhood boucherie?

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Boucherie Tranzo

Tranzo is a historically great Montreal cheese, meat, and deli shop. Known for fresh porchetta, Italian sausages, and everything else meat, you need meat here.

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Photo cred- Graphitepublications

Charcuterie Fairmount

This butcher shop is renowned for their sausage, bacons, and excellent Alberta steak.

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Boucherie de Paris

Good sandwiches like pate, ham+cheese, and prepared meals are the hallmark of this university favorite. Delicious bacon and imported European cookies and treats are another speciality of this boucherie.

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Boucherie de Tours and Boucherie A. Belanger et Fils

138 Atwater Ave.

Situated within the old Atwater Market are these remarkable butchers. Known for fine cuts of top restaurant quality meats, they can doubtless slice you some fresh and juicy cuts of any thing you desire.

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Photo cred - Urbanexpressions

Boucherie Lawrence

This clean and modern butcher shop supplies amazing quality meats to the lovely and luscious Lawrence restaurant next door, as well as to the general public. Also, they make dynamite sandwiches.

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Le Maitre Boucher

This speciality foods shop specializes in special specialty foods like meats, cheeses, prepared foods like eggplant parmesan and eggplant filet de sole meuniere. There's also top notch deli sandwiches, and a variety of smoked and cured meats.

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Photo cred- Montreal Helpgrabber

La Maison de Roti

La Maison de Roti is a fabulous butcher and speciality shop complete with a legion of deli meats, Quebec cheeses, homemade sandwiches, and other take-out items like salads, quiches, and bulk coffee.

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Marche Maisonneuve Butcher

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