Top 7 Best Montreal Bagel Sandwiches

'Baegel'-wiches all day everyday.
Top 7 Best Montreal Bagel Sandwiches

Potentially one of the greatest culinary creations to ever exist, the bagel sandwich - or as I like to refer to it, the bagelwich - is everything you need in your life. And in Montreal, where bagels are basically a religion, a good bagel sandwich is never too far.

When you're looking to satisfy your midday hunger, sometimes a plain old sandwich just doesn't cut it. Substituting your regular sliced brown bread for a delicious, fresh bagel is the easiest way to take your lunch game to the next level, and to ensure you stay full for the rest of the day.

It's time to change it up and try out the amazing bagel sandwiches at these local Montreal spots. Whether it comes with crazy toppings, or plays it safe in the sandwich world, these bagelwiches (say it with me now) are guaranteed to meet all of your lunchtime necessities.

1. Bagel St-Henri

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4354 Rue Saint Antoine O

A little gem in St-Henri, this breakfast and lunch spot makes some truly incredible homemade delights, including bagel sandwiches. You can get all the classic favourite bagels, like sesame and poppy seed, freshly made and paired with some delicious ingredients for a sandwich. They have breakfast bagel sandwiches available, as well as more unique options for lunch. Either way, Bagel St-Henri delivers in the bagelwich area and so much more.


2. Beauty's Luncheonette

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93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

Honestly, what kind of human being would I be if I didn't put Beautys on this list!? You can't properly call yourself a Montrealer until you've had the bagel and lox plate at Beautys on a Sunday morning, or at least until you've had any sort of breakfast here. Beautys is pretty much one of the founding fathers of bagel sandwiches, and the staying power of their delicious creations prove just how amazing they truly are. You won't be let down at this Montreal institution.


3. Hinnawi Bros

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372 Rue Sherbrooke E |

This local Montreal chain is an excellent go-to option for a lunchtime bagel sandwich, with three convenient locations throughout the city. They have a variety of bagelwich options, featuring things like a BLT bagel, a 'filet mignon' bagel, and a healthy grilled chicken bagel with all the toppings. If you're looking for a quick bagelwich fix, but don't have time for a sit-down meal, Hinnawi Bros is a great choice.


4. Bagel Etc

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Bagel Etc is a classic 'greasy spoon' brunch place, and so much more. The inventive dishes not only deliver on flavour, but the portions are huge and the prices are fair. And their bagel sandwiches? You guessed it - incredible. Like Beautys and many other classic Montreal bagel shops, they serve the salmon lox bagel, and it's a tasty choice. But if you choose to venture outside of this realm, you won't be disappointed; their other breakfast bagel creations, like the eggs benedict variety, won't disappoint.


5. Place Milton

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220 Rue Milton

If you know of this cheap student-favourite breakfast spot, you might not consider it as an option when looking to grab a delicious bagelwich. But, having enjoyed a delicious breakfast bagel sandwich here recently, I can tell you that Place Milton shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to the bagelwich game. What the real treat is here, is the price - a bagelwich breakfast complete with coffee and home fries will run you no more than $12. Cheap bagel sandwiches to cure your hangover? I think so.


6. St-Viateur Bagel & Cafe

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1127 Avenue du Mont-Royal E | 5629 Av de Monkland | Multiple locations

Another classic Montreal institution in the same league as Beautys, Schwartz's and the Orange Julep, St-Viateur bagels are a historical fixture in this city. The traditional bagel shop only has one location, but luckily, the brand expanded with bagel cafes situated throughout the city - and it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll love the bagelwiches they serve. At any St-Viateur cafe, extravagance and size is the name of the game; your bagel sandwich will be so packed with toppings, you'll wonder how to even get a proper bite (but you'll find a way, trust me).


 7. Mount Royal Bagel Bakery

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709 Chemin Lucerne

If you prefer to keep your bagels simple, or are just venturing into the bagelwich experience, Mount Royal Bagel Bakery is a top quality choice. A traditional bakery, their bagels are truly to die for, and they make them fresh throughout the day. In terms of bagel sandwiches, this spot keeps them pretty simple, offering a classic breakfast bagel, and a few other lunch options with tuna or deli meat as the fillings. Sometimes simple is better, and Mount Royal Bagel Bakery proves this to be true bagelwich after bagelwich (is it catching on yet?).


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