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Best Montreal Bao Buns

You will bao down to this.

Ah, the bao bun. A steamed, round, amazing Chinese bun, stuffed to the brim with various fillings, bao buns are one seriously legit treat for anyone who likes amazing food. (So everyone, basically).

Although bao buns are seriously tasty, the might have taken a backseat to other, slightly more popular Asian dishes. Well, no more, friends. Montreal's bao bun scene is seriously on point; and although it is very easy to find these amazing delights at plenty of places in the city, a select few spots do bao buns up right.

1. Satay Brothers

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3721 Notre Dame Ouest

Alright, how amazing is Satay Brothers? This eatery, featuring Singaporean street food and Asian fusion dishes, is incredibly popular in Montreal - and their popularity is so, totally well-earned.

Their food is fresh and consistently amazing; the bao buns here pretty much have a cult following at this point, and it's very obvious as to why. Everything, from the perfectly steamed bun, to the juicy chunk of pork, to the crisp and fresh vegetables, is incredibly mouthwatering. So the next time you want to get your bao on? You know where to head.


2. Ha

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243 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

Friends, prepare to have your whole bao bun game changed with just one bit from the tasty and awesome morsels at Restaurant Ha.

Already known for having some of the tastiest spring rolls in the city, Ha serves up their life-affirming bao buns in two different varieties: pulled beef with crispy veggies, and shrimp with crispy veggies. Rest assured that whatever you pick, you're getting a moist bun; fresh, flavourful crispy veggies; and one bao bun experience you are sure to never forget.


3. Grenade

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1603 Rue Ontario E

Not only does this spot boast one of the most gorgeous terrasses in Montreal, but it just so happens to be the home of some of the tastiest bao buns in the city, as well.

They've got four different steamed buns for you to choose from - chicken, pulled pork, salmon, and tofu - all of which are basically a lesson in pure happiness for your mouth. And although all of them feature top-quality ingredients, and taste like they've descended from the food heavens themselves, their marinated salmon variety, with fermented pepper sauce, is a thing of beauty.


4. Haru Hana

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912 Boul de Maisonneuve E

Hey there, friend. Are you looking for an incredibly amazing steamed bun? Are you looking for a wide selection of authentic steamed buns? Are you looking to achieve complete and total food nirvana through your consumption of steamed buns? Well, look no further. Haru Hana is here to save the day.

Featuring a Korean/Asian fusion inspired menu, Haru Hana's got a solid selection of bao buns for you to enjoy. My personal fave? Hands down their shrimp steamed buns, with pickles, spicy mayo, and shrimp croquettes; although they've also got some seriously mouthwatering pulled pork, pork flank, and chicken varieties.


5. Bao Bao Dim Sum

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83 Rue de la Gauchetière O

Situated right in Montreal's Chinatown, Bao Bao Dim Sum is a bakery that focuses on making some seriously creative, tasty, and all-around on point bao buns.

Case in point? The fact that most, if not all, of their baos take the shape of adorable animals and/or cartoon characters, and come in a wide variety of flavours. So if you're down for an adorably-shaped, incredibly fresh, and totally tasty chocolate filled bao... well, you know where you've got to go.

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