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Best Montreal Barbershops 2016

Where they'll treat your hair right.
Best Montreal Barbershops 2016

If there's one thing every man needs, it's a regular barber. Unforunately, finding a barber that's perfect for you can be a bit of a struggle, especially if you're not familiar with the best spots in the city.

Poorly groomed men is not something we can stand by, and so here is a list of some of the best barbershops in Montreal.

Of course, we couldn't include every single barber in this piece, so apologies in advance if your favourite spot isn't included, but regardless, all of these shops are truly top notch. Head to any of the below and you're all but guaranteed a good cut.

Notorious Barbershop

4677 Notre-Dame W

There is really no better name for this spot other than "Notorious," because the Saint Henri-based barbershop truly is renowned for its unique approach to men's hairstyling. Mixing glitz and glam into the classic barbershop model, Notorious (owned by Corey Shapiro of Vintage Frames) prides itself on taking luxury to a new level. No doubt you'll definitely feel like a rockstar getting a cut, shave, or trim at Notorious.

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Athens Barber Shop

4376 Saint Laurent

Some may say that modern barbershops are a little too trendy, with too many frills and having lost the truly classic vibes experienced when it's just you, a barber, a chair, and a pair of scissors. That definitely isn't the case at Athens Barber Shop, because this place is as authentic as it gets. Step inside and have your hair cut performed by a Greek barber with over 60 years of experience, which isn't a claim many other barbers can boast.

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La Section Barbershop

1184 Saint Catherine W

Newly opened, La Section is making a name for itself as a premiere barbershop available to any and all in the Downtown area. Making luxury affordable, La Section has the sleek aesthetic of a modern hairstyling venue with the prices and warm atmosphere of a classic barbershop. La Section's founder, Justin Lorenzana, is also a major competitor in many professional barber competitions (yes, that is a thing), and he definitely brings his skill with scissors into every cut at the shop.

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Les Mecs Cheveux

212 Beaubien E

Fuse a whiskey lounge and a barbershop and you'll get Les Mecs Cheveux, a veritable Mile End institution for men's hairstyling. Boasting some incredibly talented barbers and high-end products, you can relax with a drink during every cut at Les Mecs Cheveux, feeling confident your hair is in very good hands.

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Quality Cuts

16400 Gouin Ouest

West Island folks, look no further than Quality Cuts for your next barber appointment. Equipped with everything you could ever want out of a barbershop (warm atmosphere, friendly staff, fast service, and quality cuts...pun intended) you'll always be 100% pleased with your hair-do after a trip to Quality Cuts.

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Crystal Cutz

12411 Rodolphe Forget

A modern reenvisioning of a classic barbershop, Crystal Cutz imbues some serious swag into the basic barber-setup. Definitely on the trendy end of the barbershop spectrum, Crystal Cutz doesn't sacrifice service while looking hip, as they're staff is always on-hand to make you look good.

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Barberito BarberShop

56 Beaubien E

An old-school neighbourhood barbershop with some new school charm, Barberito is loved by its many regular customers for its quality service and laid-back atmosphere. With a classic barbershop aesthetic, Barberito's staff has the skill to create the latest look, making the shop a magical balance of vintage and modern.

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Atelier Frank and Oak

105-160 St Viateur E

Pretty much a one-stop shop for all things related to men's fashion, Atelier Frank & Oak lets you get an entirely new look, from your outfit to your hairdo. Offering cuts, trims, and shaves, Atelier’s in-house barbers are reason enough to head to Frank & Oak's Mile End location, even if you aren't in the market for new clothes.

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Blue Dog Barbershop

3958 Saint-Laurent

One part nightclub, one part barberhop, Blue Dog has quickly become a go-to option for Plateau men looking for a haircut since it added it's haircutting element. Dan Marin, the man behind the chair, is renowned for his quality service, and is definitely the driving force behind the Blue Dog Barbershop's success.

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1454 Mackay

A solid option for all Concordia students for both its proximity to campus, affordable prices, and quality service, Fade2Brooklyn is definitely worth checking out even if you don't attend the university. Especially if you're looking to get a fade, as the name would suggest.

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Scotch & Scissors

3803 Saint Denis

If there's one reason (beyond the amazing service) to head to this Montreal barbershop, it's the free scotch you're offered to with your cut. That is, of course, where Scotch & Scissors gets its name, but again, don't think the alcohol is a gimmick to get you in the chair. Scotch & Scissors offers some of the best cuts in the city, with many citing it as the best spot in Montreal.

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Montreal Barbershop

8695 Viau

Open for more than 40 years, Salon de Coiffure pour Hommes Centre d’achats Viau (aka the Montreal Barbershop) is the quintessential barbershop located in St. Leonard. Residents of the borough love this place, and for good reason, as the staff has the experience to create any type of cut all in an incredibly laid-back and inviting setting.

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