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20 Montreal Bars You Should Go To More Than Once In Your Life

There certainly isn't a shortage of bars here in Montreal, with a new spot popping up every other week. But while there are plenty of options when it comes to bars in Montreal, that doesn't mean they all deserve your attention. Your time is precious, after all, and should only be spent at the best establishments.

With that kind of vanity in mind, we decided to compile a list of Montreal bars you won't simply want to go to once, but will feel the strong need to come back to again and again. No doubt you've been to a few of these spots, and if you have, let this serve as a reminder that you need to return.

So go ahead and start planning your weekend now with out list of 21 Montreal bars to go to more than once in your life.

Le Red Tiger

1201 Maisonneuve E

Nothing beats the magnificent combination of cocktails and delicious food, hence why Le Red Tiger is a need-to-return-to bar. You simply can't try everything to eat and drink at this Vietnamese street food eatery and cocktail bar on your first go, and since you can't find many of Le Red Tiger's creations anywhere else, you'll need to make a second visit.


Dieu du Ciel

29 Laurier W

Great beer goes a long way, and when it comes to the brews alone, Dieu du Ciel may be the best bar in all of Montreal. Exclusively serving the quality (and altogether creative) beers from the Dieu du Ciel lineup, this bar begs a second going for its array of drink-ables alone. Not to mention the atmosphere and vibe is quite charming, especially in the summer when the terrasse is out.


Arcade MTL

2031 Saint Denis

Since it's so new, you probably haven't even been to Arcade MTL a single time. But even if you have (or when you do), you'll definitely need to make a return appearance. Why? Simply because this video game bar, the first of its kind in Montreal, is the only place to drink and game on old school arcade machines in the city. For gamers and nostalgic folks, that's the kind of fun you need on the regular.


Vices & Versa

6631 Saint Laurent

Quite honestly, Vices&Versa is one of those rare bars that truly has "everything." To explain, Vices&Versa boasts an amazing food menu, 33 types of beer on tap, a lively atmosphere, and a killer seating space. You simply can't go wrong with a night out at Vices&Versa, which is why you will always come back.


Big in Japan

4175 Saint Laurent

Even though the bar-version of Big in Japan doesn't boast the amazing edibles of the eatery incarnation, it really doesn't need to, because this bar does fine with drinks (and some snacks) alone. Hip in the best way, the only minor downside to Big in Japan is its pricey nature, but you should always be ready to fork over a few extra dollars for a good night.



451 Rachel E

Taking you back to the regality of a 19th century London tea room, Mayfair has a great ambiance and atmosphere, but the real selling point are the drinks. Putting an alcoholic spin on a tea, Mayfair's cocktail menus are tea-based creations you can't find elsewhere, not that you'll have to, because you'll certainly be coming back.



2175 de la Montagne

Hidden on de la Montagne is the somewhat-newly opened speakeasy known as Cloakroom, and with it's altogether classic decor and chic vibe, you can see why people have been clamouring to return to this spot. A high-end tailor and barber shop by day, Cloakroom wears many hats, but anyone looking for a classy affair on the town has to head here, and then keep coming back.


Bar Kabinet

92 Laurier W

Despite its rather small size, this Russian-themed bar makes up for lack of large seating space with its solid list of cocktails and friendly staff. Besides, sometimes you don't really want a bar with tons of room, as Kabinet offers you a more intimate setting perfect for enjoying a drink with a few friends while snacking on their killer pelmeni (Russian dumplings you need to order if you haven't already). And if you feel like dancing, Datcha is literally right next door.


Le Mal Nécessaire

1106B Saint Laurent

Walking down Saint Laurent street into Chinatown, you might completely miss this trendy watering hole, but anyone who's been to Le Mal Nécessaire will definitely remember where the unassuming entrance is located. A Montreal-ified tiki bar, Le Mal Nécessaire has an incredibly long list of drinks that are all pretty great. You can even get some inside of big ol' pineapples. An added benefit is just how damn attractive pretty much all of the staff at Le Mal Nécessaire is, you know, if you care about that.



5550 Saint Laurent

Even though Waverly describes itself as a "dive bar" (well, at least on Facebook), the Mile End spot is far nicer than the descriptor suggests. Still, Waverly achieves a chilled out atmosphere you would expect at a dive bar, just without the sticky floors and stains, and that's what makes it a bar worth returning to. Waverly is basically the perfect fusion between a hipster bar and a local pub, thus making it an amazing spot for a night out with anyone.



1603 Ontario

If you haven't been to Grenade during the summer months when the terrasse is open, then you automatically have a reason to head back to this bar. But even if you've never been (and no matter the season) Grenade is worthy of a return visit, mainly because of its delicious menu of Asian-inspired bar snacks and cocktails.


Le Pourvoyeur

184 Jean-Talon E

Personally, I am a huge fan of gin, and that's why I will always advocate a night out to Le Pourvoyeur. With a gin-specific menu that boasts spirits from all around the world, Le Pourvoyeur is a gin-lovers paradise. But even if you aren't gin-crazy, the legit amount of pub grub, original cocktails, and genial vibe are enough to make Le Pourvoyeur your new favourite spot.


Next Door Pub

5175 Sherbrooke W

For folks in NDG, going to Next Door Pub more than once is basically a weekly affair. With a Cheers-style "everybody knows your name" kind of vibe, and some seriously delicious daily food and drink specials, Next Door Pub is maybe the most popular bar in the entire neighbourhood. Needless to say, even if you don't live in NDG, Next Door Pub is worth the trip, especially if you're looking for a more relaxed night of drinking with friends.


Le Lab

1351 Rachel E

Arguably one of the most adored and popular cocktail bars in all of Montreal, Le Lab has earned its reputation three times over. Seriously, the amount of expertly crafted cocktails you can get at Le Lab is staggering, reason enough for you to keep coming back.


Chez Serge

5301 Saint Laurent

Lets be honest here, there's only one reason people really go to Chez Serge, and keep coming back, and it's the mechanical bull. One ride on the bull just isn't enough, mainly because you usually get tossed aside in two seconds on your first try. Combined with the sheer energy found within the bar and semi-cheap beer prices, Chez Serge is one of those bars you keep on your roster so you can get really silly with your squad, an urge that strikes more often than not.



273 Bernard W

Heading out to HELM can be an entirely different experience depending on the night. Sometimes the microbrewery is super relaxed, other times it's packed to the brim full of rowdy folk. But no matter what, HELM has their high-quality craft beer on tap (almost all of which is named after Montreal boroughs) which makes it worth the trip. If you're a fan of beer, then HELM will keep you coming back by enticing you with its long beer menu alone.


Honey Martin

5916 Sherbrooke W

Another bar that you'll love to return to in NDG, Honey Martin is quaint in the best way. Despite its small size, Honey Martin always packs in a full house, with live music and good times all around, so it’s easy to see why the pub is a popular mainstay of the neighbourhood.



551 Mont-Royal E

Trying to get into Fitzroy on a weekend may involve waiting in a line, which can be a pain, but that just goes to show how much people love this Mont-Royal bar. Something of a billiards hall, Fitzroy has a huge space that boasts plenty of pool tables, couches, video games, and two bars. Added bonus: you can usually get free popcorn at the entrance.


La Distillerie

2656 Masson + 300 Ontario E + 2047 Mont-Royal E

With three locations around Montreal, La Distillerie makes it really easy to come back for a second visit. And trust me, once you get a taste of their crazy cocktails, you'll already be planning your return trip. Even folks who aren't a big fan of alcohol go nuts for La Distillerie's elaborate beverages, they're simply that good.


Nacho Libre

913 Beaubien

What’s better than retro console gaming and Mexican food? Honestly, almost nothing. You’ll get both at Nacho Libre, as the bar is fully equipped to meet your video game and taco needs. If video games aren't your scene, don't worry, because the bar’s energy and ambiance is energetic enough to keep you entertained anyway. Plus the swing-seats are simply the best way to sit and enjoy a drink that isn't a park.



5322 Saint Laurent

A veritable hipster haven, Sparrow is still a great bar to keep coming back to even if you aren't as trendy as most of the clientele. Amazing drinks, delicious food (especially the brunch), and a rustic-chic decor add up to make Sparrow a solid choice for any night out in the Mile End, and no doubt you'll feel the same after just one visit.


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