Best Montreal Bars To Impress An Older Date

It's not who you take, but where you're going
Best Montreal Bars To Impress An Older Date
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Desperate for a bar with a little je ne sais quoi to kick-start a burgeoning romance? Trying to decide on where to go can be stressful enough, but it's even more so when you're trying to impress an older date. You'll want to keep things fun and interesting but at the same time still show them just how cool and mature you are.

So whether you want a Czech vodka, a double IPA, or just a quiet terrace, look no further than these lovely locations, all in our favorite city.

1. Brasserie Dieu du Ciel

29 Avenue Laurier Ouest

Liking good beer and frequenting Dieu du Ciel are synonymous in Montreal. Whether you think beer and coffee are a high-alcohol content match made in Heaven (the aptly named Péché Mortel) or you enjoy a strong, not too sweet cider (CID Rosé), Dieu du Ciel is the perfect (and affordable!) place for an honest, alcohol-induced chat.


2. Else's

156 Rue Roy East

Midday or midnight, it's hard to walk by Else's and not want to go in and grab a drink. With dark green walls and great comfort food, Else's is the perfect spot for splitting some nachos and a delicious pitcher of sangria. Added bonus: if you are (or want to be seen as) a whiskey connoisseur, they have an excellent selection.


Photo Cred - Ping Pong Club

3. Ping Pong Club

5788 Boul St-Laurent

The appropriately titled Ping Pong Club has everything you need for a relaxed Saturday afternoon after strolling through Mile End: minimalist ambiance, ping-pong and foosball tables, beer, and a fashionable, older clientele. It'll impress your date, guaranteed.


4. Bily Kun

354 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

Who doesn't want to sip unusual Czech vodka while sitting under some ostrich heads? Whether you enjoy summer evenings on crowded terraces, winter nights listening to great DJ sets, or simply a glass of absinthe (worth a try), Bily Kun is the place for you.


5. Le LAB

1351 Rachel, Est

Cavernous with a nod to the past, le Lab is perfect for those in the mood for a creative cocktail that may or may not involve fire. The menu is varied, and they do a great job presenting the history of various drinks, ensuring that your date knows that you appreciate the finer things... not just shots and shotgunning.


6. Vices & Versa

6631 St-Laurent Boulevard

Meander your way through Little Italy before arriving at Vices et Versa to enjoy a pleasant patio and one of Montreal's largest beer selections. The clientele is typically late twenty somethings who seem to have everything together--appreciate the change of pace outside of the university bubble.


7. Reservoir

9 Rue Duluth Est

Located just off of St. Laurent, Reservoir is the perfect place for enjoying a delicious microbrewand good vegetarian food. Take in the summer air and people watch from their upstairs terrace, which looks down onto Duluth.


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