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Best Montreal Bars To Watch The Super Bowl

Because you shouldn't have to deal with dirty dishes.
Best Montreal Bars To Watch The Super Bowl

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It's finally time for our favorite Sunday of the week! That's right, Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. Having the Super Bowl on air doesn't just mean watching it. It means getting together with your friends, drinking as much beer as your liver can handle and scarfing down as many wings, nachos, ribs, and all of your other favorite comfort foods, all of which of course take place in front of the biggest television screen you can find. Many consider it a tradition to celebrate with a Super Bowl gathering in someone's den. But let's be honest, no one really wants to deal with thirty people leaving dirty dishes, pizza crusts and chicken bones in their house. So instead, we suggest you consider hitting up some of Montreal's best bars. These bars are more than happy to host, and they offer the year's best deals and prizes. Oh, and they'll clean your dirty dishes...

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McLean's Pub

1210 Rue Peel

Located in the heart of downtown, McLean's Pub will host one of the best Super Bowl parties you've ever been too! if you've been here before then you already know about their famous beer towers. On Sunday, McLean's will serve you pitchers of Labatt Blue for only $10. Feeling excited? Go for McLean's popular tower. At $30 for a 3L tower and $60 for a 10L, you're set! The pub will also be raffling off a Nintendo Wii U along with a copy of Assassin's Creek IV: Black Flag. For every pitcher purchased, you'll receive a draw in the competition. Get a 3L tower and you'll get three chances, or go all out with a 10L tower and you'll be entered into the competition ten times! While you're enjoying the game on McLean's 90" HD televisions, be sure to open up the menu and indulge in their famous chili nachos!

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SuWu & Apt. 200

3581 St Laurent & 3543 St Laurent

As always, SUWU and Apt. 200 will be participating in something unlike the rest. While the game will be playing at full blast on the television screens at APT 200, audio from the Super Bowl will turned off at SuWu. If you're a die-hard football fan, we suggest you hit up APT 200. SuWu's kitchen will be taking care of the menu at APT 200, so your options of poutine, burgers, pogos, mac n' cheese and wings will catered right to the bar! If you enjoy the Super Bowl vibe but can't stand the sound of the game, head over to SuWu and take part in a casual night as the game plays in the background of all the action.

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Moonshine BBQ

5625 boul. Decarie

If you're looking to enjoy some authentic American BBQ flavors alongside your Super Bowl, Moonshine BBQ is the place! At Moonshine, everything from the sauces to the smokey spice infusions are made in house! If you plan to watch the game over on their 60" flat screen TV, be sure to order their "Champion Platter". This monster of a plate comes with your choice of four meats, four sides and a chef's choice! Moonshine BBQ also has its own custom red beer that's locally brewed and perfect for this occasion. If you're own of those who insists on throwing a Super Bowl party at your place, Moonshine BBQ will gladly cater! The restaurant will be opening early on Sunday just to take your order! An added perk? Moonshine BBQ serves ultra jumbo wings (seriously, they won't fit in your mouth) for only a buck a piece!

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Sports Station

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From now until Super Bowl Sunday, you can visit Sports Station's Facebook page and enter for your chance to win an official NFL Bud Light kit. The prize is complete with a jacket, a t-shirt, a mug, a hat, a tuque and some mini speakers. And guess what! You're chances of winning aren't so slim, as they'll be drawing thirty whole winners! If you plan to hit up the Taschereau Sports Station on Sunday evening, you better make way for a party! CHOI Radio X will be hosting and distributing tons of give- aways and goodies!

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Diablos BBQ

1693 Rue Saint- Denis

Aside from Diablos deliciously mouth watering ribs, they'll also be hosting one of the best Super Bowl nights in the city. Come out and watch the game as you enjoy dozens of wings for $15, that's right, all you can eat wings, all night long for only $15! If you've got an even bigger appetite, like most of us to on Super Bowl Sunday, go for the 'all you can eat' ribs option (beef or pork), alongside a choice of sides for $25. Get stuffed at Diablos and enjoy television's most popular night!

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The NextDoor Pub & Grill

5175 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

If you want to avoid the downtown shenanigans, hit up this local NDG spot. On Sunday night The NextDoor Pub & Grill will host a Super Bowl evening like no other. From 5pm- 10pm, they'll be serving wings for $0.29 a piece! Say what? That's less than $15 for 50 pieces! Get in our bellies now! Alongside a wing feast, you can enjoy $4 pints from 10pm- 1am. The NextDoor Pub & Grill also recently added a new television for to provide you with a maximum viewing experience, as well as a brand new sounds system!

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Nacho Libre

913 Beaubien Est

Home to one of the best authentic Mexican kitchens in Montreal, Nacho Libre knows its Super Bowl like it knows its tacos! On Sunday night Nacho Libre will be offering buckets of 5 O'Keefe for only $20. Munch on their specialty nachos, quesadillas, burritos and tacos as you sit back and watch the game. You'll also have the chance to play some retro football video games on some old school Nintendo consoles and the Sega Genesis. In addition to the all that fun, Nacho Libre has put together a video montage of sports bloopers, which will be showcased on everyone of their twelve HD televisions, including a massive projector!

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Boul Noir

551 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est

At Boul Noir the party starts at 3pm, and its going to get wild as of then! In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, Boul Noir is starting the evening off with a tail gating party. What's that you ask? A tail gate party means specials on beer, food and a whole lot of fun. Boul Noir will be giving away official jerseys, caps, and tons of bud light swag. And lest we forget their wings! They're incredibly tasty and will be served at $15 for a whole pound!

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Wings 'N Things

5663 Avenue Royalmount

For starters, the restaurant's name includes the word 'wings', a classic Super Bowl necessity! This restaurant is known to have the city's best wings, and for good reason! On Super Bowl Sunday you can enjoy all the wings possible as they'll be offering a 2 for 1 special. With three big televisions and more than enough parking spaces (for those who are assigned as the designated driver), Wings 'N Things is bound to host a great Super Bowl party.

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Brasserie Le Manoir

600 Boulevard Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire & 32e Avenue, Lachine

For those that don't live in the city and want to get plastered close to home, Manoir is your best option. This bar has 100 television screens, that's right, 100! Wherever your head turns, you're unlikely to miss even a second of the game. On Super Bowl Sunday, anyone who buys 3 bottles of Bud Light will receive a free custom NFL glass. Manoir will also have a specialized nacho menu all day!

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Where will you spend your Super Bowl Sunday?

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