Best Montreal BBQ Restaurants 2015

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Best Montreal BBQ Restaurants 2015

Is barbecue the best comfort food in the whole world? I'm going to go with a yes on this one. Meaty, saucy, juicy, and perfectly crisp, there's pretty much nothing on this earth that compares to the simple joy of having delicious barbecue food. And luckily for us, Montreal is full of great places to get great barbecue. Don't know any of them? Don't sweat it. Break out the wet naps, and read on for Best Montreal BBQ Restaurants 2015.

1. Lattuca BBQ

15 Rue de la Commune O

Does barbecue get more on point than at Lattuca? I really doubt it. A friendly service and welcoming atmosphere help make Lattuca an awesome experience, but the food? That pretty much steals the show. Shoutout to their brisket, which is juicy, tender, flavourful, and possibly the best brisket I've ever tried. Run there, my friends. Run there.


2. Joe Chicago

9787 Boulevard de l'Acadie

Prepare to turn into the "heart eyes" emoji, guys. First of all, the menu at Joe Chicago is huge and varied - meaning that no matter what you're in the mood for, they got you. This also means that it might be hard to pick your meal, though, because everything at Joe Chicago is so. on. point. Special shoutout to their ribs, which are smothered in delicious homemade barbecue sauce and are so meaty and juicy that they just might become your next obsession.


3. Rubs

699 Boulevard Curé-Labelle

Friends, I know this is a post about barbecue food, but before we do anything else I just have to shoutout the mac and cheese at Rubs. So smoky, so cheesy, so delicious. But, then again, that's pretty much the perfect descriptor for all the food at Rubs. Get their ribs and prepare to be amazed by how juicy and flavourful ribs could actually be; get their brisket and prepare to be taken to tender city. There are no wrong decisions at Rubs, guys. Only great ones.


Photo cred - Diablos BBQ Smokehouse Saloon St-Laurent

4. Diablos

3619 Boul St-Laurent

Friends, I never knew pulled pork could change your life until I tried the pulled pork at Diablos. Tender, meaty and perfectly pulled, few things in life compare to the joy you get after eating the pulled pork burger at Diablos. But the buck doesn't stop there, friends, as Diablos offers a whole menu full of delicious options for you to choose from - all wrapped up in a friendly, fun smokehouse atmosphere, right on The Main. Winning on all counts, my friends. Winning on all counts.


5. Bar-B-Barn

3300 Boulevard des Sources | 1201 Rue Guy

A Montreal institution, I'm pretty sure Bar-B-Barn was the first place I went to for barbecue food, years and years ago. It was delicious then, and it's still delicious now. Is it the succulent, juicy, perfectly charred food that makes Bar-B-Barn the quintessential barbecue restaurant in Montreal? Is it the friendly and welcoming atmosphere? Is it the quirky decor? Is it the perfect combination of all of the above? Who knows, friends. All I know is that it's awesome.


6. Bofinger

5667 Rue Sherbrooke O | 5145 Av du Parc

Love delicious barbecue food for super fair prices? Then you're in luck, because Bofinger is both awesome and inexpensive. There are so many delicious foods to choose from here - but a huge shoutout goes to their Titanic burger, for not only being a flavourful and juicy burger, but for also being topped with crispy, steamy, delicious onion rings. Bonus points for letting you choose from a variety of yummy sauces to slather your favourite BBQ dish in. Try the Alabama Sauce for a zesty little kick to your food.


7. Blackstrap BBQ

4436 Rue Wellington

Three words: burnt ends poutine. Friends, I could tell you how amazing the meat at Blackstrap is. Everything is juicy, everything is fresh, everything is tender - it's seriously like you can do no wrong, no matter what you pick. But their burnt ends poutine? Game changing. Imagine the cheesiest, crispiest poutine you've ever had, smothered in delicious Barbecue sauce... and filled with crisp, flavourful morsels of meaty heaven. I know, guys. I know.


8. Dinette Triple Crown

6704 Rue Clark

Dinette Triple Crown exists in the void between "Southern comfort food" and straight up "BBQ food." But no matter what you classify this eatery as, you can't deny one thing: it's delicious. And their fried chicken? Crispy, perfectly seasoned, juicy A.F., and, quite simply, out of this world.


Photo cred - djmalek

9. Boucan

1886 Rue Notre-Dame O

If you've never been to Boucan, I don't even know what you're doing with your life. I'd be lying if I didn't say that the food here is good enough for you to reevaluate your priorities in life a little bit, to be honest. But I digress: their ribs are super juicy and tender, their pulled pork is succulent, and the best part? Everything is slathered in their rich sauce and flavourful spices. Wipe those tears of joy and get there. Pronto.


10. Cote St. Luc BBQ

5403 Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Luc

Cote St. Luc BBQ specializes in everyone's favourite dish: barbecue chicken. That's right, friends. Unlike a lot of the other places on this list, which put their emphasis on succulent ribs, you'll find that the star of the show at Cote St. Luc is the juicy, crisp, barbecued-to-perfection chicken. All the yums, friends. All the yums.