Best Montreal Brunch Spots That Have Amazing Waffles

Feel free to indulge with as many toppings as you want.
Best Montreal Brunch Spots That Have Amazing Waffles

Few breakfast foods are as satisfying as waffles. Whether you love your store-bought Eggos, prefer them Belgian-style, or always order one that comes with extravagant toppings and tons of whipped cream, a good waffle can satisfy pretty much any craving.

With tons of amazing brunch spots throughout the city, you're guaranteed to find some of the absolute best waffles right here in Montreal. And don't be limited by the idea that waffles are only for breakfast; some places serve a waffle dish coupled with fried chicken - a culinary masterpiece that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to savoury waffles.

So, on your next 'treat yourself' occasion, pick one of the spots below to enjoy an incredible waffle or two (or three). The most important thing to remember: there is no limit to decadence when it comes to waffle dishes.

1. Engaufrez-Vous

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8 Rue Rachel E

All would not be right with the world if I didn't name Engaufrez-Vous as one of the best waffle places in Montreal. As their name suggests, they specialize in waffles, both savoury and sweet, as well as other classic breakfast dishes. If you're looking for a go-to decadent brunch spot, and you love waffles, Engaufrez-Vous is about to become your best friend.


2. Faberge

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25 Avenue Fairmount O

Chicken and waffles anyone? If your answer to that is anything other than yes, I don't know what kind of monster you are. The insanely popular chicken and waffles dish at beloved Faberge is enough to make any waffle skeptic a believer. This delicious brunch spot is a must for both new and veteran chicken and waffle fans.


3. Régine Cafe

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Are you gluten intolerant and love waffles, but feel like waffles don't love you back? Not to worry, because Regine Cafe serves gluten free waffles so you can safely and happily continue your love affair with this delectable breakfast food. Beware of the long lines here on weekends; if you don't have the patience to wait for your waffle, try going on a weekday.


4. Prohibition

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5674 Av de Monkland

A breakfast banh mi made with waffles? Sound weird, tastes amazing. These kinds of crazy-yet-delicious food combinations are commonplace at Prohibition, a trendy eatery that is any foodie's personal heaven. You can also try their version of chicken and waffles, which are actually made with french toast, but still incredibly tasty.


5. Maté  Latte

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How perfect do those waffles look? These artfully crafted circles of delight are made fast and fresh at Maté Latte, a go-to Montreal waffle spot. The sweet, chocolate infused waffles are especially delicious here, so if you're in need of a serious sugar fix, consider it taken care of.


6. Arts Cafe

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201 Avenue Fairmount O

A beautiful spot with classic, healthy breakfast options, the waffles at Arts cafe are cooked to that perfect fluffy texture we all love. If you prefer savoury waffles, or enjoy simpler rather than decadent brunch dishes, Arts Cafe is an ideal choice.


7. Suite 88

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1225 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

One of the best features waffles have? Those perfect square grooves that are just begging to be filled with maple syrup or chocolate-y goodness. Belgian waffles in particular have the best grooves and edges for extravagant toppings, and when it comes to decadent fillings, Suite 88 is where you need to be. This chocolatier undoubtedly has the best sweet toppings for your waffle, and the artisanal chocolate is absolutely to die for.


8. Gauffre Mignonne

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I really don't think any explanation is necessary in this case - the above photo speaks for itself. From apple caramel to the classic Nutella strawberry waffle, you simply can't go wrong with Gauffre Mignonne. You'll fall in love with this cozy spot instantly, and no doubt you'll return.


9. Cacao 70

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2087 Rue Sainte-Catherine | Multiple locations

Although I was hesitant to include chain restaurants on this list, you simply can't deny the quality and decadence of the waffle dishes at Cacao 70. A specialized chocolatier/restaurant, you're more likely to head here for a dessert waffle rather than a breakfast one. That being said, there's no time restriction on the enjoyment of a waffle, so go ahead and treat yourself.

10. Universel

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3630 Rue Saint-Denis | 359 Rue Sainte-Catherine | Multiple locations

A local chain favourite for breakfast and brunch, Universel certainly delivers on the waffle front. You can enjoy one on its own, or paired with eggs, fresh fruit, and bacon or sausage. If you want a full brunch but are also craving the perfect waffle, Universel can combine the two seamlessly for you.


11. L'Oeufrier

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With locations all over the city, L'Oeufrier guarantees a delicious waffle is never too far away. You can get the classic fresh fruit, whipped cream, and chocolate toppings, but a highlight at L'Oeufrier is the eggs benedict dish served with a waffle. With two brunch favourites combined, you just can't go wrong.


12. Nouveau Palais

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281 Rue Bernard O

This diner serves elevated comfort food, including their fabulous chicken and waffles dish. If you're not exactly in the mood for this sweet-savoury combo, however, they also offer waffles with caramelized apples and ice cream. Either way, Nouveau Palais unquestionably has some of the best waffles in the city.


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