Best Montreal Burrito Restaurants

Get your Mexican on.
Best Montreal Burrito Restaurants

Photo cred - Pat Durkin

Sometimes you just get a craving for messy, delicious, Mexican food, and luckily the burrito is here to satisfy you. This cylindrical piece of heaven originated in Mexico but has since travelled all over and been adapted in countless different ways. While Mexican food may not be the most popular cuisine in Montreal, we have some seriously great joints that you need to check out.

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Burrito Shop

3686 Saint Laurent

Proudly using passed-down Mexican family recipes and importing ingredients straight from Mexico, Burrito Shop is aiming to give you the authentic Mexican experience. The Tinga Burrito Divorciado - a slow cooked pork burrito bowl - is super flavourful and comes loaded with rice, beans, salsa and cheese.



2055 Bishop Street

Who says you need meat to make a mean burrito? Burritoville's menu is vegetarian and vegan friendly and their Sweet Potato Burrito is out of this world. It comes absolutely stuffed with black beans, sweet potato, apples, onion, brown rice, cheese and pico de gallo salsa.


Tejano BBQ Burrito

511 De Courcelle

Created by the same people that own Blackstrap BBQ, this recently opened St. Henri burrito joint is going to be a huge success. It's a small place run Chipotle-style, so you can pick and choose what you want in your burrito - and you really can't go wrong with any of their BBQ'd meats. If you're feeling extra hungry, you can try out their XL Burrito size.


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Café Cantina

1880 Centre

The burritos here are giant, so make sure you've got your eating pants on. The Spicy Burrito Carnitas, with rice, beans, meat, tomatoes, guacamole and creamy sauce, is simply amazing and their Naked Burritos will keep you coming back. They're made with no tortilla, but the plate is loaded with slow-cooked chicken, pork, beef, or roasted sweet potatoes, on brown rice with homemade guacamole, salsa, peppers, cherry tomatoes, black beans and sour cream.


La Guadalupe Mexicaine

2345 Ontario E

Guadalupe Mexicaine stuffs their tortillas with your choice of beef or minced chicken, cream cheese, and tomato sauce, and is served with served with gucamole, sour cream, salad, rice and beans. Order a margarita with it and you'll be set for one of the best Mexican meals of your life.


La Taqueria Mexicaine

4306 Saint Laurent

With 9 different burritos on the menu, the worst part of your experience will be having to choose just one. They have quite a few vegetarian options, but the Steak burrito is a must. It comes filled with steak, cheese, lettuce, guacamole and deliciouso sauce, so you'll be sure to leave satisfied.


Velo Burrito

32 Beaubien E

Founded by a bike messenger and musician who hated the lack of good burritos in Montreal, this place is sure to satisfy any Mexican food craving. The menu is filled with tons of delicious vegetarian friendly dishes, but the Dylan Burrito takes the cake: black beans, corn, chipotle lime sauce, toasted walnuts, grilled zucchini, cheese, sour cream, shredded cabbage, spanish rice and pico de gallo. And in case you want to enjoy it's amazingness in your own home, they deliver.



51 Roy E

Ever wondered what a lobster burrito would taste like? Well wonder no more because Icehouse has made one for you. Filled with lobster, corn, beans, and your other typical burrito toppings, it's not to be missed. While it's a little pricy at $20, the sheer size and taste more than make up for it. And make sure you order a bourbon lemonade to complete your meal.


Photo Cred - Lola Rosa Milton

Lola Rosa

545 Milton + 4581 Parc

Everyone's favourite vegetarian restaurant has their own burrito on the menu. Both locations have it, but each one is unique. The Milton burrito consists of black beans, corn, tomato, cilantro, mozzarella, spicy sour cream green onion, sweet potatoes and jalapeños, while the Parc burrito features sweet potato puree with jalapeño and onion, mozzarella, black beans, corn, tomato, homemade gucamole, quinoa, and raspberry vinaigrette. You can't really go wrong with either one.


Tequila Taco House

2 Sherbrooke E

The chicken burrito here is not to be missed. It comes filled with sauteed onion, chipoile sauce, beans, cheese and cream, and is served up with rice and a salad. It's very hefty and VERY tasty.


M4 Burritos

1773 St Denis

M4 does their burritos fast-food-Chipotle-style, but the quality is phenomenal. They have 5 kinds of burritos to choose from: chicken, steak, carnitas, barbacoas, and vegetarian. They're filled with rice, black beans and whatever else you want to personalize your burrito with.


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