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Best Montreal Butter Chicken Restaurants

The Indian comfort food.
Best Montreal Butter Chicken Restaurants

Montreal is full of food, and good food at that, and on the menu tonight is rich and creamy butter chicken. This classic staple of Indian Cuisine, also known as murgh makhani, is one of the milder curries but every bit as comforting paired with some warm naan bread and a side of fluffy basmati rice. Even if you are not a big fan of Indian food, it's hard not to enjoy the decadent flavours of some good butter chicken, and here's where to find it in the city.

Le Taj

2077 Rue Stanley

A downtown favourite for over 20 years, Le Taj sure knows how to do a delicious butter chicken. Succulent meat, aromatic butter sauce and you even get to watch the chef do his thing at the visible tandoori oven, where some of the best naan in the city is made. Le Taj offers a classy dining room for dinner, but their affordable buffet lunch is where it's at.

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Taj Mahal

5026, rue Sherbrooke Ouest & 143, rue St-Paul Ouest

With two locations on the island, Taj Mahal is a recognized name for tasty butter chicken in Montreal and for good reason. Taj Mahal offers an authentic Indian cuisine experience and only uses the best quality meat. With generous servings and a friendly staff, your butter chicken fix will be satisfied at Taj Mahal.

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3962 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Conveniently located right on The Main, if you've never been into Atma, it's maybe time that you did. The stylish and authentic decor is the perfect place to enjoy some delicious and fragrant butter chicken. Atma doesn't use preservatives or saturated fats in their dishes, and you can choose your own level of spice in your butter chicken.

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Bombay Choupati

5011 Boulevard des Sources

In the far off land of the West Island, tucked away in a little strip mall, sits Bombay Choupati and a seriously good butter chicken. While the unassuming exterior and plain decor might not look like much, the butter chicken here is about as authentic as you'll get. With really big portions and good value for your money, Bombay Choupati is a real gem for melt-in-your-mouth butter chicken.

Bombay Mahal

Parc-Extension is well-known for its amazing selection of ethnic foods of all kinds, including mouth-watering Indian food, and Bombay Mahal is serving up some of the finest butter chicken around. Best time to go is for lunch where you can get a generous portion of boneless chicken is slow-cooked in a rich tomato-based butter sauce, served with a green bean curry, 2 pieces of tandori chicken, salad, rice, and 2 peices of naan all for about $8. And it's BYOB, so your wallet will be just as happy as your belly.

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3459 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Leave it to the St-Henri borough to offer one of the most stylish Indian restos around, with its impressive decor and inviting vibe. Rasoi's butter chicken is a generous portion of juicy pieces in a creamy tradtional butter sauce sprinkled with almonds and served with your choice of sides like basmati rice and naan bread to soak up every last drop.

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365 Place d'Youville

Located in Old Montreal, Mirchi is an elegant restarant offering authentic and flavourful Indian cuisine, including a rich and delecious butter chicken. Expertly roasted on the tandoor, then cooked in cream and Indian butter, and garnished with almonds. and your choice of spice level.

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Star of India

5860 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest & 1806 Rue Saint-Catherine Ouest

First opening over thirty years ago, Star of India has become a Montreal favourite. Both the NDG and downtown locations offer a cozy and inviting environment, and their butter chicken is almost always on point. The naan and rice are not included in the price, unfortunately, but you do receive a complementary Motichoor Ladoo (sweet doughnut served in syrup).

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Maison India

5868 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

You will find rich, creamy butter chicken at this popular restaurant, whether you eat in the elegant dining room, or get it delivered. Family-owned Maison India serves honest, authentic flavours, with quality ingredients and decent portions, and if it's not already, will be your favourite Indian restaurant in NDG.

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Maison de Cari Golden

5210 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

If you find yourself in the Mile End side of town, then check out Maison de Cari Golden. Usually quite busy, which is a good sign of how good the food is here. While it's quite a small place, Maison de Cari Golden packs some big flavours in their amazing butter chicken. Slightly sweet, and velvety smooth, the only thing better than their butter chicken, is soaking it up with their homemade naan.

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