Best Montreal BYOW Restaurants 2016

Share a bottle of happy.
Best Montreal BYOW Restaurants 2016

Okay, it's honesty time. Wine is bae. Wine is bae even for people who are in steady relationships. But sometimes, ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant can get a little bit complicated, and just a tad expensive.

And that's where the bring your own wine restaurant comes in. To be completely honest with you guys, I absolutely adore BYOB restaurants - there's nothing like getting to eat a delicious meal and getting to share a bottle of your favourite wine with your favourite people. Thankfully for us (and for me), Montreal has a bunch of BYOB restaurants that serve up some seriously delicious food in awesome settings. Don't believe me? Well, prepare to believe. Read on for Best Montreal BYOW Restaurants 2016.

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1. O'Thym

1112 Boul de Maisonneuve E

Alright guys, what's better than a place that serves up delicious French cuisine? A place that serves up delicious French cuisine - and lets you bring your favourite bottle of wine to enjoy. And at Montreal's O'Thym, you get all of this and much, much more. This chique eatery is notorious for its upscale-yet-casual vibe, and its fresh, flavourful, high-quality cuisine. Get there for a date; get there for a dinner with friends; get there for a birthday - it doesn't matter, friends. Just get yourselves there, and enjoy.


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2. Le Millen

1185 Rue Fleury E

This Ahuntsic restaurant has gotten some love from me before, and for one very good reason: it's seriously amazing. The menu here focuses on a solid selection of delicious, high quality dishes - such as ricotta tortellini with hazelnut butter and beef tartare (!!) - and has an ambiance that straight up cannot be beat. Trust me, friends: grab a bottle of your fave, and come enjoy your next meal here.


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3. Pizzeria Napoletana

189 Rue Dante

Ah, Pizzeria Napoletana. Ask anyone you know about this Little Italy BYOB spot, the chances are very high that not only will they know about it - but they'll give you a rave review to boot. Needless to say, this pizzeria is hugely popular because of its authentic Italian thin-crust pizzas (all available with a variety of toppings), delicious pasta dishes, and vibrant, casual atmosphere. The fact that you can bring your own bottle of wine to enjoy? Yeah, just the cherry tomato on top of a beautifully cooked pizza pie.


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4. P'tit Plateau

330 Rue Marie-Anne E

Okay, honestly, I don't even know where to start with P'tit Plateau. This BYOW spot has a super cozy, unpretentious, intimate vibe, making it the perfect spot for a one-on-one dinner with... well, with pretty much anyone. And trust me when I tell you that after one bite of their food, you're going to be super down to go there with pretty much anyone, just to get another taste of their fresh, flavourful, classic French dishes. Add all of this in with their super fair prices, and you've got a recipe for your new fave dinner spot.


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5. Le Quartier Général

1251 Rue Gilford

Le Quartier Général gets tons of attention for its amazing tartare dishes. Despite the popularity, though, it's not just the tartare that's amazing. Pretty much every single item on Quartier Général's classic French menu is awesome: fresh, flavourful, and cooked to absolute perfection. The food, combined with the trendy, relaxed atmosphere makes this spot one of the city's best BYOWs.


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6. Etat-Major

4005 Rue Ontario Est

Okay, who here is a fan of seafood? Everyone? Good, because Etat-Major serves up some of the most legit seafood dishes in the city. Alright, okay, fine; not everyone likes seafood, I guess. For those of you who aren't down to nosh on shrimp pasta, don't even worry. Etat-Major has a super varied menu, full of delicious and fresh options for you to choose from. Grab some wine and prepare to dine.


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7. Grenadine

2004 Avenue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville

Alright friends, I just want to get this out of the way right here, right now: Grenadine is amazing. Seriously. I don't know if it's the cozy, intimate vibe it gives off, or the straight up amazing food - but this place is top notch. Although they mainly stick to French cuisine, their menu is full of innovative, delicious dishes, such as foie gras creme brulee and horse steak. Your new fave BYOW? Found.


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8. Yuukai

5658 Av du Parc

Alright, riddle time. What's the only thing that's better than sushi? If you answered sushi and wine, then I've got some great news for you: you're right! Sushi and wine is quite possibly the best combination out there - but do you know what's better than that, friends? Noshing on some truly fresh, melt-in-your-mouth delicious sushi, while sipping on a glass of your favourite wine. And at Yuukai, not only do you get to experience all of this, but you get to enjoy it all in their casual, contemporary eatery. Win win? Win win.


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9. Tandem

586 Villeray

Already a pick for one of Villeray's best restaurants, this eatery is seriously amazing. Featuring market-fresh ingredients and amazingly tasty dishes, it's not very hard to see why Tandem is also one of the most legit places in Montreal to enjoy a meal and a bottle of your fave. Plus, you know, mega bonus points for their chique yet laid-back vibe, which makes it a perfect place to share a meal (and a bottle) with your favourite person.


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10. Le Jardin de Panos

521 Avenue Duluth E

Okay, Greek food and wine? Yeah. I'm totally there for that. Not only does Jardin de Panos allow you to bring in and enjoy your own personal favourite bottle of wine, but they also happen to serve up some seriously delicious Greek dishes. Protip: their chicken brochette? Yeah. Super moist, flavourful, and amazing.


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