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Best Montreal Cafe Terrasses

Good vibes, good coffee.
Best Montreal Cafe Terrasses

If someone were to ask me what my favourite summer activity is, my answer would 100% be chilling on a beautiful Montreal terrasse, latte in hand, and enjoying the awesome summer vibes.

Of course, I'm pretty sure that would be basically everyone's response. There's nothing quite like sipping on a cup of your fave while you people watch/take in the city, and in Montreal, we've got tons of places where you can do so. A select few, though, really stand out from the rest.

1. Cafe Olimpico

A photo posted by Café Olimpico (@cafeolimpico) on

124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

Cafe Olimpico is pretty much the quintessential cafe terrasse in Montreal.

It’s got it all: beautiful wood enclosures, good vibes, an abundance of places to sit and chill with your friends, and Cafe Olimpico’s signature amazing coffee, so really, there’s no way you can go wrong chilling and sipping a nice coffee on one of the benches at this popular Mile End spot.


2. Cafe Melbourne

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4615 Boul St-Laurent

This super cozy Australian cafe is located in Montreal’s Mile-End/Plateau area, and specializes in serving up some tasty Australian grub and beyond awesome coffee.

Of course, their terrasse is the perfect spot to go and enjoy any of these. Featuring seats and wooden enclosures, this cafe terrasse is basically a little calm haven in the middle of a super busy Montreal neighbourhood.


3. Le Couteau

A photo posted by Kimberley Kersys (@ravisunshine) on

4627 Rue Saint-Denis

A trendy and super welcoming Plateau spot to grab a croissant and a cappuccino, Le Couteau is the perfect place to sit back and chill with friends.

Especially if you’re doing it on their outdoor terrasse, which is relatively spacious, offers a good amount of seating, and is one of the most awesome places to sit back and relax with a nice cup of Le Couteau’s awesome coffee.


4. Cafe de'Mercanti

A photo posted by Gill Gornitsky (@gillgornitsky) on

6128 Av de Monkland

NDG’s Cafe de’Mercanti is already known for having some of the best Italian desserts and coffees around, which is why the fact that they have a terrasse is like a huge cherry on top of an already awesome sundae.

And, trust, their terrasse is awesome; perfectly situated so that you can chill with friends, people-watch, and enjoy one of their out of this world lattes. Summer vibes, here we come.


5. Dispatch Cafe

Happy Weekend! We're greening our deck with these little buddies ??? perfect day for an iced coffee and sun bask!

A photo posted by Dispatch Coffee (@dispatchcoffee) on

267 Rue Saint Zotique O

An adorable Montreal cafe, Dispatch features tasty espressos, awesome iced coffees, and one of the cutest terrasses you'll ever step foot in, bar none.

Featuring a wooden enclosure, lots of space to sit and hang out with friends, and a whole lot of plants, the terrasse at Dispatch feels like something straight out of a garden, and is one of the best places to catch up with friends, family, or pretty much anyone this summer.


6. Caffe San Simeon

A photo posted by Stascia P ??,Montreal,Qc (@strishhh) on

39 Rue Dante

Friends, if you're going to Little Italy, this is the spot to grab a coffee and people watch outside.

Not only is this Dante cafe super popular - and for good reason, since their coffees are highkey amazing - but this terrasse is legit one of the best spots to go for maximum summer vibes. Made out of wood, and featuring plenty of seating, this terrasse places you in the perfect spot to observe all of the action in Little Italy. So grab a latte, grab your friends, and prepare to people-watch.


7. Le Baobab

A photo posted by Valérie Verville (@vverville) on

4800 Rue Wellington

This colourful spot is located in Verdun, and is seriously one of the best places to go for a more unique terrasse experience.

The terrasse at Le Baobab looks kind of like a whimsical, magical garden, with tons of plants, colourful furniture, and an overall calm, welcoming vibe. If you've ever been there, then you know there's nothing better than chilling on that terrasse with one of their awesome coffees; and if you haven't been there? Well, get yourself there, ASAP.


8. Caravane Cafe

A photo posted by MP ❥• (@maryypier) on

124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

Located in Côte-des-Neiges, Caravane is known for its awesome coffee, tasty cookies, and all-around friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Which applies to their amazing terrasse, as well. The perfect spot to relax and sip some espresso while noshing on one of their signature tasty desserts, a trip to Caravane is the best way to ensure an amazing summer this year. Trust.


9. Melk

A photo posted by Sabina Trespalacios (@sabitres) on

5612 Av de Monkland

Located right in the Monkland Village, Melk has often been considered to have some of the best coffees in Montreal.

And their terrasse is just as out of this world as their coffee is. Sounds like a weird comparison to make? Well, if you've ever grabbed a latte while sitting on their outdoor terrasse and absorbing the pure good vibes, then you know that it's not. Trust me, friends, siting on the terrasse at Melk should totally be on your list of chill summer activities to do this year.


10. Cafe Santropol/h3>

A photo posted by Un Parisien Au Québec (@kentochmontreal) on

3990 Rue Saint-Urbain

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with Santropol's terrasse.

While it's true that Santropol is more of a restaurant than just strictly a cafe, it doesn't even matter. In fact, it ups the awesome factor to an infinite amount - because that means you can grab a coffee, and one of their signature awesome sandwiches, all while enjoying the lights, water, and plants in their garden-like backyard terrasse. Best thing to do all summer? You know it.


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