Best Montreal Cannoli Restaurants

The sweet treat you need to eat.
Best Montreal Cannoli Restaurants

For anyone that's ever had a cannoli, you know that it's one of the most delicious golden brown plates of goodness that you will ever have. And for anyone that hasn't - you need to get on that.

Cannoli is a Sicilian dessert, that when translated means "little tube." So, as you could expect, it's made of a tube shaped fried pastry dough that has a sweet creamy filling, which is usually made from a ricotta base. They're pretty common in Italian-American cuisine, and over the years there have been endless variations of the original concept, involving everything from custard to nuts.

Thanks to the abundance of Italian restaurants and bakeries in Montreal, we have plenty of option when it comes to eating this indulgent dessert.

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Photo Cred - Alati-Caserta

Patisserie Alati-Caserta

277 Dante

This Italian bakery has been in operation since 1968. They've had plenty of time perfect their signature cannoli, and luckily for us, they have. Every cannoli that they serve is a perfect crispy golden brown. There are 5 different kinds of filling to choose from, so you can have your pick of original ricotta, fruit, custard, coffee, or chocolate ricotta. There's really no wrong decision here.


La Cornetteria

6528 Saint Laurent

For just $2.75 you can get one of La Cornetteria's classic and rich cannoli. The fluffy ricotta filing is piped into a perfectly crisp and light shell. Having one of these is always surefire way to improve your day. The Italian coffee here is also amazing, so be sure to grab yourself a cup.


La Conca D’oro

3549 Jean-Talon E

When it comes to making the perfect cannoli, La Conca D'oro has had 45 years of experience. They were even voted Best Cannoli In Montreal in 2011. They have a variety or creamy ricotta filled cannoli, some even with peanut butter or chocolate dipped shells, which are not to be missed.


Cafe Vito

151 Villeray

This stylish espresso bar in Villeray may specialize in coffee, but their sweet treats are just as good, if not better. The cannoli here is light, crispy and freshly piped, and if you're looking for something with a more unique flavour, they have a nutella pistachio one.


Photo Cred - Patisserie Tillemont

Pâtisserie Tillemont

1812 Tillemont

Established in the 70's, this family owned Italian bakery and cafe specializes in Italian pastries, which includes our beloved cannoli. Their crispy shells are filled with either ricotta or custard (your choice) and topped off with icing sugar.


Pasta d’ici

138 Atwater

Located in Atwater Market, Pasta d'ici is technically a grocery store, but don't let that discourage you, because their cannoli is one of the best in Montreal. They have coffee tables where you can sit while enjoying their classic, golden shelled cannoli with a strong ricotta based filling. You'll find yourself going back just to get a taste of one.


Milano Cafe

5188 Jarry

Sat in the east end, Milano is open 24/7, so you can get your pastry fix at any hour. The cannoli here is surprisingly huge, with perfectly piped ricotta filling and a dusting of powdered sugar. And if you want something a little more substantial to go with your dessert, they also make amazing thick Italian sandwiches and really good coffee.


Le Petit Italien

1265 Bernard

Le Petit Italien has a cannolo so good, even your Nona would approve. The filling is made from ricotta and orange zest, so it has a bit of acidity to it, and it's all piped into a crunchy golden shell. This definitely isn't a dessert that you'll want to share, because you'll find yourself trying to savour every last crumb.