Best Montreal Challah Bread

Quite possibly the tastiest bread on earth.
Best Montreal Challah Bread

I love bread and I don’t know many people who don’t. Whether or not you subscribe to a new fashionable restrictive diet, or legitimately suffer from gluten sensitivity, chances are you got down and dirty with a steamy hot loaf at one point in your life.  I once pounded down half a round of raisin challah from Hof Keslsten on the drive home without thinking twice about it. If you’re looking for challah to start Shabbat or a sweet loaf to spread your legs, here is a list of places that make fresh egg bread that you need to check out.

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Hof Kelsten

4524 Saint-Laurent

Trained chef that worked at some of the world’s most prestigious kitchens, Jeffrey Finkelstein brings his love of yeast-leven goodness back to Montreal. Pumping out challah so fast that they can’t slice it for you – the loaf is bigger than the slicer! – This spot on the main has achieved cult-like status amongst locals. Rumored top secret ingredient: celiac tears.

Boulangerie Cheskie


The only thing French about the place is the name. A straight up Jewish bakery known for their desserts and indiscriminate black and white cookies that exemplifies race relations Sienfeld would be proud of. Oh, and the challah of course.


4865 rue Sherbrooke

Amongst the trendy boutiques and coffee shops, the orange mommies of Westmount cop their Shabbat challah at Cavallaro’s. Owner and resident Instagram wizard Tony tantalizes your nose holes with the scent of egg bread baked daily.

Cité Cachere

4747 Van Horne

A pillar of the local Jewish community for all things kosher, this spot is usually the reason behind the row of double parked cars on Van Horne, corner Victoria. A family run business for over 20 years, the folks here know what the people want, and they want challah.

Snowdon Bakery

7385 Harley

Snowdon Bakery products are found in most grocery stores, but why get prepackaged when you can go directly to the source. Located on a on the other side of the tracks in NDG, the spot has a rad baking motif mural on the side of the building. If all else fails, follow your nose.

Homemade Kosher Bakery

6915, av Querbes

Serving the Kosher community for over 30 years, the fine people at Homemade Kosher Bakery make six different kinds of challah for all your challah-ing needs. From pan challah, “special twist” to “Big sweet challah” (which coincidentally is my middle name) they’ve got it.

Kosher Quality Bakery

5855 Victoria

When the P. Minny drops by your spot for the community outreach portion of his campaign, your challah game better be on point.

Where do you get your challah?

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