Best Montreal Cheap Pizza Places

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza slice.
Best Montreal Cheap Pizza Places

Photo cred - Nick Sherman

There's no denying that pizza is the food of the gods, but you don't always have time for a whole pie, or you need something more practical for when you're on the go (been drinking heavily) and that's where a single slice hits the spot.

Montreal is full of good pizzerias baking up all kinds of gourmet creations, but the humble pizza slice is not to be neglected. Hand-tossed dough, a slather of tangy marinara sauce, a greasy layer of cheese, and your garden variety of toppings, conveniently cut into a handy triangle and ready to fill your belly. It's cheap, it's easy and can be considered a vegetable depending on where you're from.

Pizza Madona

3605 Boul St-Laurent

A major player of the late-night drunchy scene on The Main, the slices are NY style and there's always a good amount of toppings.

Pizza Chez Danny

1237 Rue de la Montagne

This is literally a hole in the wall take-out pizza place, but one of the best for a slice downtown after last call. And they'll grate parmesan on your slice for free!

Pizzeria Anatolia

1444 Rue Saint Mathieu

Perfect late-night spot for late-night pizza with friendly service and tasty pizza. Ask nicely, and they will even customize your slice (almost) any way you want.

Bella Donna

4451 Boul St-Laurent

Another St-Laurent favourite, this is no-fuss pizza at it's finest. Perfect for soaking up some of that liquor in your gut.

Photo cred - Nick Sherman

Pizza Pinoli

5524 Av de Monkland

Authentic home-made pizza in the NDG and best of all it's cheap!

Photo cred - Mr. Ducke

Metro Pizza

5101 Bannantyne

One of the finest slices of pizza you'll find in the city, or at least in Verdun. Great prices and combos.

Photo cred - Kenneth Setzer

Pizza Dorval Express

208 Avenue Dorval

All you West-Islanders know what I'm talking about. For those times you decided not to get drunk downtown, Pizza Dorval will feed you good. On a side note, their poutine is awesome, just saying.

Photo cred - Poutinewar


264 Rue Ste-Catherine E

If you have ever gotten drunk at Foufs, you have grabbed a slice at Sipan. The pizza is nothing special, but the crowd always is.

Photo cred - letalbodec

Al Taib

2125 Rue Guy

Concordia students already love this place for cheap middle-eastern eats, but you can't beat Al Taib for some quick and easy late-night pizza. Not to mention, it's baked on Italian granite. Fancy.

Photo cred -fotoproze

Blanche Neige

5735 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Blanche Neige might be damn good for those early morning breakfasts, but they got tasty pizza on lock as well. Plus, they're open 24 hours on Friday and Saturdays so you don't have to worry about the party stopping.

Photo cred - jasonlam

Pizza Charlevoix

2563 Rue Centre

Perfect little spot to grab a slice when you're in the Sud-Ouest, and they offer free WiFi and a 50" for hockey games.

Photo cred - Montreal Eats


3936 Boul St-Laurent

Drinking in the Plateau wouldn't be complete without a final stop at Giovan for a quick slice or two for the road. And don't forget to ask for some ranch dressing for crust dipping.

Photo cred - Alejandro J.

Double Pizza

Various locations

Yes it's a chain, but that only means Double Pizza is doing something right. As the name implies, it's two-for-one pizzas, but they serve by the slice as well and it never doesn't fill you up.

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