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Best Montreal Cheeseburgers

Melty, juicy, and delicious.

Ah, the hamburger.Is there a more deliciously classic food out there? There's just something so right about them. No matter what, a good burger is a good time, and eating one pretty much always guarantees you finish with a big, satisfied smile on your face.

Although there are many different types, few come close to the beautiful simplicity of a cheeseburger. A juicy patty stuffed in a bun, topped with melting cheese? Uh, yeah. Sign me up, please.

Thankfully, Montreal is bursting with many places to get a simple, yet mouthwatering, cheeseburger.

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1. Chez Tousignant

6956 Rue Drolet

Alright, for those of you who have been keeping up with my articles, you know that I have a really big obsession with Chez Tousignant. But my affection for this place is well-earned: Their food is mind-blowing.

Pretty much everything here is made in-house, with fresh, high-quality ingredients, which translates to one seriously juicy, seriously flavourful cheeseburger. I could go on and on about Chez Tousignant's cheeseburger, but at the end of the day, you're just going to have to get yourself there (ASAP) and experience it for yourself.


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2. Uniburger

302 Rue Ontario E

Friends, do you believe that there's beauty in simplicity? No? Well, one taste of Uniburger's cheeseburger will have you changing your mind - and fast. Served up hot, juicy, and incredibly fresh, bursting with an unmistakably delicious, savoury flavour, Uniburger's contribution to Montreal's cheeseburger scene will absolutely change the game for you.


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3. Nouveau Palais

281 Rue Bernard O

If you often find yourself craving an awesome cheeseburger late at night, then I've got some great news for you. Nouveau Palais, located in Montreal's Plateau, has one seriously mouthwatering cheeseburger on their late-night menu. Their beef patties are incredibly flavourful and are the perfect backdrop to a pair of fresh buns and melty, yummy cheese.

The only drawback? This menu is offered only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Which really only means that you've found your new late-night weekend spot, TBH.


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4. Copoli

19 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Alright guys, prepare yourselves for this one. Not only is Copoli's cheeseburger incredibly delicious, with tasty, juicy beef, fresh and fluffy buns, and gooey, melty cheese... but it's huge. Like, seriously huge. A cheeseburger from Copoli is about 8 inches, and served up sliced in a box (because you can't fit it in your mouth any other way, TBH). But it really doesn't matter how big it is, these burgers are so good that you'll want another one (or two), whether it's 8 inches or not.


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5. Burger De Ville

5282 Boul St-Laurent

Picture this: A thick, juicy, perfectly cooked chunk of beef, placed on the softest, yummiest hamburger buns you've ever tried... and then, to tie the whole thing together, an explosion of melted cheesy goodness places right on the top.

Sound too good to be true? Well, Burger de Ville's cheeseburger is all of this and much, much more - especially considering that you can top your morsel of pure awesome with a plethora of their tasty toppings you so choose. Magic? You know it.


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6. Picks

1407 Rue Saint Marc

Have you ever had the succulent, well-seasoned, mind-blowing taste of a Picks burger? Yeah, count yourselves lucky. There is nothing on this earth quite like the flavour of one of their yummy burger. And if you're a cheese lover, the news gets even better.

Although the Picks hamburger is amazing by itself, it only gets better and better with cheese... and thankfully, there are six different cheeses on their menu for you to choose from. So, go ahead. Top that juicy burger with brie, or swiss, or provolone. Go nuts, and enjoy.

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7. Le Tablier Rouge

1031 Rue Fleury E

I've given Tablier Rouge a bunch of love in the past, but trust me, my adoration for this place is well-deserved. This Ahuntsic eatery is ace at serving up hot and juicy burgers, and although their specialty burgers are pure works of art (like their "crise de coeur" burger, with a cheese-stuffed patty, bacon, and pulled pork), their simple cheeseburger is actually so delicious that it will legit bring you to tears.

If that doesn't sound like a meal worth having, I don't know what is.


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8. Dilallo Burger

2523 Rue Notre-Dame O

Although Dilallo is famous for its Buck Burger, trust me when I say that it's the cheeseburger that's the real star of the show. Their hamburgers in general are incredibly tasty - but that cheeseburger is really just phenominally amazing.

Fresh, seasoned to perfection, and amazingly juicy, their cheeseburger is also topped with mustard, relish, lettuce, and tomato (and served on their signature delicious, upside hamburger bun) for a simply delicious cheeseburger experience that won't soon be forgotten.


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9. Notre Boeuf De Grâce

5732 Rue Sherbrooke O

Notre Boeuf De Grace is a super popular burger spot in NDG, and for one very good reasons! Their hamburgers are Out. Of. This. World. They specialize in more deluxe-style hamburgers (and cheeseburgers), like their "Cheesus" burgers, which feature Umami sauce and grilled-cheese sandwiches as buns (!!!).

But if you're feeling something a bit simpler, you can always have a taste of their fresh, juicy hamburgers, topped with anything you want. So, fans of cheeseburgers, rejoice. This one's for you.


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10. Jukebox Burgers

11798 Boulevard de Salaberry

Sweet Jukebox Burgers - Home of the poutine hot dog. Jukebox is no stranger to innovative fast-food dishes; and although their deluxe hamburgers are amazing, their "Dean Cheese" cheeseburger? Yeah. It's a thing of beauty. Their Dean Cheese comes with Jukebox's standard crisp, tasty toppings (like pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes), and your choice of meat, patty, and bun.

Of course, their classic, juicy beef patty topped with cheddar cheese on a white bun will forever reign supreme to me.


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