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Best Montreal Churros

Filled with happiness.

Okay, raise your hand if you've ever tried a churro. Is your hand raised? No? Well, then I feel a little bit sorry for you, friend. Churros are life.

Thankfully, those of you who have never experienced the fried, crispy, sweet morsel of euphoria that is a churro are in luck. And, hey, those of us who do know the warm goodness of a churro? We're pretty much lucky, too. Montreal's got tons of great places to get your fix of one of the world's best desserts.

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1. Radikal

8460 Boulevard Lacordaire

If you don't know what Radikal is, then you've been missing out, friends. I've given this spot a shoutout in the past, but honestly, if you're going to Radikal, then you definitely should be doing for their churros.

Even though they serve some seriously sweet, tasty, and crispy regular churros, the real star of the show? Their "Radikal" churros. Featuring chewy, tasty dough stuffed with different creams and dipped in melted chocolate, and super unique flavours like Tiramisu and Coconut, these are more than just churros. They're an experience, and one you should try for yourself ASAP.


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2. Che Churro

6543 Avenue Somerled

Looking for some seriously authentic churros? Well, stop the search. Che Churro is here to save your day - and your churro loving life, TBH.

Che Churro's got two varieties of this treat, including their original type - which features a doughy and soft interior and a crispy, sweet exterior - and their dulce de leche kind, which takes the original recipe and adds in that creamy, thick, decadent dulce de leche.

Protip, though? The best way to enjoy any one of their churros is with their thick, tasty, (and not overly sweet) hot chocolate. It's like a match made in good food heaven, friends.


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3. Churros Montreal

7497 Rue St-Hubert

Okay, if I told you there was a spot, right here in Montreal, where you could get the most delicious churros that have ever entered your mouth, would you believe me? Well, you should. That spot exists. And it's called Churros Montreal.

The churros here are thick, dreamy pastries of pure happiness, managing to melt in your mouth while retaining that signature sweet crisp at the same time. Also, shoutout to their churro cake. Featuring mini versions of their life-changing churros bathed in dollops of dolce de leche, this dessert will absolutely become your number one.


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4. Sabor Latino

436 Rue Bélanger

At this stage in the game, I'm sure we all know about Sabor Latino. A Latin grocery store, restaurant, and bakery, this spot is pretty much a haven for anyone who loves Latin cuisine.

And their churros? Yeah, they're amazing. Perfectly cooked, so that they're crispy, just a little bit dense, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and sweetened to perfection, there's no doubt that these delicious desserts will quickly become your new fave.


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5. Augusto Al Gusto

4578 Rue Wellington

Located in Verdun, Augusto Al Gusto's churros are actual works of real art. Crispier than most others on this list, for a really unique and tasty churro experience, these desserts are consistently fresh and on-point.

Plus, they're the perfect way to end Augusto Al Gusto's signature amazing Peruvian meals. It's true that the churros here are on their own plane of amazing, but you'd be remiss not to try out one of their vibrant and flavourful dishes while you're at it, too.


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6. Escondite

1206 Avenue Union

Ah, Escondite. Home of delicious Mexican food, like their mind-blowing tacos and ceviche dishes, there's really absolutely nothing wrong that this downtown Mexican spot can do.

So, it's no surprise that their churros are out of this world amazing. Actually, scratch that. Even though you know you're about to eat something delicious, that knowledge cannot properly prepare you for the taste explosion that's about to go down.

The best part? Their pillowy, tasty, sugary churros are served up with a whole cup of Nutella for dipping. That's right, guys. Nutella churros. Try to contain your excitement.


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7. Cafe Frida

4412 Rue Notre-Dame O

Located right in Montreal's Sud-Ouest, Cafe Frida's one of the borough's best kept secrets. They serve up fresh and tasty Mexican food - like their tacos and tamales, which are pretty much to die for.

Although, if I'm being honest, all of their food is to die for... and this includes their churros, which are on a whole other level of awesome. Always homemade and fresh, these churros are chewy, sweet, and basically like biting into little sugary pillows of happiness.

The only downside is that they're not always available, but no worries. A quick check of their Facebook will let you know when their churros are being served.


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8. Mesón

345 Rue Villeray

OMG, honestly, I cannot even look at a picture of these decadent, silky churros without my mouth watering.

Meson is a Villeray restaurant specializing in fresh, tasty, and hearty Spanish dishes - and while it's true that everything at this place is a huge hit, their churros are a thing of pure beauty. Light, crispy, and doughy churros dunked in creamy, sweet dulce de leche, this dessert is usually offered during their weekend brunch.

Which, TBH, is a good thing. If their churros were available every day, then their churros would be the only things I'd eat. Ever. Hands down.


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