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Best Montreal Cookies

Satisfy your sweet tooth at these great locations.
Best Montreal Cookies

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Donuts and cupcakes are super trendy in the dessert world of Montreal right now, but let's take it back to the basics. It's time to celebrate the classic cookie.

Montreal has some awesome bakeries to get a good cookie. Don't get a cookie that crumbles to bits. Please your inner cookie-lover with these Montreal cookie spots.

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Various locations around Montrealsee the FB page for details

A Montreal sucess story, Yo'Dough is the brainchild of 23-year old Montrealer Jesse Schwarz. Schwarz started Yo'Dough when he was only 14, and the cookie-corporation has grown to become a Montreal sweet-staple for the crazy flavours in the Yo'Dough lineup. Birthday cake, red velvet, and marshmellow rice krispie are sample of the very creative flavours Yo'Dough bakes up, and yes, it's fine if you're already drooling.

Sweet Lee's Rustic Bakery

4150 Wellington, FB page

Sweet Lee's is all about old-school no non-sense baking, and that basically boils down to their cookies being delicious. The cookies are huge and meet that golden ratio between soft and crispy. Flavours include Dark Chocolate Chip with Orange, Cranberry White Chocolate Lemon, Blueberry White Chocolate-Lemon, an Espresso Cookie and a shortbread of sorts, with many other delicious desserts offered too. Read our full review here.

Café Névé

151 Rachel E, FB page

At Café Névé you come for coffee, but you stay for the cookies. Their classic chocolate chip cookie is unreal, and their other sweets are not to be scoffed at either. Pair it up with a milk-filled latte, and enjoy the ambience of a great cafe that also makes epic cookies.

Boulangerie Cheskie

359 Bernard West, Yelp page

Cheskie's is one of Montreal's premiere Jewish bakeries, and while their challah is probably most famous, they also make great cookies. You have a lot of to choose from (too much? never.) but my personal favourite is their linzer cookies. You know, the shortbread cookies with jam in the middle? Anyways, just eat it and get back to me.

Monsieur Felix and Mr. Norton

Many a place, find 'em here

Felix and Norton has become synonymous with cookies in Montreal and Quebec for a reason: they make delicious cookies. F&N is a little more mainstream than we usually like, but we can't deny a quality cookie. You can even just get pre-made dough and bake them yourself, if you have enough willpower not to just eat the dough raw. They're even known to deliver cookies straight to the people (fo' free!) which is always welcome.

Dr Fröst

1726 St-Denis, FB page

A summer-time cookie spot, Dr. Fröst fuses macarons and ice cream to make a truly unique, refreshing, and (more importantly) delicious ice cream-cookie sandwich. Not only do the cookies look super cool with awesome colour combos, the flavour combinations are equally unique.

Almond Butterfly

Order Online

A gluten-free bakery, Almond Butterfly sounds a little suspect, and I personally questioned their ability to bake a cookie. Any worries I had were squashed as soon as I took a bite of their Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookie. The almond flour and pecans lend perfectly to the classic CC cookie, in fact it may even be better than traditional recipes. There, I said it. Go try it then come talk to me. AB has briefly moved to Toronto (they're planning on re-franchising in Montreal again soon) but you can still order all their stuff online!


Atwater and Guy-Concordia Metros, Check 'em out online

Cocobun is an Asian bakery with everything you need to eat throughout the day. Savoury meat-filled buns, soft-as-heck breads, sweet pastries, and, of course, cookies. At ridiculously low prices you can get a Winter Melon Jam Flaky Cookie, Green Tea Puff Balls, or the adorably delicious Ninja Panda Butter Cookies. Housed in two metros, Cocobun is perfect for the guy or gal on the go who simply needs a sugar fix.

Sophie Sucrée

167 des Pins E, FB page

Vegan baked goods get a very good name at Sophie Sucrée. You probably couldn't even tell the cookies are vegan. Fresh and unique, you can get cookies like Ginger with raspberry, lemon or lavender shortbread, and salted almond chocolate squares (my personal favourite) among MANY other sweet offerings. If you're interest is piqued, read our full review here.

Subway & Dagwoods

Various locations. Get at Dagwood's FB fan page & Subway's to find out where.

No joke, both Subway and Dagwoods make some legit cookies. Don't act like they aren't delicious. Just because neither one is an actual 'bakery' it doesn't mean they don't make good cookies. We've all been in to Subway or Dagwoods solely to get a cookie. No shame when it's delicious.

Did we miss your favourite Montreal cookie spot?

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