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Best Montreal Crêpe Restaurants

The most versatile, delicious, and classy breakfast.

Chocolate on chocolate action can be found in these Montreal sweet spots. Even though spring is finally here, it doesn't seem like winter wants to leave us just yet. I guess we`ll take advantage of the chilly weather and keep stuffing our faces with crepes and hot chocolate.

Montreal is full of cafes and restaurants that serve crepes so we put together a list of our favorite spots to get warmed up and satisfy our sweet tooth.

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For a low price, it`s surprizing how fancy their plates look. Crepes are drizzled in chocolate or other sugary and fruity sauces in a way that makes your plate look like a piece of art. Order a hot chocolate with that and you`ll have the full package. Pictures or abstract art are drawn on the top of your hot chocolate. If you have a certain somebody to impress, Muru Crêpe would be the place to go.Located close to the Place-des-Arts metro station, this restaurant serves a whole lot of sweet things. Crepes, waffles, smoothies, fruit cocktails, and gelato. Their sugary crepes are stuffed with fruits, chocolate sauce and even ice cream. The ultimate desert awaits. Explode your taste buds with these treats.

Paris Crêpe

1333, rue St. Catherine, Yelp page

Located on St.Catherines, Paris Crêpe has the perfect location for winter as well as summer. During the winter you can go upstairs at a window seat and watch the snow fall while eating a huge Nutella filled crepe. Once summer arrives, you can order your crêpe at the front window and take it to go. They serve breakfast crepes as well as desert crepes.

Cocoa 70

2087 Ste. Catherine West, Website

This delicious chocolate filled factory can make everything you`d ever want with chocolate. On the menu you`ll even find chocolate pizzas, chocolate beer, and chocolate soda. The menu has a large variety of chocolate. From dark chocolate to white chocolate, they`ve got it all. This would be the perfect place for a date.

Juliette et Chocolat

Find all locations on their Website

Watch out Concordia students! Juliette et Chocolat has opened a new restaurant practically across the university. Served with whipped cream and covered in chocolate sauce, these crepes are no joke. All those study breaks spent at coffee shops might just have to move to Juliette et Chocolat. And, when the week is done, you can drop in to take a chocolate shooter to start off the weekend.

Muru Crêpe

La Bulle au Carré

3482 Rue Saint-Denis, Website

Located on St.Denis, La Bulle au Carré has a little outside terrasse and a little french ambiance. It`s an ideal place to grab a crêpe during your school break once spring gets hotter. As fancy as some crepes may get, the local favorite remains the butter and sugar crepe. They`ve seemed to have found the perfect recipe, and so the legend stay the same.

Chez Catherine

31, rue de la Commune Est, Website

Chez Catherine also has outdoor seating plus ice cream! Hurry the hell up summer! They open in April for the summer season. Their specialties are crepes, ice cream and freshly squeezed lemonade. They also catagorize themselves as a cafe so they have the regular soups, paninis, sandwiches and such. Come to summer, and this`ll be your go to terrasse.

La Crêpière

221 Rue Saint-Viateur O, Yelp page

Want to try a vegetarian crepe or a fish crepe? They`ve got it! Let your mouth indulge in new experiences. We`ve never personally had one of the two, and it sounds like a bit of a weird combination. But hey, if they sell em, they must be good! And for those of you that just want that Nutella filled crepe, those are always an option too. The prices are good and the crepes are good.

Crêperie chez Suzette

3 Rue Saint-Paul E, Website

Pizza crêpe is on the menu! Need I say more? Actually they also have seafood crepes and of course those sugar rush crepes! No matter what time of the day you go, you`ll surely find a crêpe that satisfies your cravings. These massive deserts are heaven wrapped in a crepe. Just looking at this picture makes us want one ASAP.

La Crepe 2 Go


Find all locations on their Website

Everybody`s been to Yeh for frozen yogourt, but did you know they also made crepes? They actually have a large variety of them. From desert to dinner crepes, they`ve got it all. Chicken, ham and vegetarian crepes are available for dinner, while fruit and chocolate crepes are served as deserts. And with a little convincing, they may let you put some extra toppings from the fruit and candy dishes.

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