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Best Montreal Donuts

The dessert of champions.
Best Montreal Donuts

True say, donuts are my life. They're the perfect dessert: Light, fluffy, glazed, sweet... There's honestly nothing not to love about these doughy treats.

And, if you're of the opinion that you can't find a good donut in Montreal, then do I have some news for you. The city is filled with awesome spots that serve fantastic donuts, so you can indulge in your fave treat with ease.

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1. Léché Desserts

640 Rue de Courcelle

Pretty much the OG of serving up delicious donuts in Montreal, Léché Desserts literally never fails to impress.

They've got a huge variety of mind-blowing flavours like Lime Coconut (which is also vegan!), Lemon Meringue, and Tiramisu... Which, TBH, might make it a little hard to decide on just one (dozen).

But rest assured that no matter which flavour you pick, you're getting an amazing donut. Thick, crisp on the outside, and super moist on the inside, this is one spot that will 100% satisfy that donut crave.


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2. Trou De Beigne

156 Rue Saint Zotique E

Fairly new on the scene, having just opened up their brick-and-mortar location earlier this year (after being offered in Montreal shops for some time), Trou De Beigne is one of the most popular spots to grab a donut in Montreal.

Honestly, their popularity is well-earned. Offering flavours like Maple Bacon, Cookie Dough, and S'Mores, their awesome selection is matched only by their amazing quality.

Focusing on quality ingredients in order to give you the lightest, fluffiest, tastiest donut possible, Trou De Beigne is definitely going to become your new go-to donut spot.


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3. Chez Boris

5151 Av du Parc

If you've been a lover of donuts for any amount of time, then chances are very good that you already know about Chez Boris.

A super popular spot with an awesome and friendly ambiance, everything at Chez Boris is more than worth a taste. But the real star of the show? Their Russian donuts.

Fresh, crispy, and light, these made-to-order donuts will absolutely change your life. And, if you're in the mood to try something particularly amazing? Try their "Beignewich" donut sandwiches. Just trust me on this; and thank me for it later.


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4. CRémy Patisserie

2202 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Alright, this Plateau bakery is seriously awesome. Offering sweets that are out of this world, super fair prices, and an incredibly friendly, welcoming atmosphere, CRémy Patisserie is absolutely going to become your new fave spot.

Not only do they serve up incredibly dense, cakey, and amazing donuts, but they also serve up delicious and fresh brunches - which include pizza, salmon gravlax, and BLTs, to name a few.


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5. Wawel Patisserie

7070 Avenue Henri-Julien

Located right in the Jean-Talon Market, this Polish bakery is the perfect spot to pop into to satisfy your dessert craving after a long day of market-shopping.

What is it that makes Wawel's donuts so amazing? Well, everything, TBH. Sweet, fluffy, doughy, with the perfect amount of buttery goodness, Wawel will most certainly become your brand new fave for fresh donuts in Montreal.


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6. Nouveau Samos

4379 Boul St-Laurent

If you're a donut lover, then you're going to absolutely fall in love with Samos.

First of all, these donuts are huge - and super inexpensive, which makes it an incredibly awesome deal. But the price/portion value isn't even the best thing about the donuts at Samos. What really stands out about these morsels of happiness? The taste.

But, then again, the quality and freshness factor are off the charts as well. TBH, it's pretty much a snowball effect of awesome that makes the donuts at Samos some of the best you can get in the city.


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7. La Cornetteria

6528 Boul St-Laurent

At this point in time, if you've never tried a Cronut, then you've been missing out - big time. But, thankfully, that's where La Cornetteria comes in.

Featuring delicious pastries - including some of the sweetest, flakiest, fluffiest croissant/donut combinations you've ever encountered - La Cornetteria is pretty much the perfect place for you to ease that sweet tooth.


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8. San Gennaro

69 Rue Saint Zotique E

One word, friends: Bombolone. If you don't know what that is, I feel a little bit sorry for you - but, no worries. San Gennaro is here to save the day.

A Bombolone is basically an Italian stuffed donut, and at San Gennaro, they do them up right. Crispy, doughy, and incredibly tasty - with the added benefit of being stuffed with Nutella - this is one sweet treat you're going to need in your mouth. ASAP.


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