Best Montreal Eggs Benedict

These places make you want to eat eggs on the regs.
Best Montreal Eggs Benedict

There’s no better way to start off a lovely Montreal summer weekend morning than with a relaxing brunch with friends. Even though such a meal is pretty much impossible to screw up, you want to make the most of your experience, and ordering Eggs Benedict is the best way to do it. The combination of poached eggs, Hollandaise Sauce, an English muffin, and whatever else you can think to add on with it makes for an indulgently satisfying meal. Lots of restaurants around the city have attempted to tackle the dish, but a few stand out. Here are Montreal’s best Eggs Benedict dishes.

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5764 Avenue de Monkland

We’ve already raved about the chicken and waffles (it's actually chicken and french toast, but same idea) here, but their Eggs Benedict is the real star. They call it the “Bulgarian Benedict,” and it’s a unique take on the classic dish. Like other Benedict dishes, it’s served with two poached eggs, but the similarities stop there. They serve them with a heap of garlic yogurt and cover it in paprika oil, then give you a chewy baguette to soak up the delicious mess.

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Gryphon d’Or

5968 Avenue de Monkland

Come here for an Irish take on the dish that you’re sure to love. The eggs are served atop homemade cheese scones, which are bursting with flavour in every bite. They cover it all with a Guinness sauce that’s simply outstanding.

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1251 Avenue McGill College

The decor is beautiful here, with gorgeous high ceilings throughout, but their Eggs Benedict still manages to steal the show. It’s served with two eggs poached to perfection, as well as a Hollandaise sauce that’s got that flavour you crave.

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La Societé

1415 Rue de la Montagne

They offer three different Eggs Benedict dishes, and each one needs to be tasted to be believed. They’ve got one topped with peameal bacon, another one with smoked salmon, and a Florentine. Whichever one you choose, you’ll get a buttery croissant instead of an English muffin, which makes the dish even richer and more delicious.

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Restaurant L’Avenue

922 Avenue de Mont-Royal Est

This hip Plateau brunch spot offers a lot of amazing dishes, but our favourites are the different Eggs Benedict dishes. Like Deli Joe, they make a smoked meat Eggs Benedict, which is every bit as wonderful as it sounds. However, for the vegetarians (or just for those who want a fantastic brunch), they do a goat cheese and spinach Benedict that’s sure to blow you away.

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Restaurant L’Evidence

3619 Rue St-Denis

You might be intimidated by the sheer number of options at this brunch place, but the menu becomes a lot easier to navigate when you know that one choice stands out—the Eggs Benedict. It’s a fairly classic take on the dish: simply a damn fine Eggs Benedict done right. However, the heaping pile of delicious fruit that it’s served with makes the platter one-of-a-kind.

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The Sparrow

5322 Boulevard St-Laurent

The Eggs Benedict here is different from what you’re used to, but you won’t mind branching out once you taste it. It’s called “Blackstone Benedict,” and it swaps the English Muffin out in favour of root vegetable latkes. It’s also loaded with delicious greens and tomatoes, as while as an herb-infused Hollandaise sauce that you absolutely must try.

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Bagel Etc.

4320 Boulevard St-Laurent

You’ll want to make sure to come here on the weekend, because that’s the only time you can order their phenomenal Eggs Benedict. The place also gets pretty packed during that time, but the dish is absolutely worth waiting for.

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538 Place St-Henri

The Eggs Benedict here comes with the delicious vegetable Jok Choy, which is a unique and delicious add-on to the classic dish. It also comes with a thick slab of bacon, which has been scientifically proven to improve every food known to man.

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355 Rue McGill

As the name suggests, the ham here is outstanding, and their Eggs Benedict is the best way to enjoy it. The flavour blends perfectly with the eggs, Hollandaise sauce, and English muffin to create an unforgettable brunch dish. If that weren’t enough, they give you a healthy portion of potatoes to go along with it.

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Le Vieux Velo

59 Rue Beaubien Est

If you’ve made it this far in the article, we’d imagine that you like Eggs Benedict quite a bit. Still, it never hurts to try something new, and these guys have a bunch of unique variations on it that are outstanding. For meat-eaters, we’d recommend going with the B.A.B., which comes with brie, avocado and bacon. However, vegetarians need not fear, because the Vegepesto (grilled veggies, cheddar cheese, and pesto Hollandaise) is equally fantastic.

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Le Chien Fumant

4710 Rue de Lanaudiere

It's pretty hard to improve Eggs Benedict, but adding lobster is a great way to at least try. The rich seafood goes perfectly with the eggs and sauce to make for a dish that you're sure to love.

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Le Richmond

377 Rue Richmond

Like Le Chien, they also do a Lobster Benedict, which is remarkable in and of itself. However they take it a step further by adding polenta, truly elevating this incredible platter to another level of brunch-time greatness. The caviar is the perfect finishing touch.

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Suite 701

701 Cote Place des Armes

We suspected that these guys would deliver a classy-as-hell Benedict, and they certainly didn't disappoint. The pork belly and brown butter Hollandaise combine for a rich flavour that's unlike anything else. Even better, they also serve them with their signature 701 potatoes, making for one hell of a platter.

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Allo mon Coco

Various Locations

You've got a lot of choices for Eggs Benedict if you come to this place, but their trademark Coco Benedict is our top pick. It comes with ham and asparagus, making for a brunch meal that's as hearty as it is delicious. However, their Gourmet Eggs Benedict is also worth a try, since it lives up to its name with tasty mushrooms and brie.

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