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Best Montreal Fashion Boutiques

It's time to get yo' shop on.
Best Montreal Fashion Boutiques

Photo cred - yelp

Who doesn’t like a healthy dose of retail therapy? Answer: no one. Shopping has the potential to be such a therapeutic experience, especially in a place where there is so much to choose from. Thrifts shops, chain stores, independent vendors, the list goes on and on. By my personal outlet is boutique shopping. Everything is just so adorable and different. The only way I can pass it up is if my card declines. So, for those shopaholics who need their fix, we got you!

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Boutique 1861

1861 Rue Ste-Catherine O, 3670, Boul. Saint-Laurent

This little number is one of my favourite places to go in Montreal. The clothes at 1861 are honestly just so gorgeous. A lot of them, if they are not a revamped vintage piece, hold the same kind of elegance. I’d recommend anyone who is looking for a dress for a prom or a wedding to head to either their Saint Cats or Saint Laurent location.

Photo cred - yelp


4151 Boul. St - Laurent

Onze has a very cutesy feel to it. Think Zooey Deschanel . Bright colours, bold prints, flattering figures. You know. Their located on Saint Lau and I gotta say their store front has a bright turquoise window that is hard to miss.

Le Petit Garconne

650 Boul. St-Laurent

Okay, so this one is kind of cheating because it is technically part of the 1861 franchise. But I don’t care. They’re both great so I’m going to include them both. Le Petit Garconne, as the name suggests, isn’t as feminine and sparkly as its sister store. Their clothes are more polished and sophisticated. The best part is their jacket selection. Never in my life have I wanted to the weather to get colder, but if it means that I can put one of those bad boys on, sign me up.

Studio Bliss Boutique

3845 Boul. St - Laurent,

Studio Bliss is a popular Yoga studio in the Plateau. On top of having a great location to teach their practice, they also have a spot on store downstairs! I find work out clothes can get to be a sea of neon and Nike after a while. The Studio Bliss Boutique, puts a spin on workout clothes that I really enjoy. My favourite is there “Spirtual Gangster” line, which you can check out here.

Tres Chic

1069 Avenue Laurier O

If couture is your thing, I suggest you get your bum over to Tres Chic. Their look is so vogue?. They carry everyone from Calvin Klein to Roberto Cavalli. I like their sleek style and bold items. They really aren’t afraid of anything, so why should you be. Just trying on one of their dresses makes me feel like Beyonce.

Unicorn Boutique

5135 Boul. Saint-Laurent

Relaxed yet fashionable is the way of this store. Boutique Unicorn is one of the more accessible stores out of this list. Their style aims more towards the younger folk, but a lot of the pieces are so flattering and simple, you could be good to wear them for a long time to come.

Photo cred - boutique olivia

Boutique Olivia

1455 Rue Peel

The love I harbor for this company is a little bit ridiculous. But honestly, if you head over to Boutique Olivia or check out their website you will understand why. Their style revolves around a white, grey, and taupe palette, which looks good on everyone and matches everything. I’d say their clothes are perfect for office wear or if you like been a classy bitch when you go to school. You rock it girl.

Boutique Mika

4116 Boul St-Laurent

This is the store I constantly find myself drawn to after a long day. Mika's store front is so appealing, and once you get inside, there are so many options to fondle and try on. Their clothing is unique, fresh and looks nice on many different body shapes. Also their jewelry is so fabulous, it’s so hard not to leave with a little somethin’ something’.

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