Best Montreal Fish And Chips

The best dish made with fish.
Best Montreal Fish And Chips

When you think fish and chips, you undoubtedly think of the United Kingdom, even if you've never been there. Luckily, we live in a town that loves to eat, so we don't have to cross an ocean in order to get a taste of this delicious English dish. We've even become home to several fish and chip-dedicated shops, or "chippy" if you want to get fancy with the British slang. In no particular order, but with details that will make your mouth salivate and will fill your dreams with battered fishy goodness, here are Montreal's best spots for fish and chips.

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Brit and Chips

433 McGill St. or 5536A Cote-des-Neiges

Brit and Chips has been making waves in the Montreal food scene because of their spot-on fare. They offer various fish in different kinds of batter (maple syrup, Guiness, orange crush, chipotle) and you can get them with or without chips (obviously, with is the better option). Not too greasy, fish is fresh and, as promised, there's a little Quebecois spice to this chippy. We're not surprised that it's a Montreal favorite!


Comptoir 21

21 Saint Viateur W.

Comptoir 21 is styled like an old-school diner and has easily become a Montreal favorite. Grab a bar stool and order up a large portion of fish and chips. The batter is light and crunchy, not too oily. Definitely try their homemade clam chowder as well - you won't be disappointed!


La Queue de Poisson

3779 Wellington

Verdun's local fish and chips spot is a lot more than it seems. Experiment with different kinds of battered fish, including sole, haddock, cod and salmon, while munching on crispy fries (don't forget to add the malt vinegar!). But wait - there's more! La Queue de Poisson also sells fresh fish and seafood, frozen foods for takeout, live lobster and much more. It's a one-stop shop!


Fiddler's Green Irish Pub

1224 Bishop St.

For many Montrealers, Fiddler's Green has the BEST fish and chips in town - that's saying something considering all the amazing chippies we have! Light batter and homemade fries, coupled with the friendly vibe of this pub, makes it a prime contender for best fish and chips.


Pêcheur Du Marche

3464 Sources Blvd.

Although it may not look it, we promise that this place is going to become one of your new favorite spots. This market's fish and chips plate is mouth-wateringly (this level of deliciousness deserves a made up word) good. The haddock is fresh, the batter is light and the 'chips' are crispy.


Poissonnerie Rayan

Various Locations

Rayan is a true one of a kind spot - this Egyptian fish market and restaurant offers fish and chips with a twist. Fried tilapia and delicious potatoes? Yes, please!


Lucille's Oyster Dive

5626 Monkland Ave.

'Lucille's Classic Fish & Chips' will definitely keep you coming back for more. Lucille's is a trendy spot, but it's the food that has people talking! After you've stuffed your face with delicious, light and airy fish and chips, try their lobster rolls and salmon tartar!


Restaurant Holder

407 McGill St.

Holder has already made our list of best calamari in Montreal so it should be no surprise that they find themselves on this list as well. Soft, flaky, a little bit sweet and just the right amount of dee-lish-ious.


Chez Delmo

275 Notre Dame St.

Although you're paying a little more at Chez Delmo, the cod is fresh and the beer batter is light and crisp. This spot should definitely be at the top of your list; trendy, eclectic, fun and the seafood is unbelievably good - what more can you want?


Ye Olde Orchard Pub & Grill

Various Locations

It should come as no surprise that some of the best fish and chips this city has to offer comes from an authentic old-world pub. Ye Olde's fish and chips are a favorite at all of their locations because of the insanely good Griffon Blonde ale batter, homemade tartar sauce and the affordable price!


Mommy's Fish & Chips

3135 Notre-Dame St.

This place may be one of Lachine's best-kept secrets. Serving up diner-style fish and chips since 1972, this chippy is a staple in the local community. The haddock is fresh, batter is crispy and the fries are those slightly thick, Quebec fries we all know and love. Definitely ask for some extra tartar sauce - it's incredibly good!

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