Best Montreal Fish And Chips Restaurants 2016

British cuisine at its finest.
Best Montreal Fish And Chips Restaurants 2016

Alright, guys, who here loves comfort food? Well, everyone, obviously. And is there any greater comfort food than fish and chips, in all its crisp, flaky, fried goodness? No. No there is not.

If you think about it, fish and chips is actually the perfect meal - and the best part is that it's great, whenever you're down to eat it. Seriously. Exhausted after a long day of a exploring the city? No problem, get some fish and chips. Feel like celebrating a milestone? Great. Break out the vinegar and go beast. You get the picture; and luckily for us, Montreal has tons of places to enjoy this awesome dish. Don't believe me? Well, friends, prepare to believe. Best Montreal Fish And Chips Restaurants 2016.

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1. Brit & Chips

433 Rue McGill

Oh boy. Where do I even start with this place? First of all, if you're a fish and chips lover, then you should already know about Brit & Chips; if you don't, then you've really been missing out, my friend. Not only does this eatery offer up some of the most authentic fish and chips dishes you'll ever try in the city, but they also have a wide variety of fish and batter choices for you. Doesn't matter what you take, though: their food is always fresh, flavourful, and oh-so delicious.


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2. Ad Hoc

2281 Rue Ontario E

Somewhat newer to Montreal's fish and chips scene, Ad Hoc has already been making some serious waves. Why? Their awesome gluten-free menu might have something to do with it; but then again, it could be their great service their; trendy-yet-friendly atmosphere; or their delicious fish and chips. But I'm betting that what makes this place so amazing is a combination of all of the above. Get yourselves there ASAP, friends, for a fish and chips experience you won't soon forget.


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3. Comptoir 21

21 Rue Saint Viateur O

Can we talk about how adorable Comptoir 21 is for a second? Seriously, their atmosphere is super casual and friendly, and gives off the vibe of some kind of chill, old school diner. As if the feel of the place wasn't awesome enough, their fish and chips? Yeah, it's game changing. Super, super moist, with a crisp batter and delicious fries; one bite of their fish and chips is all it takes for you to be hooked. (I'm personally still having dreams about this place, no joke).


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4. Lucille's Oyster Dive

5626 Av de Monkland

Alright, who here is unfamiliar with Lucille's Oyster Dive? No one? That's what I thought. Lucille's Oyster Dive is a hugely popular place for getting some seriously legit seafood dishes in Montreal. Although their awesome oysters are what they're most popular for, they do up some other awesome seafood dishes, as well. Most notably? Their "Lucille's Classic" fish and chips, which features super fresh, crispy, delicious fish, and equally awesome chips. Get there, friends. Get there ASAP.


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5. Ye Olde Orchard

Multiple Locations

Okay, raise your hand if you're a fan of Ye Olde Orchard. I know your hand is raised. Everyone's a fan of Ye Olde Orchard. This casual pub offers an unmatched atmosphere for relaxing with some friends (or even a date), grabbing a pint, and just having an all-around awesome time. But the icing on the cake? Their fish and chips dish. Trust me when I say that, much like all of the food on Old Orchard's menu, it's simply amazing.


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6. Mommy's Fish & Chips

3135 Rue Notre Dame

This Lachine eatery has been serving up fish and chips to Montrealers for decades, and one taste of their fish and chips will tell you exactly why. Their moist, flaky fish is smothered in a thick, crispy, and decadent batter, and served with thick, delicious, perfectly cooked french fries. Add this in with a super friendly and casual atmosphere, and you've got the recipe for your new favourite spot.


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7. Pub Burgundy Lion

2496 Rue Notre-Dame O

Okay, first of all, mushy peas FTW. (Are we still using 'FTW' anymore? No? Oh. Okay). Burgundy Lion's delicious fish and chips dish comes with a side of their mushy peas, which is a British dish that's done up to perfection over here. And, of course, their fish and chips are just as awesome, featuring fresh and flaky chunks of cod fish, thick and crispy batter, and some seriously soft, chunky chips. Delicious? Delicious.


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8. La Queue De Poisson

3779 Rue Wellington

Fans of fish and seafood, rejoice: you've just found your new favourite spot. Seriously. This Verdun fish emporium has a seriously amazing menu, full of sea treats like grilled swordfish steak, homemade smoked salmon, and scallop tartare. And, of course, four different types of fish and chips - including salmon and shrimp (!!!). Although their most, crispy, and flavourful fish and chips dishes are delicious on their own, a little protip? Try their tartar sauce. It's amazing.


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9. Holder

407 Rue McGill

Alright, Holder might win all the points because of its amazing tartare, but the real star of the show? Yeah, I'm going to say its their fish and chips dish. The fish and chips plate at Holder is fresh, crispy, just slightly on the sweet side, and all-around amazing; but to be completley honest, no words can do it justice. This is just one of those things you're going to have to try for yourself. But, fair warning: prepare to be completely and totally blown away, into a world of pure fish and chips bliss.


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10. Pub Sir Joseph

4902 Boul St-Laurent

OMG, I could write you an entire novel about the fish and chips at Pub Sir Joseph. Seriously. Their dish features a moist, flaky chunk of cod wrapped in a thick and yummy batter, on a bed of their chips. Oh, and their chips? Yeah, they're top notch: cooked to perfection, flavourful, and all-around awesome. Fans of fish and chips, get yourselves here, ASAP.


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