Best Montreal Fresh Fish Markets

In cod we trust.

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A fish market is home to what is known as a fishmonger, which if you didn't already know, is basically a butcher, for fish. Fishmongers once garnered much prestige and social privilege back in the middle ages, and while nowadays you'll find a decent fish counter at any local grocery store, for true quality and freshness, trust the expert skill and know-how of these aquatic professionals.

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Poissonnerie Sherbrooke

5121 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Once selected as one of the “Best Urban Fishing Holes in Canada”, the hulking fishmonger named Kosta, along with his friendly family really do know their stuff and guarantee you the personal touch while browsing through their awesome selection of fresh fish and fine goods. They even deliver!


Poissonnerie Nouveau Falero

5726A Avenue du Parc

While the name does say 'nouveau', Falero was founded in 1959, making them pretty much  the oldest game in town. Falero offers an impressive variety of fish, seafood, and fine goods, with 5 fresh arrivals every week and their catering company upstairs prepares delicious ready-to-eat meals and dishes.


Poissonnerie La Mer

1840 Boulevard René-Lévesque Est

Since its humble beginnings in 1968, Poissonnerie La Mer has distinguished itself over the years by their super friendly service, specialty-item boutique, and the freshest fish and seafood around. The preferred choice for many Montreal chefs, especially for their selection of oysters.


Poissonnerie du Marché 

138 Avenue Atwater 

Open for over 40 years, this family-owned fishmonger at the Atwater Market offers a vast selection of fresh fish and seafood. Find everything from octopus, to swordfish, to Mahi-Mahi, as well as a variety of quality caviar.

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4900 Rue Molson

The self-proclaimed reference for fish and seafood in Quebec, Poissonnerie Noref is the leading product distributor in the Montreal area, receiving over 400,000 pounds of eco-friendly fish every week. Noref offers over 1,500 fresh and frozen products and boasts over 40 varieties of oysters during high season.


Aqua Mare

7070 Avenue Henri Julien

The official Jean-Talon Market fishmonger, expect to find an impressive selection of fresh fish and seafood, but be sure to also check out their snacks counter for delicious fish & chips and other fried seafood.


La Sirène de la Mer

114 Avenue Dresden

La Sirène de la Mer is a highly-regarded Mediterranean restaurant known for their delicious fish and seafood dishes, all thanks to their very own on-site fishmonger. This means you can literally pick the fish you want then enjoy it in the chic dining room next door.


Poissonnerie Shamrock

3462 du Parc Ave

Given its proximity to the popular Jean-Talon market, Shamrock has been holding their own for the last 50 years. Ocean Wise certified, their selection of fresh shellfish is hard to beat.


Les Delices de la Mer

7070 Av Henri Julien

Hailing originally from Gaspésie, the fishwife (female fishmonger) here is a true connoisseur specializing in Maritime oysters. With shops in Montreal, Quebec City, and Gaspesie, Les Delices de la Mer offers the freshest seasonal arrivals and superb smoked mackerel and Atlantic salmon.

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Poissonnerie & Restaurant Rayan

Various locations

While they do offer a great selection of fresh fish and seafood, Rayan is not your typical fishmonger. It’s essentially a fish deli, where you get to choose your fish, how you want it cooked, and then chow down. Make sure to try their fried calamari.

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