Best Montreal Frozen Yogurt Shops

It's fresh, fruity, frozen fun you can eat.
Best Montreal Frozen Yogurt Shops

With this heat invading Montreal, we are all looking for a way to cool off. Well, instead of ice cream why not try some of Montreal's best yogurt! Not only are these frozen yogurt shops great and tasty, but they are also somewhat more healthy.

Montreal actually has multiple frozen yogurt shops located all across the island! These frozen yogurt shops are great for the summer coming up and for the heat we are having right now. There is a variety of flavors that everyone will love!

So grab your wallet and head on out to some of Montreal's best frozen yogurt shops! I guarantee that you will get addicted right away!

1. Sprinklz Frozen Yogurt

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5328 Queen Mary

Sprinklz has 100% FAT FREE FRO-YO's that are kosher and there are 12 different flavours to choose from. These flavors rotate depending on the day but they always have over 30 sweet toppings to make your frozen yogurt even better!

So I suggest trying all their flavors to find your favourite! You might surprise yourself with something you didn't even know that you would like. Their newest flavors are Canadian Maple Syrup and American Cheese Cake (both great)!


2. Yeh! Frozen Yogurt

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1651 Rue Sainte-Catherine

Everyone has heard about Yeh! Yogurt but has everyone actually tried it? Because it is absolutely delicious! There are multiple shops located all near Montreal so I suggest finding the closest one near you!

The most popular one is definitely the one located right near Station Guy Concordia. But they are absolutely all delicious! They also have rotation flavors and a large amount of crazy and funky toppings. My personal favourite is the Nutella flavor! So find yours!


3. TCBY Yogurt

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6140 Chemin de la Côte-Saint-Luc

Well you obviously need to check out The County's Best Yogurt shop in Montreal! Their name says it all! They are currently located in a small building so, it's not the best place if you want to sit and eat your yogurt. But come on it's summer so get outside!

They are the original frozen yogurt shop and I can honestly say that they are great and whenever I have some it's like a blast from the past! They are also having a special for father's day where your dad gets a free frozen yogurt.


4. Yogurty's Froyo

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3454 Av du Parc

If you aren't good at making decisions then I don't recommend checking out Yogurty's since they have over 150 flavors and over 70 toppings! They are known for their healthy low calorie treats. Their yogurt is made with real fruit flavours and real Canadian dairy milk that is available in both non-fat and low-fat options.

So get yo Froyo on and head to Yogurty's. You wont regret it and you'll start looking forward to summer even more to get that delicious cooling yogurt.


5. Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

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4400 Rue Saint-Denis & 3671 Boul Saint-Jean

Well, whenever you have the munchies... head to Menchie's! They also use Canadian dairy that boasts gluten-free and vegan products. They use natural flavours and are certified as Kosher.

They have non-fat, low-fat, tart, sorbet, and sugar free yogurt so there is something there for everyone! The have over 125 flavors that range from original to banana bread and cotton candy! So get Menchie's for those summer time munchies!


6.Yogourtself Café

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4605 Rue Saint-Denis

Located right near Mont-Royal metro, we have the Yogourtself Café! They are funky and fresh! Their frozen yogurt is great and they have A LOT of toppings. They even sell smoothies and some cool waffles with chocolate.

It's in a great location with delicious frozen yogurt since you can walk up Mont Royal street afterwards and check out the cool shops! So make a cute summer date here for that special someone. They even have a new Pina Colada flavor!


7. Ahys Yogourt Glace & Smoothies

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387 Chemin Athlone

If you want a smoothie, popsicle, sorbet,or some frozen yogurt then check out Ahys! They are a green yogurt shop meaning that they use recycled products. They have multiple toppings and a great setting with outdoor seating. It's as sweet as can be and you will love their frozen yogurt!


8. Moozoo

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133 rue de la CommuneEst

Moozoo has great frozen yogurt! I personally love their yogurt with beaver bites. They roll up beaver tail dough into balls and put the warm dough in your yogurt! It is absolutely amazing. They have a great amount of flavors and its a great place to stop this summer in Old Montreal.

9. Soupe Café

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2725 Notre Dame O, Montréal

If you happen to be near Atwater Market this summer, then check out the Soupe Café but not for soup... but for some TCBY! They have great frozen toppings and the classic vanilla chocolate swirl!

So I suggest grabbing some TCBY and walking around Atwater Market with your friends this summer. It's delicious and fun!


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