Best Montreal Garlic Potato Restaurants

Bring your appetite, and maybe some mints.
Best Montreal Garlic Potato Restaurants

Photo cred - Michael D'Alimonte

Garlic and potatoes are two of the most underrated and taken for granted foods. To be fair, alone they're not exactly something special, but put them together and it's like magic.

Thankfully, Montreal has plenty of locations serving their own take on this wondrous combination, with everything from roasted, to mashed, to some with a little spice, and you can't really go wrong with any one of them.

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Photo Cred - Boustan


2020 Crescent + 19 Saint Catherine E

Bouston is probably the most famous place in Montreal for garlic potatoes, and for good reason - they're mind-blowingly delicious. These little nugget of heaven are smothered in Boustan's signature garlic sauce, and you can grab a side plate of them for just $2.00.


Basha Restaurants

1202 Saint Catherine + 666 Sherbrooke + 225 President Kennedy + more

Convenience wise, Basha's got you covered with locations all over Montreal. Their middle eastern cuisine is top notch, and their cubed spiced potatoes with garlic sauce are crispy bites of goodness that never disappoint.


Garage Beirut

1238 Mackay

Garage Beirut is know for serving traditional Lebanese charcoal grill meats, which are delicious, but it's their garlic potatoes that will keep you coming back. They're roasted perfectly and the sauce that comes with them is super garlic-y - just the way it should be.


Photo Cred - Morgan & Jeff Rooks

Queue de Cheval

1181 De La Montagne

For something in a bit of a more upscale setting, you can try Queue de Chaval. They have a side dish on their menu of garlic mashed potatoes that's like a soft pillow of creamy decadence. No matter what else you order, it'll be made 10x better by these potatoes.


Amir Restaurant

3300 Industriel

If you like your potatoes to have a bit of a kick, then hit up Amir because they serve up their garlic potatoes with some spice. In addition to the garlic they also season the potatoes with sumac, chilli and coriander - an amazing blend of flavours that is sure to satisfy your spice craving.


Diablos BBQ

1639 Saint Denis

Diablos BBQ is serving up their own take on garlic potatoes with what they're calling "smashed potatoes" - not quite mashed, but not quite whole. They're garlic infused and are so good that they may just make "smashed" your new favourite style of potato.


Photo Cred - Reuben’s Deli & Steaks

Reuben’s Deli

1116 Saint Catherine O

The classic Montreal deli has some of the most delicious garlic potatoes in the city. They're a Yukon Gold mash with garlic and are an absolute must-get as a side with whatever meal you order.



1206 Peel

Shawarmaz has been serving Lebanese cuisine family recipes to Montreal for years. All of their food is amazing, and the potatoes are no exception. They have perfectly seasoned spicy potatoes with a garlic sauce that's so good you'll want to bathe them in it.


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