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Best Montreal General Tao Chicken 2015

Sweet and spice? Nice.
Best Montreal General Tao Chicken 2015

Friends, General Tao (General Tso's?) chicken is the miracle dish. It's crispy, it's moist, it's saucy, it's spicy, and it's probably the only thing that'll make you feel better after a long day. Trust me. I know from experience. But where can you get a prime plate of your favourite dish in Montreal? Well, I'm glad you asked. Read on for the Best Montreal General Tao Chicken 2015.

1. Restaurant Gia Ba

5766 Av de Monkland

Hey. Hey you. You know what General Tao is all about, right? Chunky batter. Some chicken. Some sauce. Done. Well, friends, if you've never had the General Tao at Gia Ba - then no. You don't know what it's all about. Gia Ba's General Tao is chicken is hearty, moist, and delicately battered, all smothered in delicious, sticky/sweet sauce. Heart eyes emoji, anyone?


2. Papillon Bleu

200 Rue Saint-Jacques

Straight up, Papillon Bleu's General Tao is game changing. Chunky, meaty, moist chicken surrounded by crispy, flavour-absoribing envelopes of pure heaven? Sign me up. The only thing that makes the deal even sweeter is their sweet/spicy sauce, which each perfect morsel is generously coated in. All the yum points.


3. Aux Cinq Parfums

9732 Rue Birnam

Okay, I don't know what it is, but the sauce smothering those delicious little pieces of breaded chicken? So, so delicious. But the experience doesn't just stop there, my friends. The General Tao at Aux Cinq Parfums wins major points for being crispy, fresh, and - of course - smothered in that yummy, yummy sweet/spicy sauce.


Photo cred - Resto Lychee - Fine Cuisine Thai "Bring-Your-Own-Wine" Restaurant

4. Restaurant Lychee

187 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

OMG. Prepare to turn into the heart eyes emoji as soon as you catch a glance of the delicious General Tao they've got at Lychee. Seriously, it's so good that all you need to do is look at it to fall in love. (Sidenote: if it's at all possible to fall in love with chicken, it'll happen to you at Lychee). Moist and delicious chicken, super crisp batter, and delicious sauce all comes together to make this dish a huge, huge winner.


5. Phuket

4673 Rue Jarry E

Phuket is technically a Thai restaurant, but their General Thai dish is so delicious that it wouldn't be right not to mention it. Flavourful, fresh, juicy and crisp, the General Thai pretty much hits all of the criteria for awesome General Tao. Oh, and did I mention it's covered in the most delicious sweet and sour sauce? Because it is. There are no words to describe the flavour euphoria, friends. No words.


6. Chez Chili

1050B rue Clark

Although this might look a little bit out of the way, Chez Chili is actually home to one of the most on point General Tao dishes you can find. A crunchy, fresh, and tasty ride to flavour town, Chez Chili's General Tao is probably something you'll be thinking about for the whole day after you try it. The only word that comes to mind when you put one of these heavenly morsels in your mouth? "Yasssss."

7. Kam Do

971 Boulevard Décarie

Ah, Kam Do, where delicious Asian food and super fair prices come together. If you've ever been to this Decarie eatery, then you know that you can consistently expect quality, mouthwatering food. But if you haven't had the good fortune of eating at Kam Do? Let me tell you, the General Tao is the stuff of dreams. Hearty pieces of chicken enveloped in crunchy, warm batter? Sign me up.


8. Le Tonkin

6542 Blvd Saint-Laurent

Located close to Little Italy, Le Tonkin is an awesome place to grab some General Tao for those of us closer to the Jean-Talon area. But friends, this place doesn't just score points because of proximity. It scores points because of its crispy, crunchy, flavourful and all-around delicious General Tao dish.


9. Mr. Ma

1 Place Ville Marie

Mr. Ma might be a little bit more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but trust me when I say that it's well worth it. (Plus, you know, #TreatYoSelf). The General Tao here is amazing - breaded perfectly in a crisp crust, flavourful, juicy and moist. I can really only describe the General Tao experience in one word: sublime.


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