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Best Montreal Gluten-Free Brunch Restaurants

You don't need gluten to have a good time.
Best Montreal Gluten-Free Brunch Restaurants

Alright, raise your hand if you're gluten intolerant - or even if you're just trying to cut back on your gluten consumption. Is you hand raised in the air? Well, then I feel you, friend. I, too, am now trying to live my best gluten-free life.

Thankfully, Montreal has lots of spots to indulge with absolutely zero FOMO. It's super helpful to know that yes, you can still indulge in tasty food, despite cutting out gluten - and that, if you're a lover of brunch, then you have no need to worry. Gluten-free brunch spots are everywhere in the city; and here are just a few of the many.

1. Zagrum

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1825 Rue Fleury E

Located in Ahuntsic, Zagrum is one of my personal, all-time favourite spots to grab breakfast/brunch.

The food here is always tasty, fresh, and expertly coked, making for one seriousl unforgettable brunch experience. And their gluten-free options? Yeah, they’re ridiculously amazing. Protip, though? Try the Donkey Kong, with banana French oast, strawberries, and English cream. All the yums.


2. Pause Et Vous

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143 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Have you guys ever had a galette? It’s basically kind of like a crepe, except a little bit thicker and stuffed with the tastiest fillings in the whole world.

And Pause Et Vous just so happens to be pros at making seriously delicious (made from buckwheat, making them gluten-free friendly) galettes that’ll totally up your dining game. My personal fave? Their Galette Jambon Cru, with prosciutto, potatoes, cream, and raclette cheese (!!).


3. L’Avenue

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922 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

At this stage in the game, you guys know about L’Avenue. Their food, their decor, and their lineups are pretty famous on the Montreal brunch scene.

But, trust, the food is that good. The decor is that adorable. And braving the lineup is so, totally worth it. Although they don’t typically have a gluten-free menu, they do have some gluten-free options.


4. Le Marquis

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367 Rue de Castelnau E

Alright, Le Marquis isn’t strictly a restaurant. It’s actually a bakery, but they’ve got tons of amazing delicacies for you to choose from, making this spot a top option if you’re down for a sweet little brunch at the spot itself, on the go, or at home. It’s all good.

The best part, though? Le Marquis offers totally gluten-free pastries. That’s right, friends. Pies, quiches, cakes, eclaires - they’ve got everything, without gluten, so you can go crazy.


5. Invitation V

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254 Rue Bernard O

Vegan and gluten-free? Beautiful. Then Invitation V is for you. Located right in Montreal’s Plateau, Invitation V has some seriously tasty options on all of their menus - and especially their brunch menu.

Featuring buckwheat pancakes, a vegan omelet with hollandaise sauce, a kale and tomato salad, and much, much more, the food here is seriously awesome. Things are added to their menu seasonally, though, so make sure to pay them a visit - and, as always, ask them which options you can safely infulge in.


6. Creperie Du Marche

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7138 Avenue Henri-Julien

Friends, prepare to indulge. Creperie Du Marche - situated in the beautiful Jean-Talon Market - is notorious for their fresh, high-quality ingredients, and seriously, seriously tasty crepes.

All of which are made with buckwheat flour, btw, which makes them suitable for the gluten-free. A sample of their mind-blowing crepe options? Apples with cheese and pure maple syrup (my personal fave), smoked salmon with spinach, goat cheese, land lemon, and mushrooms with ham, cheese, and bechamel sauce. Go ahead, guys. Go nuts. These things are amazing.


7. Cookie Stefanie

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272 Rue Saint-Jacques

Personal story time: I remember the first time I tried one of the cupcakes from Cookie Stefanie, I could not believe there was no gluten in there. It was super moist, fresh, and tasty, I legit thought they were lying (Seinfeld fat-free yogurt style). But they weren't; these things are really gluten-free, and they're amazing.

Of course, Cookie Stefanie offers much more than just ace gluten-free cupcakes. They've got cookies, cakes, brownies, and an array of other mouthwatering desserts - as well as incredibly cheesy, decadent grilled cheeses (their bacon and onion grilled cheese is a thing of pure beauty). All of this makes this spot one seriously prime option for a brief - but totally satisfying - gluten-free brunch.


8. Spanel

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1960 Rue Notre-Dame O

Crepes on point, life on point. And the crepes at Spanel? Yeah. I could write an entire novel about how on point they truly are, but that would just be a waste of time. I can summarize everything in the following four words: they are freaking amazing. Like, out of this world amazing.

And most of their crepe selections are totally gluten free - in fact, they've got a section on their menu of items that do have gluten on them, meaning that the majority is made without gluten. So get your fork and knife ready, friend, and head out to Griffintown for a gluten-free crepe experience you won't soon forget.


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