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Best Montreal Gnocchi Restaurants 2016

You know you want some.
Best Montreal Gnocchi Restaurants 2016

Story time, friends: I once tried my hand at making gnocchi from scratch. Even though I thought I followed the recipe correctly, it turned out to be a pretty big fail. Lesson learned, though. Great gnocchi are really, really hard to make.

Luckily for me, and those of us who'd choose a steaming plate of gnocchi over spaghetti any day, we live in Montreal. Meaning that there are tons of awesome places to get a nice, chunky, chewy dish of everyone's favourite Italian dumpling. If you're curious as to where to start your gnocchi adventure, no worries. I've got your back. Read on for Best Montreal Gnocchi Restaurants 2016.

1. Dolcetto & Co

151 Rue Saint Paul O

Dolcetto is probably one of the more known places in Montreal to get awesome gnocchi, and one taste of their little morsels of awesome will tell you why. In a word, their gnocchi are amazing. Not only is the texture of their gnocchi pretty much perfection, but the sauce that they pair it with - featuring creamy butternut squash, savoury pancetta, and rich ricotta - is pretty much an explosion of amazing.


2. Impasto

48 Rue Dante

Friends, have you ever eaten art? Chances are that you haven't; not unless you've had the gnocchi at Impasto. I'm being serious when I say that this spelt gnocchi dish is a serious work of art. The gnocchi themselves are delicious - fluffy and perfectly cooked - but when paired with their out of this world stracchino sauce? It's on a whole other level of awesome. Get there, friends. Get there.


Photo cred - Salumi Vino

3. Salumi Vino

358 Rue Notre-Dame E

You know that feeling of pure euphoria you get when your food is truly delicious? Yeah. That's the feeling you get the instant you pop one of these light, tasty, airy little pieces of pure happiness into your mouth. Salumi Vino's gnocchi dish is not only made up of their awesome gnocchi, but also adds in cream sauce and black truffles, making this a dish that wins on every single level. Don't worry if you taste something salty all of a sudden. Those are just your tears of joy, splashing freely down your face. #Don'tBeAshamed.


4. Bottega

65 Rue Saint Zotique East

Alright, friends, I'm going to straight up say it: these gnocchi are delicious. Although Bottega's claim to fame is their pizza, which is both super authentic and delicious, it's clear to me that their gnocchi can hold its own against any one of their pizza pies. Actually, I don't think it's farfetched to say that these tender, flavourful, chewy gnocchi are the hidden star of the show. Oh, and bonus points for being smothered in Bottega's San Marzano tomato sauce. Heart eyes. Heart eyes everywhere.


5. Quattro

17 Rue Notre-Dame O

Hey, friend, are you having a bad day? It's okay if you are. We all need cheering up sometimes. And luckily for you, the gnocchi at Quattro exist. Because these soft, chewy morsels of delicious? Yeah. They'll pretty much put a smile on your face, no matter what's going on in your life. Get there now, thank me later.


6. Sapori Di Napoli

1465 Rue Dudemaine

Okay, these gnocchi? Omg. I don't even know where to start. First of all, they're ricotta gnocchi - slightly different than the potato variation, and a lot lighter. Second of all, they're homemade, and smothered in a delicious, sumptuous homemade tomato sauce. And third of all? Well, Sapori di Napoli just does them up right. They're fluffy, light, slightly chewy, and oh-so tender, making your gnocchi meal an experience in and of itself.


7. Piatto Pieno

177 Rue Saint Zotique E

Straight up, these gnocchi are heavenly. They're plump, chewy, and cooked to perfection; plus, they come smothered in a tomato sauce that seriously packs in the flavour. Okay, there's another sauce option on the menu - but trust me when I say that the tomato sauce is stellar. Oh, and the best part? Piatto Pieno crams in as many gnocchi they can possibly fit onto your place. So running out of these delicious morsels? Yeah. Not a threat.


Photo cred - Miranda Cipolla

8. Linguini

18990 Rte Transcanadienne

The ricotta gnocchi at Linguini taste like little, cheesy clouds of happiness. Seriously. These puppies are creamy, airy, tender and melt-in-your-mouth delicious; and, although the homemade gnocchi are the star of the show, the sauce? Yeah. The sauce is pretty delicious all on its own. If you're a fan of gnocchi, then you need to get yourself to Linguini.


9. Pizzeria Napoletana

189 Rue Dante

Ever bite into something, and lowkey stop focusing on everything except the delicious food in your mouth?Well, that's what happens when you eat the gnocchi at Napoletana. They're that good. Aside from being the dream combination of firm-yet-tender, these are seriously bursting with that fresh potato-pasta flavour. Delicious? You bet.


10. Salmigondis

6896 Rue Saint Dominique

In the past, I've shown Salmigondis a lot of love. And for one very good reason: their food is phenomenal. Of course, their gnocchi is no exception. Also falling under the 'phenomenal food' category, the gnocchi at Salmigondis have pretty much the perfect texture. And when you combine it with their mushroom mousse and sauerkraut toppings? Mind-blowing, my friends. Just mind-blowing.


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