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Best Montreal Graffiti Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

The art you see all over the city now in the palm of your hand.
Best Montreal Graffiti Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

We use instagram every single day of our lives, if you don't well you are missing out. But do you really follow people and brands that matter and are visually stimulating? Well here we have compiled a stacked list of Montreal Graffiti artists and galleries for you to follow and absorb on a daily basis.

Click here for the Best Montreal Graffiti Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow >

User: @a_shop

About: Montreal’s leading mural and graffiti artists combined into one amazing collective.

Posts: 265

Followers: 2619

User: @earth_crusher

About: An evil robot hell-bent on ruling the world and controlling your every move whether you know it or not.

Posts: 314

Followers: 651

User: @hoarkormtl

About: Two person team making street art and graffiti.

Posts: 112

Followers: 223

User: @crazyapescrew

About: Murals, letters and cool characters. Graffiti art done right.

Posts: 154

Followers: 1056

User: @monke_k6a

About: Graffiti with a heavy dose of spirituality and nature. Veteran graffiti artist and rapper.

Posts: 91

Followers: 575

User: @zola_mtl

About: A bad-ass feminist Street Artist posting rad posters around town.

Posts: 86

Followers: 199

User: @camnovak

About: Street artist and bike enthusiast trying to make the city a bit more welcoming with his murals and graffiti.

Posts : 795

Followers: 653

User: @fonki514

About: An amazing portrait artist spreading smiles from Cambodia to Montreal.

Posts: 153

Followers: 416

User: @whatisadam

About: Pop artist and street artist putting up posters in the streets.

Posts: 421

Followers: 4795

User: @five8art

About: Letter technician and amazing portrait artist. Heavy on style and flow.

Posts: 45

Followers: 645

User: @littlestarchild

About: Female street artist painting the streets, putting up stickers and not taking shit for anyone.

Posts: 183

Followers: 1909

User: @mrcan_do

About: One of Montreal’s most notorious graffiti writers currently killing it in interior design.

Posts: 127

Followers: 1199

User: @ladyaviva

About: Female street artists globetrotting and putting up posters.

Posts: 2580

Followers: 2018

User: @stikki_peaches

About: Pop artist and globe trotter asking, « What if art ruled the world ? »

Posts: 713

Followers: 15,116

User: @fiftywohz

About: Fish, graffiti and fun animal posters for your viewing in the streets.

Posts: 134

Followers: 568

User: @freshpaintgallery

About: An amazing graffiti and artistic space managed and presented by Montreal’s one and only Under Pressure festival.

Posts: 153

Followers: 418

User: @qbnyc

About: Originally from Queens New York, currently putting up turtle caps in your neighbourhood.

Posts: 929

Followers: 2769

User: @chris_dyer

About: Peruvian artist residing in Montreal that travels the world to activate it with visual soul.

Posts: 1829

Followers: 5446

User: @flowizm

About: Montreal graffiti legend posting photos of the early days before the internet existed.

Posts: 234

Followers: 285

User: @zek156

About: One of Montreal’s oldest and best graffiti artists painting crisp letters with amazing précision.

Posts: 256

Followers: 2628

User: @omen514

About: Veteran to the scene and a master of spray paint and portraiture.

Posts: 779

Followers: 3899

User: @station16shop

About: Creative silk-screen print shop and urban gallery located in the heart of Downtown.

Posts: 446

Followers: 5906

User: @spraycam

About: Specializing in abstract and multi-coloured murals, this guy uses the city like one giant coloring book.

Posts: 323

Followers: 1248

User: @123klan

About: Graffiti, design, style and attitude. This couple has got it all on lock.

Posts: 1014

Followers: 41,790

User: @m_abstrakt

About: The name says it all, this guy pushes abstract shapes and colours turning walls into complexe geometric patterns.

Posts: 99

Followers: 487

User: @wzkdpoundpuppy

About: A street artist and animal lover, this girl’s work is colourful playful with a healthy dose of cute.

Posts: 226

Followers: 1225

User: @waxheadart

About: If you like cats, colour and weird creatures, you are going to love this guy’s work.

Posts: 137

Followers: 489

User: @shalakattack

About: Colorful muralist and citizen of the world this talented female graffiti artist paints incredible portraits and animals with her partner.

Posts: 407

Followers: 7468

User: @zema1

About: Long-time graffiti writer and currently doing amazing tattoos at Tatouage Royal.

Posts: 1510

Followers: 2507

User: @mathieuconnery

About: Abstract street artist creating amazing work out of simple shapes.

Posts: 594

Followers: 434

User: @troy_lovegates

About: Specializing in portraiture, this guy is one of Montreal’s graffiti and street art pioneers.

Posts: 634

Followers: 2495

User: @astro_duc_eb

About: Graff, art, letters & funky monsters

Posts: 333

Followers: 1874

User: @lebonar

About: Illustrator, animator and mural artist. This guy’s work is from another dimension.

Posts: 172

Followers: 1365

User: @beeforeo

About: A mix of everything, this guy hits the streets as hard as he hits the paper and canvas with his dark style. In it to win it.

Posts: 83

Followers: 183

User: @sino_duc

About: Graffiti writer from the early days specializing in letters and traditional graffiti.

Posts: 83

Followers: 183

User: @dabogirl69

About: Friendly neighborhood print maker putting up politically charged posters on a wall near you.

Posts: 131

Followers: 207

User: @futurlasornow

About: Lasers, birds and other weird stuff this guy is putting up posters, stickers and paintings on the streets like there is no tomorrow.

Posts: 381

Followers: 903

User: @beyungart

About: Realism with a heavy dose of abstraction and realness. This guy has got style for miles.

Posts: 66

Followers: 478

User: @garbagebeauty

About: Putting beautiful calligraphy and poetry on everyday garbage and turning it into art.

Posts: 327

Followers: 3577

User: @robotkin

About: Painting and drawing some of some of the strangest things you’ll ever see. One of the founding members of the En Masse collective.

Posts: 171

Followers: 2828

User: @zilonlazer

About: One of Montreal’s first street artists, this guy’s work is provocative and full of energy.

Posts: 1277

Followers: 779

User: @enmasseproject

About: One of the biggest collaborative artist collectives in Montreal painting indoor and outdoor murals all over the city.

Posts: 143

Followers: 3607

User: @mumtl

About: Montreal’s community mural organization beautifying the city one mural at a time.

Posts: 73

Followers: 134

User: @muralfestival

About: Montreal’s yearly public art festival happening June 12th to the 15th along the main.

Posts: 473

Followers: 6,729

User: @yveslarochegallery

About: Long-standing art gallery specialization in graffiti, street art, surrealism and abstraction.

Posts: 752

Followers: 2886

User: @subv_boutique

About: Montreal’s best source for graffiti supplies and streetwear.

Posts: 408

Followers: 936

User: @bombingsci

About: Montreal’s oldest and most update source for graffiti locally and globally.

Posts: 258

Followers: 3096

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