Best Montreal Greek Restaurants

Souvlakis, gyros, spanakopita, and more.
Best Montreal Greek Restaurants

Guys, Greek food is amazing. Tzatziki, taramasalata, spanakopita, souvlaki - there's so much deliciousness there, it's almost impossible to pick just one thing to enjoy.

And, in Montreal, it's pretty much impossible to pick just one awesome spot to enjoy delicious Greek food. It's no secret that we've got tons of ace Greek restaurants, and here are just a couple of the best places to get your Greek on.

1. Nostos

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9530 Boulevard de l'Acadie

Seriously, I would live at Nostos if I could. There's something about this unpretentious Greek food spot that gets me every single time... I don't know if it's their charming decor, awesome service, or their straight-up life changing food.

Maybe it's a combination of everything, but I do have to say that if I had to live without their tender, flavourful pork souvlaki - stuffed into a tasty, crusty, decadent pita and filled with their deliciously tangy tzatziki sauce - I would legit be very, very unhappy.

Protip, though? Try their creamy taramasalata as an appetizer, and follow it up with their juicy grilled chicken, for an awesome meal that you won't soon forget.


2. Yia Sou

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5375 Chemin Queen Mary

If you're a fan of calamari, then you're going to be a fan of Yia Sou. Their calamari dish is unlike any I've ever tasted: perfectly seasoned and battered chunks of tasty calamari piled high on your plate, along with their tasty, crispy fries and other delicious accoutrements.

Of course, even if you're not a calamari lover, you're still going to adore Yia Sou. All of their food is fresh, flavourful, and cooked amazingly well. My own personal fave dish, though, is hands down their grilled lamb chops. For the price of $18, you get a huge portion of thick, tender, tasty, and super flavourful lamb chops, cooked to absolute perfection.


3. Jardin De Panos

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521 Avenue Duluth E

This restaurant features a gorgeous terrasse, and the option to bring your own wine. If that's not a huge win, then I have no idea what is.

Scratch that, actually, because the amazing food is the real star of this spot. Featuring classic Greek dishes, such as their tasty, flaky Spanakopita and their straight-up delicious scallop brochette, there's really no way you can go wrong at this Plateau spot.


4. Village Grec

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654 Rue Jean-Talon O

Souvlaki on point, life on point. And at Village Grec, you're going to get one seriously on point souvlaki.

Other than their fresh and game-changing souvlakis, though, Village Grec serves up some seriously authentic and fresh Greek food. So, the next time you're down for something Greek and tasty, you know exactly where to go.


5. Ikanos

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112 Rue McGill

Traditional Greek/Mediterranean food, with a modern twist, Ikanos pretty much changes up the Greek food game in Montreal.

Their seafood dishes are especially tasty, featuring high-quality and fresh ingredients. Also, major bonus points for their raw bar, which features snow crab and Northern Divine caviar. All the yums? You know it.


6. Philinos

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4806 Av du Parc

Okay, seriously, if you're searching for some incredibly fresh and delicious Greek food, then you can go ahead and stop searching. Philinos is your next go-to spot.

Why? Well, I'm glad you asked. Philinos features authentic, traditional Greek fare - like their beyond amazing moussaka, and their juicy, tasty grilled chicken dish - in an upscale, welcoming setting. Your next fave? You know it.


7. Elounda

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9530 Boulevard de l'Acadie

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this spot. Located in VSL, it might be a bit or a trek for some of us... But, for even one forkful of their tasty food, it's well worth the travel time.

Although they have a wide variety of tasty Greek dishes, Elounda specializes in seafood; and trust me when I tell you that the seafood here is always fresh, and always cooked to perfection. So grab yourself some of their out of this world calamari, and prepare for a Greek food experience unlike any other.


8. Milos

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5357 Av du Parc

If you want fresh, authentic, and high-quality food, then Milos has totally got your back, friend.

Featuring a widely varied menu of classic - and incredibly tasty - Greek dishes, the real star of the show at Milos? Hands down, their fresh seafood. Their halibut dish is unlike anything I've ever tasted before; and their raw bar? Well, let's just say that if perfection on earth exists, it's right there, in Milos' raw bar.


9. Tripoli

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679 Rue Saint Roch

A traditional and amazing Greek eatery located in Park-Ex, Tripolis has got an unbeatable mom-and-pop feel, fair prices, and fresh food.

Which pretty much makes it one of the best spots to go for Greek in the whole city, friends. And, protip? Although all of their food is consistently flavourful, fresh, and cooked to absolute perfection, their tasty, succulent lamb chops are especially mouthwatering.


10. Mythos

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5318 Av du Parc

Down to have an amazingly fun time while you nosh on some amazingly good food? Then Mythos is the spot for you.

Mythos, located in the Plateau, pretty much has it all. Live music, a vibrant, fun, and friendly atmosphere, and some seriously delicious, traditional Greek dishes - like their juicy and tasty lokaniko sausages - one visit to this spot, and it'll hands down become your next fave.


11. Marathon

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3313 Boulevard des Sources

At this point, every Montreal Greek food fan knows about Marathon. And, if you don't? Then you need to get yourself there, ASAP.

Not only does this popular restaurant feature a casual and super inviting atmosphere - with a friendly vibe that makes it perfect for group events, gatherings, friend dates, or pretty much anything - but the food here is legit mind-blowing. One bit of their perfectly cooked and seasoned souvlakis, and you'll be hooked. Trust.


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