Best Montreal Guacamole

Rock out with your guac out.
Best Montreal Guacamole

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Though Montreal is filled with delicious spreads, guacamole has always been one of our favourites. Though avocado always forms the basis of the dish, from there it's up to the chef to add the just the right ratio of extra ingredients for a damn fine guac. While not many have acheived guacamole perfection, a select few in the city can boast having reached it. Here's Montreal's Best Guacamole.

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El Rey Del Taco

232 Rue Jean Talon Est

There’s tons of delicious food in and around Jean Talon Market, but this place is “El Rey” of them all, especially when it comes to guacamole. It’s got those huge chunks of avocado you crave, as well as no shortage of tomato, onion, and cilantro. The healthy amount of salt they add to it helps bring out the subtle mix of flavours.

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Arepera du Plateau

4050 Rue de Bullion

There’s another place for arepas in the city that’s a lot more well known, but this place has the advantage of offerng a guacamole arepa. You get two corn cakes packed with avocado deliciousness. What more could you want from an arepa?

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La Banquise

994 Rue Rachel Est

Come here if you’re looking for a uniquely delicious way to eat your guac. Their La Taquise Poutine comes topped with a healthy portion of it, as well as sour cream and tomatoes. The gravy combines perfectly with the avocados for a bizarre but unforgettable guac experience.

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Restaurant Amaranto

5974 Avenue de Monkland

As much as we love guac, you’ve got to have something good to go with it in order to make it pop. That’s why these guys make delicious homemade chips that bring out the best in their yummy avocado spread. They allow you to distinctly taste the delicious complexities of the coriander that they season it with.

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52 Rue St-Jacques

Guacamole is one of our favourite drunk foods, and this bar has no shortage of ways to get you intoxicated while you consume it. You’ll especially want to try the Mezcal Tequila. At $15 a glass, it doesn’t come cheap, but you’ll know that you’re getting your money’s worth when you taste its deliciously smooth flavour.

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El Meson

1678 Boulevard St-Joseph

You might get distracted by all of the deliciously authentic Mexican offerings here, but don’t let it stop you from grabbing an order of their guac. Its subtle hint of spiciness will make you thirsty, and there’s nothing better to appease you than a tall glass of their ice cold sangria. If you still have room for dessert, their Tres Leches cake is richly satisfying.

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5439 Boulevard St-Laurent

You won’t find your standard order of chips and guac here, but you’ll still find plenty of ways to enjoy your favourite avocado spread. Their menu primarily consists of tacos and tostadas, on which they pile their guac, among other tasty add-ons. They constantly update their menu, but one of our favourite items is the ceviche tostada, which is topped with citrus-cured scallops, grapefruit, watercress, cilantro salad, and of course, their famous guac.

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Restaurant Limon

2472 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

If you like creamy guac, this is the place for you. They whip it into a deliciously rich pulp, and then they top it with cheese. It’s not for those watching their calories, but then again, is any guac really a diet food?

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3 Amigos

Various Locations

This place has long been one of the most storied Mexican restaurants in Montreal, and it’s not hard to see why when you take a bite of their guac. They load it up with jalopeños for a spicy take on the dish that you’re sure to love. It’s great lots of different ways, but we especially love it piled on top of their fajitas.

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Burrito Shop

3686 Boulevard St-Laurent

A good burrito is nothing without a great guac as a finishing touch, and that’s what they offer here. Before you get your tortilla rolled up, make sure to ask for a heap of the stuff, because it’s filled with lime, cilantro, and all other sorts of goodies that bring out its flavour. You’ll have to pay a bit extra, but it’s well worth it.

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Various Locations

With all of the awesome add-ons here, it’s easy to forget about the guac when you’re building your custom poutine, but you’ll definitely want to make it a part of your dish. It’s a bit of a left-field option to add to poutine, but it’s well worth the risk.

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Restaurant Itacate

51 Rue Beaubien Est

Making guacamole well means perfecting the delicate balance of salt, lime juice, onions, cilantro, and more, and the guys at Itacate get it just right. It goes perfectly with the deliciously tri-coloured chips they serve along side it. The chips are bursting with corn flavor that adds the perfect finishing touch to the already delicious guac.

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M4 Burritos

Various Locations

They strive for freshness here, and you can taste it in every bite of their guac. They prioritize the use of local foods, and it yields avocadoes that taste like they were just mashed. It’s great on its own, but it’s even better when added to one of their famous burritos.

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Restaurant Taqueria Mex

4306 Boulevard St-Laurent

The colourful decor at this place might be what draws you in, but it’s the tasty guac that’ll keep you here. It’s delicious just with chips, but you can also get a heap of it on top of your nachos, or inside one of their tostadas, quesadillas, or burritos. No matter how you have it, the stuff is sure to get you your guac fix.

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Tequila Taco House

2 Rue Sherbrooke Est

Even though it’s not in the name, this restaurant is home to some of the best guac in the city. Naturally, they have the food and drink that are in the title in droves, and we certainly can’t argue with that. Thankfully, you can have all three of these in the same meal, and tequilas, tacos, and guac make for one hell of a fiesta.

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Carlos and Pepe’s

1420 Rue Peel

This place is more known for their drinks than their food, thanks to their 4 to 7 pm happy hour specials on the weekdays, but they’ve also got a killer lineup of Mexican cuisine. Out of all of their great Mexican dishes, our favourite is the guac. If you’re looking to get the purest dose of it, you’ll want to get their Guacamole and Corn tacos. But if you’re willing to branch out a bit, you can also get them on the Quesadilla Gringos, or the Flautas.

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2055 Rue Bishop

They don’t serve meat here, but they more than make up for it with their tasty guac. Get the trio with any of their burritos, quesadillas, or tacos, and get a healthy serving of it along with some chips for dipping. Alternatively, get their Tout Garni bowl, which comes with a generous dollop of the green goodness.

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Cartel Street Food Bar

101 Avenue Fairmount Ouest

As you’ve seen, we love street food, and cartel offers an excellent take on how cultures around the world handle it. At $10 for their guac, it’s not exactly cheap, but you get more than your money’s worth. It’s scooped out of the avocado fresh for each order, and their care comes through in every bite.

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Ta Chido

5611 Avenue Du Parc

This family-run restaurant has a casual, homey feel, and the taste of their guac matches their vibe. It’s chunky, spicy, and delicious, just the way it should be. It’s the perfect side dish to their giant tortas, which are about to become your new favourite sandwiches.

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What’s your favourite guacamole in Montreal?

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