Best Montreal Halloween 2015 Parties

78 different ones to choose from.
Best Montreal Halloween 2015 Parties

Halloween, quite possibly the most fun of all the holidays, straight up because when celebrating it one gets to indulge in eating candy, watching scary movies, and at the top of it all, getting crazy in a very sexy costume.

Montreal's nightlife on October 31st jumps into a frightfully amazing frenzy, with way too many events to choose from, or simply even know about. Halloween is a night reserved for letting loose, and we here at MTL Blog want to ensure that happens for you.

No matter what you like, we know that one of these events below will make your night memorable, as it should be. ;)

Dirty Cops Halloween Weekend @ Muzique

Rocky Horror Picture Show Montreal @ Cinéma Impérial

Halloween @ Newspeak

Cirque De Boudoir's Halloween @ Théâtre Paradoxe

Samain - Halloween @ Saint-Laurent Blvd.

Jungle Halloween @ Fitzroy

Horror Show @ Next Door Pub

Kenny Glasgow @ École Privée

SaintWoods Haunted House Party @ Apt. 200

Nicky Raisinz @ SUWU

Circus Freak Show @ Moomba

Demons & Angels Halloween @ McLean's Pub

Montreal Escape Game Halloween Special @ A/Maze

Halloween Karnavale Festival @ New City Gas

PAST vs FUTURE: Halloween Party

Our Haunted House @ Newtown

Qualité De Luxe Spécial Halloween @ Artgang Montreal

Fright Fest @ Club La Boom

Amazone Halloween Ritual @ Bain Mathieu

50 Shades Of Blood @ Le Belmont

FKA + Heart City Halloween @ Le Belmont

Halloween 2015: Le Cirque @ La Mouche Nightclub

POP Montreal Halloween Party @ Salon Sweet William

Halloween @ Pistolero

Bacon & Spirits Halloween Soirree @ Brutus

The Drinking Dead: Zombie Party @ Nacho Libre

Halloween BOOOOrito @ Carlos & Pepe's

License To Kill: James Bond & Friends Halloween Party @ Mayfair

Fullmoon Halloween Party @ Grenade

Twerk Or Treat 3 @ Jeudis Empire

 Post-Apocalyptique Halloween @ Candi Bar

Halloween Apocalypse @ Time Supper Club

Halloween's Masquerade Ball @ Théâtre Telus

Hysteria @ Phi Centre

Private Halloween Loft Party @ TBA

Le Freakshow @ Sir Winston Churchill

Hollywood's Dead @ Tabasco Bar

Yelloween: Dracula's Bal @ Velvet - Auberge St-Gabriel

Snakes On A Plane Halloween Party @ Flyjin

Down The Rabbit Hole Halloween @ Soubois

Hallucinati @ Ristorante Buonanotte

Halloween 2015 @ McKibbin's Irish Pub

Skins Party XII - Rave To The Grave V @ TBA

Halloween Party @ Mad Hatter

Halloween Party @ SAT

"The Walking Dead" - Halloween Party @ Mile Public House

Halloween Party @ The Brass Door Pub

Arbutus Halloween Party @ Théâtre Fairmount

Halloween Party - Casino Soirree @ La Porte Rouge

Halloween Far West @ Clébard

"Welcome To The Jungle" @ General Sherman

Nightmare - The Halloween Party @ Café Campus

Nightmare - The Masked Bal @ Le Cinq

Ghosts of the Museum @ Stewart Museum

Le Tequila Bar‎Dia de los Muertos @ Le Tequila Bar

Synapson for Halloween @ Bar Mme Lee

Haunted Halloween Playboy Party @ Newtown

Spookeasy Halloween @ Cabaret Lion d'Or

There's Mischief Brewing @ Bar Le Pionnier

Circo Loco @Santos

Rockstars Halloween Party @ Pub Le Sainte-Élisabeth

Halloween - Twisted Fairy Tales @ Joverse

Halloween Party @ Le LAB

 Monster Mash @ Moose Bawr

Fear The Walking Moose @ Moose Bawr

Montreal Horror Story: Hotel @ Blvd44

Trick Or Thrash 2 @ TRH-Bar

I See Dead People - Halloween Party @ Chez Dallaire

Costco Season (Freaky Spooky Edition Vol. 1) @ The Blue Dog Motel

Night Of The Dead Celebrities - First Edition @ Club Soda

Sexy Halloween Bash @ XO Club Lounge

Halloween @ LUWAN

 Star Wars Halloween @ Pub Bishop & Bagg

The Halloween Mass @ Baron Samedi

Second Kontakt Halloween 2015 @ Théâtre Telus

Aphrohead Resurrection @ Le Salon Daomé

Halloween 2015 Silent Disco Party @ Mont-Royal Metro

L'Halloween au Mal @ Le Mal Nécessaire

Charlie's Nightmare @ Olympia

“Haunted Pirate Ship” Escape Game

'80s Sports Night Halloween @ Suite 701


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