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Best Montreal Hangover Breakfast Restaurants

Your weekend is saved.
Best Montreal Hangover Breakfast Restaurants

Show of hands, who is planning on being super hungover this weekend? Okay, maybe nobody plans on being hungover. It's just an unfortunate side-effect of going too hard. But don't worry if you wake up after a drunken night feeling horrible. Because lucky for you, Montreal has some of the best hangover breakfast places. Read on for Best Montreal Hangover Breakfast Restaurants 2015.

1. Beauty's Luncheonette

93 Avenue du Mont-Royal O

Beauty's is awesome because no matter what gets rid of your hangover, the chances are good that they have it. And there is a 100% chance that it's awesome. Seriously; does it take an egg-white omelet to get you through your post-alcohol adventure? Or what about potato latkes? Beauty's has it all, friends. Get yourself there now, and thank me later.


2. Fabergé

25 Fairmount Ouest

The quintessential hangover breakfast place, and for a very good reason. Enter feeling the effects of last night's debauchery, leave feeling nothing but thrilled. I'm not saying that Fabergé is a magic hangover cure. We all know magic doesn't exist. But if the Huevos Rancheros fits...


3. Nocochi

2156 Rue Mackay

Okay, Nocochi is probably not your immediate thought for a hangover breakfast place. But with wholesome ingredients, delicious food, and vegan-friendly meals, there really is no reason why you shouldn't get your hungover self there pronto. Godspeed, friend. Godspeed.


Photo cred - Miranda Cipolla

4. Cosmopolitan's

3208 Boulevard Saint-Martin O, Laval; 983 Boul Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire

Have you ever wanted to get drunk just so you can experience a hangover breakfast? Don't worry if your answer's no. But just trust me that once you try the awesome breakfasts at Cosmopolitan, you might doubt yourself for a split second. It's that good. And it's definitely good enough to make you forget all about your hangover.


5. Le Cartet

106 Rue McGill

Any place that calls itself a "Resto Boutique" deserves a visit, and luckily Le Cartet is so good that it's worth a hangover visit. Protip: try their "Brunch Cartet" and feel your hangover melt away. Pregame your next one with a mimosa (trust me, it's worth it).


2. L'Oeufrier

350 Rue de Liege E; various locations.

Do you know what cures hangovers better than a breakfast poutine? Don't feel bad if you don't know. Because the correct answer is nothing. Nothing cures hangovers better than a breakfast poutine. And luckily, L'Oeufrier serves up some of the best breakfast poutine ever. You know, in addition to their other on-point breakfast fare.


7. Prohibition Montreal

5674 Av de Monkland

Breakfast on point, life on point, hangover remedy on point. And thankfully, you can't find a more on point place than Prohibition. Try their pancakes, and try not to weep in utter amazement.


8. Cosmo's Snack Bar

5843 Rue Sherbrooke O

Got a stubborn hangover? Well, not anymore. "Le Fameux Restaurant" is famous for a ton of awesome reasons. I think one of them should be the hangover-healing properties of their iconic mishmash. Amazing? Amazing.


Photo cred - Zagrum

9. Zagrum

1825 Rue Fleury E

Delicious and fresh food? Check. Awesome and friendly atmosphere? Check. Amazing terrasse so you can get rid of your hangover in the fresh air? Check. Zagrum hits all the points of being an awesome hangover breakfast place - and an awesome breakfast place in general. Win win, my friends.


10. La Prep

Various locations

Which is amazing because not only does it serve delicious food, but there are tons of them throughout the city. Meaning no matter where you are or hangover you feel, there's probably a delicious La Prep cure - just around the corner.


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