Best Montreal Happy Hours

Drink your workday stress away.
Best Montreal Happy Hours

There's nothing quite like getting together with your friends or co-workers after a long day and celebrating (or drowning your sorrows) with a few happy hour drinks. With a different bar on pretty much every corner in Montreal, finding somewhere to go isn't the problem, it's finding somewhere good to go that is. Here are a few great places for you to try out with your drinking buddies the next time you get together.

1. Les Torches Taverne

74 Mont-Royal E

Les Torches is an amazing Montreal bar with a rustic, relaxed and laid-back atmosphere and super friendly staff, which on its own is pretty great, but on top of that they also have amazing happy hour deals. There's have a selection of cocktails available for just $5, including my favourite, the Moscow Mule. And there's also a selection of wine and beer for $5 too. Now that's a pretty sweet deal if I've ever heard one.


2. N Sur Mackay

1244 Mackay

If your looking for a cool bar with a speakeasy-feel to transport you back in time, this is it. The mixologists here are super talented and will craft you a truly delicious cocktail that you won't soon forget. From 5pm-8pm you can grab their cocktail of the week (which is always amazing) for just $6. It's sure to lift your spirits even after the hardest of workdays.


3. Cartel Street Food Bar

101 Faimount O

While they are known for their mouth-watering street food inspired cuisine (which makes the perfect happy hour snack), Cartel also has a killer cocktail menu that you don't want to miss. You can get yourself a refreshing margarita or try the mind-blowing Vodka Blackberry Mojito. Just sit back, take a sip, and let the stress of your day fade away. They also have daily specials on food including $2 taco Tuesday and $1 oyster Wednesday.


Photo Cred - Carlos P.

4. Pub Burgundy Lion

2496 Notre-Dame O

A Montreal South-West favourite, Burgundy Lion is the perfect 5 à 7 destination with their delicious food and great beer and cider selection on tap. If beer isn't your thing, however, don't worry - they can make a solid cocktail too. The menu is very British inspired and everything is delicious, so if you start feeling peckish while sipping on your drinks, go ahead and get yourself some fish 'n chips or shepherd's pie. You won't be disappointed.


5. Le Lab

1352 Rachel E

For a happy hour with a show, Le Lab is where you need to be. Their mixologists make all of their drinks with extreme flare and will impress you with their juggling and fire-handling skills. The best part is that you can get drinks for only $8 until 8pm. If you're a whiskey drinker the Southern Algonquin is the way to go, made with 100% Rye Canadian Club, vermouth sec Dolin and their BBQ Tropical syrup. If you want to make sure you get a good seat, go on the earlier side, it's usually a bit quieter and then picks up as the night goes on.


6. Le Reservoir

9 Duluth E

Sat in the Plateau, Reservoir is know for their hand-crafted made-on-site beer that's always delicious, making it a great spot to get together with friends after a long day at school or work. What's even better is that it's easy on the wallet - perfect for a 5 à 7. You a pint for $5.50 a pint or a glass for $3.50. In the warmer months they have an upstairs terrasse that's perfect for chilling out on.


7. La Distillerie

300 Ontario + 2047 Mont-Royal + 2656 Masson

If you're looking for a happy hour with delicious, unique drinks as well as some free snacks, Distillerie is place to be. With their complimentary mason jars of goldfish crackers and an extensive cocktail menu, it's always sure to be a good time. The atmosphere is amazing, and they always have great music. Oh and you also get $3 off the large mason jar drinks, which is pretty awesome. If you're looking for something sweet and fruity, but still has a nice kick of alcohol to it, go for the Chupa Chupa. Or, if you like your drinks with more of a tartness, you can try my personal favourite, the Mohawk.


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