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Best Montreal Ice Cream Shops

We all scream for ice cream.
Best Montreal Ice Cream Shops

When the weather gets warmer and the sun starts shining, it's time for everyone's favorite ice-cold sweet treat. Ice cream is amazing because you can literally create any flavor or combination that you can imagine and it always tastes amazing. It's also one more thing that Montreal does really, really well. You're welcome, world.

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Kem CoBa

60 Ave. Fairmount O.

This neon green and pink storefront jumps out at you, so you definitely can't - and shouldn't! - miss it. Whether it's the friendly owners/staff, or the delicious homemade flavors, Montrealers are constantly raving about Kem CoBa. Try their salted butter or their peanut and honey ice cream for a one of a kind, quintessentially Montreal experience.


Monsieur Crémeux

All over the city

Mobile ice cream is hard to beat, and that's what Monsieur Crémeux is all about. A food truck focused on the cold and sweet stuff, M. Crémeux serves up all the soft-serve favourites (like a maple sundae), cool and refreshing slushies, and decadent like a Crispy Crunch ice cream sandwich.

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La Cremiere

Various Locations

Although there are a ton of La Cremiere boutiques in and around the city, we know you're all thinking about the one in the Old Port. Sundaes, slushies, milkshakes, ice cream cakes, beaver tails, ice cream, gelato, sorbet.. the list goes on and on. La Cremiere has everything and anything your sweet tooth might be craving, especially on warm summer nights when our city really shines.



7070 rue Henri Julien (Jean Talon Market)

Gelato for everyone! Havre-aux-Glaces makes real, authentic gelato from real, authentic ingredients - connoisseurs know that this is a rarity. That's not all that they have to offer. From ice creams to sorbets, this spot has everything you need to cool down on a hot day. Our favorite is the burnt caramel maple flavor - we're pretty sure it doesn't get any better.


Cremerie Pineault

3307 boul. Saint-Martin Est (Laval)

Fans of this ice cream shop warned us: it's highly addictive. They were so, so right. Cremerie Pineault's appeal lies in their giant soft serve cones which can be any combination of fresh flavors. Can't come up with a good combo? Ask the staff, they have a ton of their own favorites to suggest!



Various Locations

Bilboquet isn't trying to be fancy or over-the-top; their whole game lies in offering honest, old-school ice cream to the city of Montreal. They offer a huge variety of ice cream flavors, with fun names, like Brou Ha Ha (vanilla with caramel, brownies, toffee and praline) or Cacaophonie (dark chocolate with chunks of white chocolate and cashews). You have not experienced a true summer in Montreal, until you've had Bilboquet ice cream!


Yeh! Frozen Yogurt & Cafe

Various Locations

Oh Yeh! Yogurt, you have changed our lives dramatically and we're not sure if you even know it. Since you set foot in our humble town, our frozen yogurt game has been bumped up a couple of notches. The best part about Yeh! is the endless array of froyo and toppings - we can literally come up with a different combination every day, for the rest of our lives (we mayy be exaggerating a tad).



3880 boul. Saint-Laurent

The above picture should have had you on your way to check this place out. If it hasn't, then let us convince you some more. Size doesn't mean anything when it comes to delicious ice cream, or else this tiny little shop wouldn't be a Montreal favorite. Their flavors include all of the traditional ones you'd expect, and then they get a little weird: Khulfi, Halva, Chai, Ginger, to name a few. Definitely a must-try!


Point G

1266 ave. Mont-Royal E.

Besides their incredible Parisian-style macarons, the ice cream at Point G is to die for. Homemade, creamy and rich, just the way ice cream should be. It doesn't stop there though - Point G has created the macaron ice cream sandwich. No, we're not kidding. Choose your ice cream flavor, they'll sandwich it between two larger macarons and send you on your way. Is this real life?


Cocktail Antabli

3500 boul de la Côte-Vertu & 9254 boul de l'Acadie

When a place is calling themselves a 'dessert restaurant', you know it's going to be good. Don't just settle for ice cream here - combine it with crepes, fresh fruits, waffles, sauces and all kinds of other wonderful toppings. The vibe is upbeat and a lot fun, making this a go-to spot for young Montrealers. If they were a shisha bar as well, we're pretty sure nobody would ever want to leave.


La Dolce Vita

3776 St. Charles N.

La dolce vita (the sweet life) is exactly what you're living when you walk into this west island ice cream shop. Gourmet Italian ice cream is the key here, with rich, fresh flavors that will delight and surprise you. If you need some honest-to-goodness, authentic gelato, you need to hit up La Dolce Vita. Jack Daniels gelato, anyone? Yes, please!


Montreal Bike Ice Cream Vendors

Wherever people need ice cream

No, they don't serve artisanal soft serve or fresh fruit sorbets, and yes, all of their ice cream come pre-packaged, but these guys riding on bikes are the backbone of ice cream-culture. From childhood you've seen these guys biking around the city, bringing a cool treat to all those in need. For that, we give them the last spot on our list. Thank you Montreal Bike Ice Cream people.

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