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Best Montreal Iced Coffees

Tasty, rich, and refreshing.
Best Montreal Iced Coffees

Alright, guys, the heat has finally landed. Summer's definitely starting, and with it comes good vibes, fun activities, and some hot, lazy days.

What does all of this spell out? I'm glad you asked. As we all know, Montreal is an amazing city to be in if you adore coffee - and although there's nothing like grabbing a latte, there's just something extra special about an iced latte. Or a cold brew. Or an iced coffee. Or any caffeinated beverage, as long as it's served up cold AF.

And, if you happen to love your caffeine served up frosty, then you're in luck. Montreal's got tons of fantastic places to enjoy a nice, cold cup of the best drink in the whole world.

1. Cafe Olimpico

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124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

If you're a coffee-loving Montrealer, then the chances are very high that you know all about Cafe Olimpico. This Mile-End coffee spot has been in the city for ages, and has been serving up some serious, top quality coffee for just as long.

Although their hot coffees are bae (shoutout to their cortados, BTW, which are amazing), their iced coffees will absolutely change your life. They've got a few different iced varieties, and they're honestly all awesome - but check out their mind-blowing "Remix" (a mix of iced coffee, crema di caffe, milk, foam, and pure, concentrated happiness), and prepare to be totally blown out of the water.


2. Candide Cafe

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6293 Rue St-Hubert

Alright, who here has been to the Plaza St. Hubert recently? If you have, then you might have noticed that a couple of awesome, new places have moved into the Plaza - and one of them is Candide Cafe, having set up shop with its iconic (adorable) sheep logo and gorgeous terrasse about a year ago.

Despite the fact that it's relatively new, this spot has been making a huge splash on Montreal's coffee scene. They specialize in tasty smoothies - like their "Le Jardin", featuring kiwi, banana, spinach, dates, and fennel - and some seriously smooth, rich coffee. Protip? Try their Quebec rose (iced) latte, featuring their signature awesome espresso, milk, and real life rose petals.


3. Le Brûloir

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318 Rue Fleury O

Located in Ahuntsic, Le Brûloir is not only pretty much known as one of the best places in the neighbourhood to go and get a rich, tasty cup of coffee, but it's also one of the top places to enjoy your fave cup of joe in the whole city.

Why is that, you ask? Well, it all has something to do with Le Brûloir's high-quality coffee beans, which are home-roasted by the owner. They've got a huge selection of coffee beans, so if you want to take a bag or two home, you totally can. Or, you can chill at their bright, welcoming shop, and enjoy one of their mouthwatering iced lattes, which feature their smooth and tasty espresso. Oh, and bonus points for offering N7 Café - a tasty, cold-brewed coffee with a little bit of a chilly twist.


4. Pikolo Espresso Bar

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3418b Av du Parc

Okay, we need to talk about the cold brews at Pikolo. To be completely honest, I was never a huge fan of cold brewed coffee... but then I tried the one at Pikolo, and I was forever changed. Other than being the perfect treat for a hot summer day, the cold brewed coffee here is incredibly flavourful.

It packs a seriously tasty punch, all while managing to tone down that slightly more acidic flavour that some coffee can't seem to shake; and, with a splash of cream for added richness, this is pretty much my go-to for a refreshing summer cold brew.

Of course, Pikolo's coffee menu doesn't just feature this awesome beverage. They've got tons of high-quality hot and iced coffee to choose from - and if you're not feeling a cold brew, go for their iced cortado. Smooth, tasty, and rich - with just a little splash of milk - this drink really does hit the spot.


5. Lili & Oli

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2713 Rue Notre-Dame O

Situated right in Montreal's Sud-Ouest, this adorable and welcoming spot has some of the most ace ice coffee you'll ever try, bar none.

I honestly don't know what it is specifically that makes the Sud-Ouest's Lili & Oli such an awesome spot. It's not one thing, TBH - it's more like a combination of many, many awesome factors that makes this coffee shop so amazing. Their vibe is trendy, yet incredibly welcoming and friendly, and their coffee is straight-up delicious. Their iced coffee in particular is amazing - especially since they've got you covered with coffee ice cubes, so not to dilute that rich, flavourful taste of their cold coffee.


6. San Simeon

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39 Rue Dante

One of Little Italy's most popular spots for a nice espresso, there's one super clear reason why San Simeon's got such a strong devotion of fans. Their coffee? Yeah. It's out of this world.

Not only have they got some of the best lattes and cappuccinos in the city, hands down, but the cold version of their coffee is just as amazing (if not better, especially when enjoyed on their wooden terrasse on a hot summer day). Their freddo (iced coffee) is a thing of beauty, but for an extra special treat, try out their "perfect storm", which is a mix of cold espresso, foam, and pure good vibes.



A photo posted by LAUREN TURNER (@laur.turner) on

5612 Av de Monkland

Iced latte on point, life on point. And the iced latte at Melk? So, so on point.

A refreshingly smooth, sweet beverage - the perfect thing to quench your summer thirst and (daily?) need for caffeine - the iced lattes at Melk should absolutely be on your bucket list of coffees to try at least once in your life. But, seriously? You're going to want more than one of these iced delights. You're going to want so many that it might just become an obsession... Don't say I didn't warn you. Oh, and protip? Try one of their deliciously moist, crumbly scones to go along with your life-giving latte. Get there now, friends, and thank me later.


8. Cafe Milano

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5188 Rue Jarry Est

For me, it's just not summer unless I'm enjoying a deliciously smooth, rich, milky iced coffee on the terrasse of St. Leo's Cafe Milano.

The cold coffee here is one serious work of art: Sweet, creamy, strong, and served up ice cold, this drink has almost a slush-like consistency, which also happens to make it incredibly refreshing. For extra good vibes, pair your tasty cold coffee with one of Milano's beyond delicious chocolate chip cookies. Or, hey, if you're trying to eat well, grab one of their chicken salads, park yourself on the terrasse, and enjoy the true beauty that is summer in Montreal.


9. Cafe Myriade

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1432 Rue Mackay

Alright, friend, do you appreciate a pure, straight-up, rich cup of joe? Can you detect the subtleties and nuances between two different shots of espresso? If so, then you're going totally fall in love with this downtown Montreal coffee spot.

A super popular Montreal coffee spot - and for good reason - Myriad is known for serving up some seriously tasty caffeinated drinks, totally due to their deliciously roasted and blended coffee beans. The iced versions of their drinks, though, are on a whole other level of awesome: High-quality, delicious, rich, smooth, and the perfect way to freshen up on a hot summer day.


10. Cafe Vito

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151 Rue Villeray

Down to indulge in one seriously tasty, strong cup of your fave (aka, coffee)? Then you know exactly where you need to go, friends. Villeray's Cafe Vito is ace at serving up pretty much the best coffee you'll ever taste, TBH.

And they're even better at serving up one life-changing cup of iced coffee. It's super refreshing, and it's got pretty much the perfect balance of rich, bold, smooth, and creamy - pretty much, if you're a lover of deliciously cold coffee (and you know you are), then you've got to get yourself here. For a super special treat, you should also totally try out one of their crispy, tasty, sweet cannoli... Just trust me on this one, guys.


11. Dispatch

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267 Rue Saint Zotique O

If you're down to try some iced coffee with a little bit of a twist, then Dispatch is totally your spot. The coffee here has a slightly different taste - almost a little bit lighter - than most other places, which makes for a coffee experience unlike any other.

Which means that of sip of their iced beverages (like their creamy, flavourful iced cappuccino) will leave you totally, 100% hooked. For one seriously special treat, though, try their Vietnamese Coffee Affogato, which is chicory ice cream floating in a delicious combination of Dispatch's awesome espresso, coffee, and condensed milk.


12. Le Cafe Creme

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1505 Rue Fleury E

I don't even know where to begin with this awesome spot. First of all, Le Cafe Creme has been around for decades - and one sip of their coffee and espresso-based drinks will tell you why.

First of all, the coffee here is pretty much perfection: bold, not too acidic, expertly balanced, and basically guaranteed to leave you with a big, huge smile on your face - and a spring in your step, of course. For how awesome their hot coffee drinks are, though, their iced coffees are probably even better, offering the same smooth and fantastic taste, but with the added bonus of being incredibly refreshing. Oh, and huge bonus points for their warm, friendly, and casual vibe, making it the perfect coffee spot for studying, chilling with friends, or pretty much anything.


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